Queen – families to be separated

Next COVID phase – intervening inside families i.e. separating them

WHO and Queen announce children will be taken from homes.

I heard today that the Banks have been informed next lockdown will be the 18th of September in the UK! So be prepared guys!  From Facebook thread posted by John Kitson.


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  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    What a blatant LIE. It’s not spreading anywhere. They use their fake PCR test to say someone in the household has it, then use the false + result as an excuse to kidnap a non-infected, asymptomatic child and take them to government extermination camps quarantine centres.
    Even if that were true about it spreading, we’re talking about a ‘case’ of the common cold and in a child, we’re talking about a perfectly healthy child.
    It’s already been acknowledged even by the WHO that children are not affected by this particular common cold virus, dubbed ‘covid-19’.
    When are the sleepwalking, masked zombies going to wake up? Hopefully before the state euthanize them all with Gates & Fauci’s patented ‘wonder vaccine’.
    Although I don’t doubt that many of them would be fighting each other for their place in long queues for that too!

  2. tapnewswiremember says:

    Queenie likes to take little kiddies out for lunch. Betcha she never explained that they will be the lunch though.

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