Michael Sims exposes vaccine trial disappearance of military personnel in Australia

Soldiers are being experimented on with Coronavirus vaccines, TB vaccines and other vaccines.    They are in fear and won’t talk.  They are getting masses of negative reactions to the vaccines and know what happens if they talk.  Some individuals are disappearing.

That interview is on facebook, where Michael Simms has a channel.

I can’t find the interview on youtube.

I did find this interview, however, where he describes his early encounters with vaccines, one of which crippled his son.  Ever since he’s been organising opposition to compulsory vaccines.

In the facebook interview, he describes the 100% lockdown of Samoa in November, where the whole population was vaccinated, and anti-vaccine campaigners were locked up.  I

If I can find a link to it, I’ll add it on here.

UPDATE – Now I can’t even find his channel on facebook.