Mr Hancock in Lilliput Land

“It is the Lilliputian court custom that men seeking political office demonstrate their agility in rope dancing, among other things. How long and how skilfully a candidate can dance upon a rope determines his tenure in office” – Gulliver’s travels.

Today Mr Hancock and associates face a similar challenge in mental gymnastics, the equivalent of a double backward somersault with tuck. Whether he lands on his feet remains to be seen.

A series of downward revisions to the historical record of Covid-19’s statistics, particularly the hard-to-get-wrong death records, would no doubt attract the approval of 1984’s Ministry of Truth, but still leaves the UK’s health systems among the worst performers in the world. Not surprisingly, it also leaves the UK workforce and school system traumatised and seeking assurances that following any new “guidance” or “direction” is indisputably safe. And the draconian legislation enacted in haste “to keep us safe” is still on the books.

But some of us remember that when the government was challenged on, for example, school closures, we heard that school closures were voluntary, and what the government had said was just “guidance”. Hence opinions have formed around the notion that the government is no more than a bunch of greased weasels and until the said bunch of greased weasels puts its money where its mouth is, its public pronouncements cannot be taken seriously. The said weasel’s offer of £13 per day for quarantine suggests a distinct lack of serious concern over outcomes, for example.

I suspect the best laid plans have again gone awry. The Plandemic was supposed to rumble on for near a year, by which time the public would be threatening to march on parliament demanding a vaccine, helped from time to time by refusals to stay home, refusals to quarantine, refusals to social distance, and refusals to wear masks. But we didn’t, and with no refusals to focus on, attention turned to medical matters. First finding that ventilators were near useless for Covid-19, and then Nightingale hospitals were monuments to incompetence, while all the time failing to carry out testing and blocking the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). It is this last matter that causes most difficulty for Mr Hancock.

Hancock’s problem is that if “Nobody needs to die” from Covid-19 as America’s Frontier Doctors assert, then the need for a vaccine, and the need for any of the measures surrounding the Lockdown are gone. Even without HCQ the UK’s Covid-19 mortalities are approaching zero, with single digits being recorded per day. Hence questions are being asked about Lockdowns, closures, social distancing, masks and quarantine that Mr Hancock will find difficult to answer other than to blame “science” or that oxymoron “scientific consensus”.

Here’s the dilemma: to get people back to work, particularly in offices, all that needs to be said is that “Nobody needs to die” and end the ban on HCL. But doing that destroys almost all of the government’s narrative, including the supposed “science” they promoted since January, and ignoring the China published details of treatment protocols for Covid-19. An end to the Lockdowns and “guidance” would require tests in the UK confirming that HCL is an effective preventative, but that could be progressed with the proviso that if unforeseen problems arise, remedial action would be taken. The success of HCQ would destroy the Second Wave fear, and with it any need for a vaccine.

While all this is going on, any rational person is going to realise that working from home brings a huge insecurity. Home working brings them a step closer to the status of a freelance worker, and while your employer jettisons a load of legislation for things like health & safety, disabled access, services, maintenance, rental and so on, the homeworker’s benefits are more fragile. If or while the government provides support, there are limits to the pressures an employer can apply, but once that government employment support ends the employee may be more easily outsourced, replaced, or discarded. The employer’s focus thus moves from paying for time, to paying for product, and that product will be increasingly commoditised as the process rolls on.

Mr Hancock would be wise to get his somersaults done quickly. Blowback is apparent and building, not least among the Cities and Greater City Managements that feel shortchanged by central government. And that’s before they calculate that many, if not most, if not all, of the costs and loss that they face are down to Mr Hancock’s mishandling of the Crisis “science” notwithstanding. Once the “stupid people in large numbers” think for themselves and understand that “Nobody needed to die” it is unlikely that Mr Hancock will land on his feet.

As a kicker to the unfolding story, Sweden never had a full Lockdown, trusting in its people to think for themselves. I hear that a review of the records of Covid-19 deaths is in progress and should show a substantial downward revision. It only goes to show, that contrary to the assumptions of the Elite advocating Expert Governance via Agenda 2030, that the people collectively are smarter than their government.

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