Guarded Secrets and Blatant Deceits

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Our house needs painting but what’s the point? We really can’t get excited about it. We are living in the middle of the greatest threat to human life since, well, since ever. As far as I am concerned Bill Gates is a greater threat than Adolf Hitler.

Most people are sleep walking and in five years’ time they will probably still not understand why their lives have changed so dramatically and so much for the worse. The least intelligent and least informed will simply blame the covid fraud – or whatever other fake crisis the globalists, the climate change freaks and the Agenda 21 supporters think up. The collaborators will never know that the pandemic was predicted, in some detail, by many of the main players. By then the one world government will be controlling every aspect of our lives – including our access to our own money and our access to food.

The proponents of the global government condemn all opposition as being worried by threats to their social status, as being racists, as being authoritarian. The monstering, the demonising is done relentlessly, and the collaborators are constantly recruited as foot soldiers in the war. Remember, never forget, policewoman Dick’s cruel exhortation for collaborators to shame those with hidden disabilities and health problems, as well as those with free spirits and free minds.

Their aim is plainly visible; it is to dehumanise humans, to allow robots to take over the world, to deprive us all of our hearts and souls and of our freedom and democracy. The aim of the fourth industrial revolution is to control who we are as well as what we do and what we think. This is the Great Reset. All babies will be programmed. Robots will take over virtually all jobs. The world population will be reduced by 95%. The UN’s stated aim is for the industrialised nations to collapse. `No one,’ says the UN, `will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian initiation. They want to scare us, divide us and take away all our power.

They want to destroy small businesses and the middle classes and all ambition and all aspirations. They want to confiscate all private property and cause economic chaos so that they can reset the world. They want to install unelected regional governors – just as the EU planned to do – and to ban all manifestations of nationalism. So, for example, nation flags will be outlawed.

In England, the latest figures show that the overall mortality rate in June was lower than average. Fewer people are dying than is usual but the Government is still behaving as though we were living through a plague.

The figures make curious reading.

The number of people dying of heart disease, lung cancer, stroke and bowel cancer are far, far below normal for the month of June.

The only rise is, of course, the number of people dying of covid-19 – a new entrant into the top ten.

But the odd thing is that while the number of people dying of covid-19 is 53 per 100,000, the number of people dying from flu, pneumonia and chronic lower respiratory disease was much lower than usual.

Indeed, the number dying of flu and pneumonia was 19.1 per 100,000 lower than is usual for June. The number dying of chronic lower respiratory disease was 16.7 per 100,000 lower than is usual for June. And the number of elderly folk allegedly dying of dementia was 18.5 per 100,000 lower than usual. The dementia figure is relevant first because no one actually dies of dementia and second because the vast majority of dementia patients are over 80-years-old and so were the sort of people alleged to have died of covid-19.

Now the really strange thing is, that if you add those three figures together you get 54.3 per 100,000 – which, by one of those odd little coincidences which seems commonplace these days, just happens to be almost the same as the number dying of covid-19.

So there we are.

Those of a suspicious nature might suspect that no one actually died of covid-19 but that the people who would have usually died of flu, pneumonia, dementia or chronic respiratory disease were bunged down as covid-19 deaths just to keep us all scared witless and to provide an excuse to shut down the whole country – closing down much of the health service, shutting schools, closing factories and shops, restaurants and pubs, bowling alleys, cinemas, theatres and service industries of all kinds.

Naturally, however, you and I are not of a suspicious nature. We would like this video to remain alive and well on the YouTube platform and so we avoid drawing conclusions.

And so we believe that these figures are merely coincidences. Just little oddities; quirks of fate.

The result of closing the country has been disastrous, of course.

So, for example, nearly a third of women with primary breast cancer had their treatment, scans or appointments postponed because of the hysteria. Moreover, a new study showed that patients who had experienced delays were 20% more likely to be depressed and anxious than women whose treatment went ahead as it should have.

Two things about that occur to me.

First, that anyone should be surprised that women with cancer, who were denied essential treatment, were more likely to be depressed. Personally, I can’t understand why 100% of the women weren’t depressed and anxious.

Second, I am startled by the fact that although the UK health service could not provide essential medical services for women with breast cancer it could, nevertheless, manage to conduct a survey of the women who had been abandoned. I can imagine the conversation.

`Hello, is that Mrs Hancock? It is? Good. You have, as you know, recently been diagnosed as having breast cancer. How do you feel about the fact that your treatment has been delayed indefinitely?’

That’s something not even Nero thought of when he set Rome ablaze. He should have sent out a few slaves to conduct a survey of the citizens as their city burnt to cinders.

