How do you know when you are winning?

NBC is pushing my Parallel

by Miles Mathis

How do you know when you are winning?

When the opposition is forced to respond to you.

Last Friday, Ben Collins (above), NBC’s disinformation specialist (yes, that is actually what he calls himself—see end of linked article—he also says he is on the “dystopia beat”) published this article at, admitting that the anti-mask movement has gone viral. I was not aware of it, since I see little evidence of it here locally, but if it has I am very happy about it. He claims this is due to the influence of QAnon, but since QAnon is himself a mainstream construction, we know that can’t be true. QAnon is simply the Parallel they have created so that they can avoid addressing me and the other real people actually driving the Revolution. They can’t afford to give us any press, so they created QAnon as a fake target. They hope that after you read this stuff from the mainstream, instead of going to my website or any other real website, you instead go to 8chan or someplace, which they own. They can then misdirect you there all they want. They can lead you in with a few truths and a few things you want to hear, then divert you back out into the bushes.

But although Ben Collins specializes in disinfo, reading his article can nonetheless tell us many things. It is pretty easy to unwind. So let’s put this bozo through the meat grinder. Collins’ assignment is clearly to make anyone questioning the government look crazy, so he leads off his article with an obvious CIA plant named Melissa Rein Lively, who just happens to be. . . you guessed it, 33 years old. lists her, but Intelius, out of Israel, has no listing for her. Not only has she lived in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, but she has also lived in Englewood, CO. Englewood is next door to Aurora, and they are both adjacent huge military bases. Englewood is the home of an important Defense Department facility as well. Phoenix and Scottsdale are both stiff with military bases.

Collins doesn’t waste any time selling Lively as a nutter. The second sentence of the article is this:

“I bought the N95 masks. I bought the hazmat suit,” she said. “In my mind, a zombie movie was imminent.”

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Really, Ben? We are supposed to buy that? That’s what your writing team decided to go with? But why the word “movie”, guys? Wouldn’t a better fake quote have been, “… a zombie apocalypse”? Would someone fearing real zombies say she was afraid of a zombie movie?

And don’t you think you guys might have chosen someone for this project who didn’t look so Lady Gaga/Jewish Princess? Especially given that Ben is also Jewish. I guess they just figured we idiot Gentiles wouldn’t notice that Rein is a Jewish name, and wouldn’t be able to look her up, confirming that. Here is her uncle Jacob Rein:

He died recently and has a page at Feldman Mortuary, where Melissa Rein Lively has posted a tribute.

In fact, I think Ben Collins and Melissa Rein Lively may be related. Why? Because when I searched on Ben Collins, the first person that came up was race car driver Ben Lievesley Collins. He is a British driver, but grew up in the US and was in Special Forces. Lively is just a variant of Lievesley. The Collins in the British peerage are related to Douglas (Dukes of Buccleuch), Scott, Lloyd, Montagu, Stuart, Haliburton, Middleton, and Egerton. The Reins are Austrian nobility, related to the von Steffenelli-Prenterhof-Hohenmaurs, and through them to the von Osterreichs, Holy Roman Emperors, as well as to the Bourbons and Lorraines.

Is Melissa Rein Lively related to actress Blake Lively? I wouldn’t be surprised. You will tell me Blake was born Brown, not Lively, but she does have Livelys in her ancestry. She is also an Owens, a Clark, and a Gumm, linking her to Judy Garland—whose real name was Gumm. Strangely, tells us the name Lively comes from Blake’s mother’s previous husband. But Blake’s father changed  his name to Lively, so we are supposed to believe he took the name of his wife’s previous husband, giving his children that guy’s name? No, I will be told they mean Blake’s maternal grandmother’s first husband was named Lively. But again, we are supposed to believe Blake’s father changed his name to his mother-in-law’s previous husband? That makes no sense. More likely is that Blake is really the daughter of Ronnie Lively, or that her father Ernest took the name from his grandmother, given at as Lucy Nicely. Maybe her real name was Lucy Lively, and they have scrubbed that for some reason.

You will tell me our Melissa Rein Lively can’t be Austrian royalty, since the police arrested her for trashing a display of masks at Target. The superrich obviously don’t shop at or even stroll through Target. But unfortunately our Miss Lively was wearing a $40,000 Rolex while trashing the display. Oops. You can see the watch for yourself in the pic above, though of course you can’t tell by that whether it is real or fake. But she does have on a big diamond ring as well, and an expensive looking jacket. She definitely doesn’t look like a Target shopper.*

There she is with husband Jared Lively. Again, she isn’t really looking like a Target shopper, is she? With a little research, we find Jared is VP at Rein and Grossoehme Real Estate in Phoenix, one of the biggest firms in the city. And note the name. I guess Melissa’s daddy owns the place. In addition, Melissa is the founder and CEO of The Brand Consortium, “a creative agency offering public relations, marketing, production & social media services to high impact brands in the luxury lifestyle sector, catering exclusively to affluent audiences and sophisticated clientele.” So, again, what was she doing at Target?

