“If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.”

Answer to all questions ?
Q & A’s ?
? why arent you a wearing a mask ?
? because nobody here is ill & besides they dont work. Plus they lower our immune system- biology fact.
? your mad this virus is very deadly !!
? not really the infection to death rate is 0.04 % if your under 70, 0.026% if you add the over 70s.
? it killed lots of people in Wuhan
? Wuhan has an elderly population full of respiratory problems & terrible air pollution. Perfect place to declare a new pandemic, plenty of scope to redesignate cases & deaths.
? but what about all the people we saw dead in the street on the news ?
? hmm yes how many people have you seen dead in the street here ?
? ok but what about Italy ?
? once again Lombardy has terrible air quality & an elderly population full of respiratory problems perfect for redesignation.
?but i saw videos of people really ill in hospital.
?the footage was proven to be fake.
? but after the lockdown cases in china plummeted.
? very convenient that the first lockdown happened in a communist country, where people have no rights & could then be presented to us as a success.
? but the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic.
? the world heath organisation has massive financial ties to Bill Gates, China and Big Pharma.
? but the computer models said we were all going to die.
? the models were produced by colleges funded by bill gates … they have got it wrong every time.
? yes but that’s because the lockdowns saved us all.
? no they didnt, Japan had no lockdown, they have double the population of the UK, 122 million living in densely packed cities, they have had just over 1000 deaths.
? but the nhs was almost over run. We had to build field hospitals.
? no it wasnt, not even for a minute .. the field hospitals were virtually never used & are now closed .. normal hospitals are empty.
? but the virus is very contagious.
? really … who do you know thats had it ?
? Boris & Prince Charles both had it.
? yes two of the most protected men in the country .. what are the chances ?
? but what about all the hospital covid cases back in April?
? most people were diagnosed on symptoms … flu like symptoms.
? yes but they test more people now.
? yes with an innaccurate test that does not directly test for the virus.
People who were never even tested have received calls saying they have tested positive !!
? but what about the antibody tests ?
? even worse … according to the CDC it has trouble distinguishing between covid 19 & other corona virus’s including the common cold.
?but what about the excess deaths ?
? what did you think would happen if you shut down half of the nhs & delay treatment & diagnosis to seriously ill people ?
? but they say the deaths are down to covid 19 ?
? many people were never tested or given a post mortem, thousands of relatives of the deceased are complaining about falsified death certificates.
? but what about all the deaths in care homes ?
? thats what happens when they send elderly people with flu symptoms back to care homes full of vulnerable people, & pressure as many as possible to sign ‘do not resuscitate’ forms ..
all to protect the nhs of course.
? but the government wouldn’t lie.
? really … politicians dont lie ?
Remind me how many weapons of mass destruction where found in Iraq?
? hmm ok .. but why lie about this ?
? many government advisory bodies such as GAVI have huge financial links to Bill Gates & big pharma ..
? yes but why would the BBC lie ?
? the BBC receive millions from Bill Gates
? and the rest of the media ?
? mostly owned by the one percent who own big pharma. Plus bad news sells.
? but what do the governments gain ?
? massively increased state control & a chance to implement massive social changes we would never normally accept, as in operation ‘Lockstep’
? what is operation lockstep ?
? a scenario modelled in 2010 by the Rockerfellers, simulating how the state could gain increased powers and control following a global pandemic originating in China.
? and what do pharma companies get from this ?
? vast profits from largely untested vaccines … its the only medicine you can sell to the healthy after all.
? but surely the vaccine will be safe ?
? so why are all pharmacuetical companies insisting on complete indemnity from compensation claims ?
? but Bill Gate’s wants to give us all a digital health record surely thats a good thing ?
? no it means your life style & travel will be restricted unless you have his vaccine.
? but why would the government give us all this money ?
? they havent given us anything, they have borrowed it from the banks and the taxpayer will pay back every penny with interest.
The banks owned by the one percent will clean up again .
? so why arent doctors speaking out ?
? many are but since ‘Event 201’ highlighted the need to control the media, social media, google & you tube, anything that contradicts the Gates owned WHO, version of events, is deleted.
? what was Event 201 ?
? a gates funded exercise in oct 2019 which just happened to simulate a world wide corona virus pandemic.
? but Gates is a good guy he set up a charitable foundation.
? yeah he got that idea from John Rockefeller. Perfect way to repair a shit public image … like Al Capone’s soup kitchens for the poor.
? no … he wants to help the world.
? foods cheap.
? gggyji
? sorry i didnt catch that must be your mask … why are you wearing that again ?
? the govenment & my tv told me to, anyway i dont want to infect you.
? you wont, you’re not ill ?and I have an immune system which will protect me!
? yes but i may be asymptomatic.
? asymptomatic transmission is highly unlikely even according to the WHO.
? well at least I’ll pay by card cash is dangerous.
? but plastic wrapped packages are fine ?
? well I’d better keep socially distant.
? theres nothing social about distance.
? but it’s safer to be 2 metres apart
? really what scientific study was that based on ?
? but we have to be careful there has been a spike in cases.
? yes but hardly anyone is actually ill… theres just 1000 people in hospital out of 66 million.
? so why the spike ?
? because they are testing more and more people with innaccurate tests to boost the numbers anyway they can. Double counted cases have been admitted by the U.K. Government
? why would they want to do that ?
? to keep people afraid until the winter when the flu kicks in after everyone takes the flu jab, therefore giving more scope to redesignate deaths.
? but why do they want us afraid ?
? so you will have the vaccine and won’t ask questions.
? well at least if we have the vaccine it will be over ?
? no it wont … they will tell you it has mutated so you keep needing vaccine after vaccine.