Little chats without a mask make the world go round.

I approached the supermarket.  An authoritative voice shouted – have you got a mask?  I spun round to see a youngish man less than half my age who clearly intended to bar me from entering if I said No.

I had no mask but had my anti emf hood as a back up plan.  In high emf environments it prevents me from getting headaches.  I patted my pocket and said YES.  He had no more to say having completed the interview satisfied that I met with the entry requirements.

I proceeded to shop totally unmasked passing several members of staff.  I was served at the roast chicken counter and went through a conventional till queue.  No one mentioned anything.  All were friendly.  Well done Morrisons.  You’re not masked so why should your customers hide their features.  I had a little chat with the check out lady and the customer in front of me – just about as shows muffled inside her oxygen suppressant.

Little chats without masks make the world go round.