New Zealand troops training to take over whole country – to enforce full martial law very soon.

Martial law coming to New Zealand very soon. The military told to use whatever force door to door, enforcing tests and vaccinations.

Auckland (New Zealand’s biggest city )has been shut down. Rumour is that the whole of NZ will be shut down on Monday

I’ve been doing some background work, to try to help you. Your country has a population of around 5 million. The total army strength is about 11,000, of whom only 9,000 are active. You need to organize citizens resistance groups NOW. Don’t wait, or it’ll be TOO LATE. Pool whatever weapons you can get hold of: firearms are, whether you like it or not, preferable. And be prepared to do what your ancestors did… fight to the death, if necessary, to defend your families and your liberty. DON’T GO QUIETLY INTO THE LONG GOODNIGHT OF TYRANNY. God go with you, brave Englishman. NOW is your moment of courage……better to die on your feet than live on your knees. I’m in England, but I wish I was there with you.