Hospitality proprietors, bar owners, venue managers throughout the land: YOU ARE SENDING YOUR OWN BUSINESSES UNDER.

I have read through the government “guidelines” and you are COMMITTING FINANCIAL SUICIDE by not opening your businesses as normal.
The document you have all been sent is a scare tactic to the untrained eye – a play on words at best.
Look at the definition below on the House of Commons website if you don’t believe me. It explains how, if you “must” do something, then that is classed as law.
BUT, note the wording they use on the hospitality guidelines though, as they know they have no power in law. Tellingly, they use “usually be needed” on each page, which is flimsy at best.
In fact, it’s laughable.
They know what they’re doing though and they’re being very careful so as not to be the ones (in writing) who’ll destroy your business – as you’ll do it for them.
“Support bubble” is clearly classed as two households – one person, plus one group of “ANY SIZE” (from another household) – again, only guidance, but why the fuck are you all insisting on no more than six to a table?!
2m or 1m distancing is merely advice – it even says, it’s not always possible! 1m is normal anyway so why the fuck are venues at half capacity??
Your wanky stickers, posters and hand sanitizers are merely advice.
Ordering via apps and by card is merely advice.
Music playing at low-levels is merely advice.
People having to remain seated (I’ve been shouted at for standing up to talk to another table this week, ridiculous) is merely advice.
All of this BS is MERELY ADVICE and you can choose whether or not to take it.
If I had a bar, I wouldn’t take advice designed to send me into financial ruin – and if I had a visit from police or licensing, I’d be asking to a) see evidence of a public health threat and b) see evidence for all this being law, as it clearly says guidance.
You also can’t commit a crime if there’s no victim.
Sorry guys, but you appear to be more worried about what people think of you for not complying – and you’re not challenging them or asking any questions.
Remember, you have a basic right to earn a living and this document is relying on your ignorance of the law.
If you don’t wise up and push back, most of you will end up permanently closed, especially if you continue to treat your customers like walking hazmats and don’t tell the little licensing pricks to “fuck off.” ?
I have been to various half-empty establishments this week and I really can’t see how you’ll survive, if you choose to carry on this way.
Be strong and know your rights.