Meanwhile, the energetic mathematicians at Imperial College, in London, the Bill Gates backed college which shut down the country for the flu, the modelling equivalent of the Three Stooges, have found that the lockdown could lead to an extra 1.4 million deaths from tuberculosis. The imperial College folk reckon that the lockdowns have set back the fight against tuberculosis by at least five to eight years.

And the British Department for Health and Social Care has concluded that the lockdown triggered by Imperial College’s scaremongering will have a greater impact on our health and lives than covid-19. I seem to remember mentioning that back in March.

If I had any tears left I would weep.

But there is more to come from Imperial College.

I honestly find this difficult to believe but they are apparently claiming that if we hadn’t gone into lockdown then 1.6 more million people would have died.


Ferguson and the rest of the gang at Imperial are claiming we should be grateful to them.

They don’t seem to have read the reports concluding that their forecasts were about as rubbishy as it is possible to get. We would have all been much better off if the dog had eaten Ferguson’s homework. Some are trying to make up their minds whether it was the hysterical nonsense from Imperial College which led to panic or the panic from Imperial College which led to hysteria. I have no such dilemma.

I think Ferguson and imperial College were chosen by the politicians because the politicians knew they’d cock up the forecast. It is, after all, what they’ve done regularly for years.

I think I’ve had enough of this lot at Imperial College. They should be given useful work to do. There must be public lavatories somewhere which need cleaning.

Or maybe that would be too tricky for them.

And a document rereleased from the British Government’s official advisors at SAGE – surely the most unsuitable acronym in history – confirms what I have been saying for months: that their advice to the Government was to use the media to increase a sense of personal threat and to increase a sense of responsibility to others.

May I remind you that we pay the fat salaries of these bastards.

But instead of looking after us, calming our fears and making us less stressed, they have been deliberately doing everything they could to terrify us and ramp up the scare stories.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the four nations in the UK have been doing everything possible to create confusion and extra anxiety.

I plucked up the courage to take a look at the BBC website the other day and found the official rules on how and when people are allowed to meet one another.

In England six people from multiple households, or up to 30 people from two households can meet together outdoors. They must not get closer than more than three feet three inches. In Scotland up to 15 people from up to five households can meet as long as they all keep six feet six inches apart. In Wales any number of people from two households can meet as long as they are six feet six inches apart. And in Northern Ireland up to 30 people can meet outdoors but must keep three feet three inches apart.

The rules are equally confusing for indoor meetings. In England two households can meet together, in Scotland eight people from three households can meet, in Wales two households can form one extended household (whatever that means – it sounds like Welsh wife swapping to me) and in Northern Ireland ten people from four households can meet. There is no advice on what happens to citizens who live on a border between two countries.

The one conclusion from all this bollocks is that there is no science to any of this. Idiot civil servants and politicians have clearly just made it all up.

I bet they couldn’t stop laughing to themselves as they wrote this garbage.

Meanwhile, there is increasing evidence that less and less deaths are being marked down to covid-19 and that more and more people are immune. The testing is a nonsense, as unreliable as Tony Blair, but as the positives turn up with predictable regularity so governments use the results as an excuse for more and tougher new laws.

And all the time the media simply support the fakery, the hoax, the fraud.

The natural inclination of the media is to question, attack and sneer at those in power. Some newspapers will support one point of view and some another view. That’s democracy.

But this time the main stream media has been united in support of the coronavirus hoax. The threat to the public has been massively exaggerated and official policies have been reported without question. Even in wartime there are always some mainstream journalists who question what is happening. But not much this time. The surveillance methods have all been applauded. Stories have been manipulated and all those protesting about the over-kill have been denounced as morons or worse.

The media have allowed themselves to be used as part of the psychological operations organised by governments. Major internet platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have censored critical remarks – even when justified by the facts. I have lost count of the number of videos I have had removed. Not one of those banned videos contained anything untrue or inaccurate. Doctors have been ordered not to speak out. One doctor I know was struck off the medical register in the UK for questioning the official line. The lies have all been coming from politicians and advisors and have been spread with enthusiasm by media organisations such as the BBC in the UK. In my experience, even Wikipedia has become part of the geopolitical damning of individuals.

Back in 2010, the American Rockefeller Foundation described a lockstep scenario in which a pandemic could be used to control a population. The lockstep scenario written a decade ago has been acted out in precise detail. Contact tracking has been introduced despite the fact that over 500 scientists have warned against unprecedented surveillance.

There is evidence that some of those producing fake information – and the guilty include some well-known establishment universities and journals have links to security services.

There is no longer any doubt that health policy is being used to achieve geopolitical goals.

We are at war with our own governments, with many of our universities and with much of our media.

In the long-term, we need to sweep clean the stables and create a new political and administrative system. We need new leaders, new media and new management. Our politicians and public servants have done worse than fail us – they have betrayed us.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2020