Government keeps right on spinning until unable to stand


by Jon Davy

Oslo 17/8/20

I was looking at an online article this morning on the website of one of the UK tabloids.

The article was the usual propaganda piece designed to keep the narrative of the government and pharmaceutical/vaccine vested interests propped up on life support long after it should have been allowed to die a dignified death.

You know the sort of thing: a big deal made about “ALL THE NEW CASES” found somewhere or other. No  mention made of the increased testing using unreliable tests that give lots of false positives and which are bound in any case to produce more “cases” which nobody knew were there because the symptoms were too mild or non- existent. Little or  no mention of DEATHs any more because the COVID deaths are so low – or non existent. The article in question did mention in passing that there had been 11 more people die with (not of) COVID19. But no mention either of the low number of flu deaths because “flu” has been in many instances reclassified as “COVID”.

Ah well, I’m restating the blindingly obvious. Just about the entire population is now familiar with and alert to the mind games, tricks and statistical sleights-of-hand that have been played on us in an effort to frighten the population into cooperating with lockdown and other methods of national suicide.

None of these tricks are surprising anymore, especially as the two main sources of revenue for the MSM are the government and the pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, the propagandists keep right on flogging their dead horse long after it has keeled over, been read the last rites, died and been buried in a field next to other dead horses such as Tony Blair’s WMD, socialism and the belief in fairies..

What DID surprise me was that when I looked down at the comments left by readers, I discovered almost ALL were of the mind that the government is manned by lying scum intent upon keeping the con going long after its intended victims (the people) have seen through it.

The  journalist who put together the  newspaper article and sought thereby to perpetuate the disservice to his fellow citizens had worked very hard to convincingly spin the propaganda yarn but hardly any of his readers were buying it.

It goes to show the old adage that the MSM likes to THINK it determines public opinion but in fact it doesn’t. Trust in the MSM is now at an all time low both in the UK and the USA.

What has really bowled me over has been to observe HOW QUICKLY and HOW EXTENSIVELY people have seen through and begun to rebel against this psychological trickery and deceit.

It seems longer because the whole plandemic affair is ruddy tedious but in a matter of mere weeks we have seen the nation go from a majority trust that what the government was telling us was more or less true to broad disbelief and now a simmering revolt.

We, the People, are not the pushover that those in the Antique World Order keep hoping we are.

All of you who campaigned for the truth and the unmasking of this insidious caper should take heart from the fact that you contributed mightily to the furtherance of the truth.

Pour coals on your efforts, unite and really ram home your advantage. We have a national and  global civilisation to save from the clutches of devious, subversive scum.

Meanwhile, this will only get worse for the wrecking crew masquerading as our government as the full consequences of its sabotage of an already weak economy using the pretext of a hyped up plandemic hit home.

I hope those responsible will be brought to justice for their betrayal.

But I hope too that when heads roll we will not lose sight of the fact that BJ and his crew are not the masterminds. They are the dupes, collaborators and stooges, the puppets.

We need to identify and take down the puppet masters.


2 Responses to “Government keeps right on spinning until unable to stand”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Nope! (Phantom comment).

  2. Prometheus says:

    This giant hoax is too big to fail now for most governments across the world. The sheer scale of the lie which they keep doubling-down on.

    But, as they say, the truth ALWAYS comes out in the wash. People ARE waking up now in droves which is very positive.

    Interesting times we live in now.

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