Go back to early Tibet, the time before the priests took over.

I have one goal: bringing individuals back to their very capable minds, back to their own formidable power, their own imagination, their own creative force, their own deep desires and purposes.

When I began NoMoreFakeNews 19 years ago, I wasn’t sure how many people could handle this message.  But I decided to find out.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised, to say the very least.

If there is a tradition I have been adding to, all these years, it is early Tibet—before the priest class moved in and took over.  The magicians and their students were engaged in an enterprise of extraordinary dimensions.

My research revealed that this tradition was initiated, some 1400 years ago, by teachers from India, who came to Tibet after being expelled from universities for their radical views.

These teachers rejected the content and cosmology of all spiritual systems.

They essentially stated that such metaphysical “pictures” of existence were creative inventions—

And that the true subject for study, contemplation, enlightenment, and, above all, exercise was the individual creative impulse itself—

Creative power, imagination, and invention, at the level of the individual.

The Tibetan exercises were fashioned to expand individual creative power without limit.

In that tradition, and for these modern times, I developed hundreds of imagination/creative techniques.  More than 50 of these are offered and explained in my collection, Exit From the Matrix.

Here are the contents of Exit From The Matrix: