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Mass Murderer Dr. Deborah Birx Continues the False Hydroxychloroquine Scam that has Caused MILLIONS of Deaths


Commentary by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Having failed to censor the Frontline Doctors’ press conferences and Summit in Washington D.C. last week, where doctors went directly to the American people to explain that they were healing 100% of their patients diagnosed with COVID with hydroxychloroquine, a safe drug that has been approved by the FDA and has been in the marketplace for over 60 years, the Trump Administration sent Dr. Deborah Birx to appear on Fox News to continue promoting the scam, and encouraging people instead to use the new drug, Remdesivir, instead of hydroxychloroquine.

(Start at the 7:38 mark for the Dr. Birx section.)

Appearing from the White House, and with the Fox News broadcasters giving her free reign without any challenging questions about the thousands of studies already conducted on hydroxychloroquine over the years, as Birx continues to claim “science” did not support the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine according to their own studies.

The Fox News reporters, obviously working from a script and not doing any “investigative reporting” what-so-ever, did not even address the fact that the studies “proving” hydroxychloroquine did not work against COVID were completely fabricated, and withdrawn from two of the most prestigious medical journals currently in print. See:

Editors of The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine: Pharmaceutical Companies are so Financially Powerful They Pressure us to Accept Papers

Deborah Birx, you are GUILTY of MASS MURDER!

As I wrote in a previous article, it might be time for citizen grand juries to start trying and convicting these mass murderers currently trying to impose their will over the entire nation, and silencing any critics.

This scandal has not only killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, but worldwide it has murdered MILLIONS!

How long before some other country sends in their own secret intelligence agencies to kidnap these mass murders and bring them to a neutral court where they can be tried by an impartial judge or jury? Health Impact News is NOT calling for actions like this by foreign powers, just speculating about how long they will continue to tolerate the mass murdering of their citizens due to a few corporate medical bureaucrats, most of whom are based out of the U.S. (France may be the one exception to this, as there are reports that they are making hydroxychloroquine available to their doctors.)

These murderers should be extradited to a neutral court for trial, before foreign powers start attacking our country, where the rich Globalists have already prepared their luxury bunkers, and the American population will be the ones to suffer should a foreign attack occur.

Birx has been part of the Bill Gates organization for decades, and the blood that has stained the hands of these criminals is crying out for justice.

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Mass Murderer Dr. Deborah Birx Continues the False Hydroxychloroquine Scam that has Caused MILLIONS of Deaths