You can watch her filmed tirade at Target, which Collins is nice enough to embed. Notice how scripted it is. She is an absolutely terrible actress. Even in print she is a horrible actress. Collins reprints this:

“I’ve always been the type of person where I’m very natural health oriented—all of the, you

know, hippie stuff,” Rein Lively said. “I am a very spiritual person who believes we are on the precipice of a new era of humanity”.

Again, I can’t help laughing at how poor this script is. Is she winging it or did someone write this down for her? Stick to the script, doll. Because hippies don’t talk like that. It is like Lively is so far removed from actually being a part of that culture she doesn’t even know the words. It sounds like she is speaking a foreign language, doesn’t it? But no one in the Intelligence committees can do any better. Like Lively, they have no idea how real people feel or think. Like the writers in Hollywood now, they are plastic people who can only write for other plastic people. Creating dialog for real human beings is beyond them.

Also notice that during the tirade, Lively says to clerks that arrive “You let everybody else do it, I can’t do it because I am a blonde white woman?” She is talking about BLM riots, obviously, but this just reminds us that Target always seems to be the “target” for these events. So you should ask why that is. Obviously, it is because the owners of Target have agreed to be part of it. They are in on it. That should be clear from the way the clerks arrive. They are also terrible actresses, and they just stand there calmly and ask if they can help her with something. Do you really think that is the way it would work if you loudly destroyed a display while screaming obscenities? No, either store security would arrive, some big guy with a badge, or the police would be called. The manager isn’t going to send in a couple of highschool girls in sneakers. But the cherry on top is Lively working her $40,000 Rolex into her rant. Even while filming this fake event, she can’t help but flash her bling in our faces.

And why doesn’t Ben Collins mention any of this, instead selling Melissa as some sort of marginalized person? She actually livestreamed her own fake mental breakdown and arrest on her company’s Instagram account, and afterwards described herself to police as QAnon’s spokesperson. You have to laugh. I mean, they didn’t think anyone would see through this? No one at Langley thought this was a little too obvious? No one thought we would spot this as a psyop in about ten seconds?

This reminds us of the mainstream attempts to discredit 911 Truthers 15 years ago, except that it has gotten even more ludicrously transparent since then. If you are going to create a fake truther and have her self-destruct on purpose, you don’t hire a Lady Gaga lookalike from a line of Austrian princesses and have her trash a Target while carrying a Hermes Birkin and wearing a Prada jacket.

Collins says,

Users like Rein Lively who started off in wellness communities, religious groups and new-age groups on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the pandemic were then introduced to extremist groups like QAnon, adied by shared beliefs about energy, healing or God—and often by recommendation algorithms.

Cue laugh track. Do you honestly think Jewish Princess Lively was ever part of any wellness community or religious or new-age group, or that she has suffered any inconvenience during the fake pandemic? Of course not. The rules don’t apply to these people, and she has probably never worn a mask for a minute. It might interfere with her diamond earrings or smudge her make-up.

What Collins’ article tells us is that those like Lively filming their confrontations are mostly other moles from Intelligence, creating division. They want people hating one another and infighting, because if we are screaming at one another we forget to ally against the real enemy. Just as they want blacks and whites fighting eachother now, and men against women, and old against young, they want

to divide us down mask/anti-mask lines as well. This keeps our eyes off the Governors who are running this great con. It keeps our eyes off the trillions just stolen from the worldwide treasuries by the usual suspects. It keeps our eyes off the trashing of the Constitution, as state governors illegally bypass legislatures and rule by executive orders. And it keeps us from looking too closely at the riots, and from realizing they too are fake—more manufactured events from the CIA’s theater department.

Next, Collins mentions the QAnon candidates for Congress, telling us he is reading from the same script as Adrienne LaFrance at The Atlantic, who I tore up last month. She was also selling Q as important and influential, quoting crazy people, and trying to tie everyone questioning the government stories right now to the outer fringes of politics and sanity. Collins and LaFrance have to try to do this, because the truth is that resistance to government and media is widespread, coming from the center, and growing fast. It is the sanest and smartest people that are resisting the most, which makes the response from the mainstream difficult. They can’t address the truth, or what is really being said by us, so instead they have to manufacture their own opposition, as with Rein Lively. They hire one of their own to pretend to be a hippie or a revolutionary, then have her film her own mental breakdown.

Collins and Lively have also been hired to promote a new vocabulary, whereby researching mainstream events or questioning mainstream storylines is retagged as “doomscrolling”. The mainstream doesn’t want you questioning anything, so they have to surround the idea with fear and dread. You are supposed to believe that if you go down any of the rabbit holes, you will end up depressed and suicidal. The last thing they want you doing is discovering a lie, and then following that lie to its logical end, and actually learning something. Instead, they want you to discover a lie, and then immediately shut down from fear. That has been their main wall all along, you know. They have been massaging that fear pill down your throat from birth. You are supposed to learn at an early age that you depend on them for everything, even the lies. Everything around you is propped up on these lies, so if you start tugging on them, everything will collapse and you will be left in a screaming wilderness of nihilism and chaos.

