Paris Joins London and Berlin in Demonstrating for Liberty, Saturday August 29

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Demonstration on Saturday, August 29th in Paris against “the compulsory wearing of masks and sanitary violence”


As in many European cities, a demonstration is organized on Saturday, August 29th in Paris at 1pm, Place de la Nation to protest against “the compulsory wearing of masks, health violence” and “to protect rights and freedoms”.

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For too long, our freedoms have been gently gnawed at and eroded, attacked from all sides and without end. Whether it is the freedom to be an entrepreneur without being robbed, the freedom to demonstrate without being gassed, the freedom to express and claim one’s opinions without being ostracized, scourged or embalmed, the freedom to choose one’s economic policy through elections without being betrayed (the Lisbon Treaty), the freedom to use a telephone or the internet without being tracked, analyzed, big-brothered and commercialized, even the freedom to live in a shack in one’s own backyard is being questioned! And so many others…

Today, with the gags and distancing, they would like to deprive us of contact, exchange and assembly between humans, between fellow citizens.

Today, the single thought of The Powers That Be is to impose on us a new way of living, thinking, working, dying… and this, without asking us if we are willing to concede to it, of course.

It is no longer time for the bickering of a democracy (demos, kratos) that functions normally. Everyone here will agree that our democracy is no longer working!

Here, there are and will be all the colors of the political spectrum, blue, red, green, and black (I myself am a patchwork, or a rainbow, depending on all these colors!).

Let’s ignore our differences for a while; we will resume our bickering after this episode – this attempted plutocratic putsch on democracy and the republic.

The time has come to go beyond our opinions, to defend together this same freedom to have an opinion and express it, this freedom to choose for us and our families what is best, the freedom to live and die as we wish, all these freedoms that the self-proclaimed “elites” want to hang us with in order to better control us, direct us, manipulate us, wring us out.

Let us forget our colors, our convictions, our opinions, our religions, let us be courteous among ourselves, let us be adults, let us avoid useless and divisive squabbles, let us share sensible, sourced, verifiable things (there is plenty to do!!!), let us have only one goal, the union of all the living forces of our France to resist the coercion and the oppression of The Powers That Be, the union of all the forces to defend all these liberties!


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WE ARE THE 2nd WAVE ✊?✊???

Paris Joins London and Berlin in Demonstrating for Liberty, Saturday August 29