Masks litter the beaches, fields and the streets. We must never surrender.

Actually Churchill neither wrote the ‘we shall never surrender’ speech, nor did he speak it.  The actor Normal Shelley performed Churchill’s speeches broadcast to The Empire.

We need Shelley back to declare war on mask wearing.  We must never surrender to wearing them.

The banks are moving in for the kill all over again, on this occasion not with weapons manufacturing and fleets of bombers.

This time it’s a war of medical propaganda and expenditure, which is like last time, targeting civilian populations.  The vaccine and starvation are the weapons of choice, aimed at culling millions, outperforming bombs as supremely inefficient – except those that destroy food stocks like the air fuel device which destroyed Beirut’s granaries last week.

If you wear a mask you are cooperating with a pernicious propaganda programme, designed to destroy your job and your food supplies.  Stop cooperating.  Shelley was right.


Starvation, the cheapest and the favoured weapon for a cull.