Nasal swab tests could be a ‘vaccine’ in disguise

The Oxford Nanopore Technology website mentions what to do if any is accidentally swallowed, or if you get it on the skin or in the eyes.

That’s strange considering it should be a sterile cotton bud.

750,000 were recalled due to contamination.

The word ‘vaccine’ comes from the Smallpox vaccine, where the human skin was cut and pus from cowpox was inserted (vacca means cow in Latin, and is where the word vaccine comes from).  The son of Edward Jenner, the doctor who experimented on this ‘treatment’ was crippled by the process.

While the treatment was available many people died.  The deaths ceased when the treatment ended.  This went down as a great success in the annals of medical history, as so much money was made by doctors who practised the ‘treatment’.  There were no worries about the extra deaths.

Nothing has changed since.

Except now the medical mafia has to hide the fact they are poisoning people deliberately.  They call it a test.  They run a fake pandemic in the media (as they always do to create fear = demand).  People are a little bit more awake than they were in 1796 – but for some reason most still trust the medical mafia that’s been afflicting the human race for so very long.

Rethink your relationship with the medical ‘profession’, the media and the government.

Your life depends on it.