But it isn’t true. It is another bluff, taught to you to guarantee your complicity and silence. The only thing that will collapse if we all tug on those strings is THEIR WORLD, which is world of criminality and mendacity. Yes, their worlds will collapse, but the real world will remain. Their economy of graft and theft will collapse, and good riddance, but it can easily be replaced by a real economy of cooperation and abundance. In fact, as I showed you in my papers on Breivik, not only will you NOT be left in a wilderness of shortages, you will be lofted into a new world of opportunity. See my comments on Norway, where I pointed out that if these few families were prevented from skimming all the cream off the top, every citizen of Norway would be very wealthy. To a lesser extent, that is true of every country of the world, which is now being strangled by the Phoenician Navy. Remove their tentacles and money siphons, and the world economy would flourish like never before. That is truth they hope you never see.

Notice how Collins is trying (though failing) to create fear on both sides. If you are pro-mask, he is hoping you will read his article and find confirmation that those not wearing masks are fringe nutjobs, just hours away from the booby hatch. And if you are anti-mask, you will fear that if you continue down the current path, you will end up either insane or in jail, locked up as a dangerous dissident. These articles like those of Collins are meant to convince you can’t win: you are not only outnumbered by mask-wearing sheep, but you are pitting yourself against the masters of the universe—who not only own the press, but also own the courts, the police, and the military. Best to shut up and get along.

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But again, I tell you it is all a bluff. Almost no one likes wearing masks, so you are not a minority.

You can ally with the mask-wearers in a second, and when the revolution starts, you will. They will throw their masks in the gutter happily. And once they figure out this was all one more con, they will. Yes, this is moving too slow for those like you and me, and you may think the masses will never catch on, but I honestly believe they will. The lies have gotten too big to maintain, and the facade is crumbling all around us even as we speak. Way too slowly for my taste, but crumbling even so. But once the tide turns, you will be shocked at the speed it progresses. The anger of the common people will be unimaginable. No amount of drugging will be able to stop it.

The rulers know this. I can taste it in their words and see it in their eyes. Neither the press, the courts, the police, nor the military will be able to help them, since there is simply no way to attack or control 7 billion people who no longer trust you. Once the trust evaporates, the revolution is complete, and the rest is just a shorter or longer denouement. When you have always ruled via lies, and people no longer believe the lies, that method of ruling is finished.

Next, Collins drops Rein Lively only to take up Cristina Gomez, who got national attention at a Palm Beach County Commissioners meeting, for talking Q conspiracy. But Collins once again blows her cover by admitting she just became aware of Q in May and stormed the meeting in June. Man, that lady moves fast right? No, she is another fake.

Next, Collins quotes Shannon Foley Martinez, “a reformed neo-Nazi who now works to de-radicalize extremists.” OK, we can stop right there, since there is no such thing as a neo-Nazi, much less a reformed neo-Nazi. As I have shown you, the American Nazi Party was founded in about 1960 out of the Navy by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, a huge spook from the Rockwell and Lincoln families. It is and always has been a construction of Intelligence, created to spread fear and control the opposition.

Could that look any more staged? We are told it was from a press conference in Arlington, VA. Hah, a press conference from CIA headquarters, I guess.

Next Collins tries to blackwash a woman from the “Freedom to Breathe Association”, who went to a market in Orange County without a mask and informed workers there they were “putting themselves in major legal liability” for enforcing rules about masks. This Association may be another effort to control the opposition, or not, but she is mostly correct. It is not the workers who are liable for this, but the store owner, the city, the police who enforce it, and the state, with the state and city bearing most of

the burden in any lawsuit. Because these lawsuits are a real possibility—and are already being pursued in many cases in most states—Collins and NBC and their overlords are trying to squelch that possibility by making it look mean-spirited. Conveniently for the story, the worker at the market was also filming, and she posted video making the Association lady look bad. That seems a bit too pat, telling me this whole thing was probably scripted for that reason. The Freedom to Breathe Association, if real, should have known it wasn’t the workers who were to blame, or who were actually liable for anything.

Perhaps realizing his story isn’t going anywhere, Collins returns to his cousin Melissa Rein Lively to bail him out. He has her say that she was craving connection before the Target video, but that she “couldn’t just go and sit with a table of friends and have a glass of wine like I am used to.”

And why not? Are we supposed to believe police in Scottsdale are now breaking up dinner parties in the rich areas of town? Get real. In fact, patio restaurants are and were open all over Arizona, with no mask requirement while seated. Dining is one of the main mask exemptions all across the US. So like the rest of this article, this makes no sense.

On the way out, Collins has to make sure to make a pitch for the drug companies, telling us that Lively is better now that she found the right medication for her insanity. So touching. The only thing Collins wasn’t able to work in was a plug for Monsanto.

*For the record, she admits in the video she is Jewish and that the Rolex is real.