Lockdown and Breakout


by Fabian Ubiquitus
Lhasa, Tibet 17/8/20

Civilisation has a virus.

The virus is a parasite and it has mutated down through the ages so as to better pervade the socio-political cells and organs of its host.

It is a subversive, cult-like dynastic syndicate of wealthy crime families.

Its lineage is ancient and its mutations manifold.

It feeds upon the life-energy of its host and thus enfeebles and kills it before migrating to a new host.

Its current host is the USA and our planet and history are littered with the depleted husks of its former hosts in the form of failed nations and dead civilisations.

As it has mutated it has appeared in many guises through the ages: the cults, Inquisitions, Vaticans and subversive movements of old, the communists, psychiatrists, banksters and globalists and so forth of modern tines.

Through centuries marked by its unbroken thread of subversive tradition it has embedded in the target culture’s cells and organs – its parties and institutions and entities of governance – and, thus disguised, has worked from shadows to keep humanity cowed, divided and at war with itself, locked in the prison or asylum of apparently inescapable barbarism.

In recent times, its piece de resistance, was twofold:

1. the taking over of the civilisation’s means of exchange, and thus its economic life blood, the debt-money coup.

2. the creation of the materialistic control cult known as psychiatry that denies Man his soul and thus ultimately crushes his hope and subverts his Reason.

Civilisations do not just fall. They fall because they were pushed.

For centuries that parasite order has operated in conflict with the efforts of Man to build a decent and enduring civilisation.

History has been shaped by this conflict : between the goodness and decency and the urge for betterment that is the glory of Man and the efforts of this suppressive parasitic cult of many guises to inhibit, thwart and nullify that effort.

In the present-time world we have an emerging modern, vibrant, innovative, highly productive civilisation yearning for the stars.

And working against it is a cult ancient to the point of senility, degraded and degrading beyond our tolerance. Its core cabalists seek for “reasons” implanted deep within the slime of their collective and individual psychosis to perpetuate their position of trustees or jailers over a virtual prison planet or asylum.

But the prison planet is no longer locked down as tight as it once was, contrary to contrived theatrical appearances.

A mass breakout is immanent.

Fabian Ubiquitus writes for The Liberty Beacon and UK Reloaded exclusively

His identity must remain confidential

 The above article was originally published on UK Reloaded

Lockdown and Breakout