Games of Fibs


Coronavirus Commentary

by Jon Davy

Sorbonne 26/8/20

The Coronavirus Con appears to be on its last legs.

The government is doing what it can to keep its Game of Fibs going – through the tired ploy of pushing ever-shifting policies on mask wearing and relying heavily on increased testing to produce, more positives that can then be used to create the false impression the disease is “still spreading”.

Ah well, I do not need to belabour the point and tell you what you already know. All the tricks and cons the government has pulled are now in plain view for all to see and the minority who can’t yet see or don’t want to to see or are too timid to look is steadily dwindling.

What the future holds is the following battle lines: the criminal faction that masterminded this attack on  the people of this planet (which includes their stooges, front men and collaborators infiltrated into our governments) on one side and you, me and just about the entire citizenry and their representatives on the other.

That polarisation is occurring right now and apparently accelerating. It does not bode well for the criminals.

Meanwhile, the efforts of the oppressive elements running this op are looking desperate. It is dawning on them that they have painted themselves into a corner.They have wrecked the economy and chopped up human rights on a pretext the entire population can now clearly see is false. They can’t undo the damage they have done. They can’t blame it on someone else and with the “epidemic” now exposed as a sham, they can no longer use it as their cover story or justification, so a reckoning is coming.

Into the bargain, they have revealed their modus operandi like never before. Unprecedented numbers of people can now see it. This has energised, galvanised and swollen the numbers of the global resistance movement beyond our wildest dreams.

Someone is going to answer for the lies and the wanton destruction of our countries. The days when they can get away with their cynical tinkering with and sabotage of the survival efforts of millions of good people are fast coming to an end. The Free World Order we are building from the grass roots is founded upon justice, accountability and the right of all to contribute willingly to the creation of our civilisation.

We will start as we mean to continue by holding the politicians, civil servants, media persons and business people who played a part in, aided and abetted or were accessories to this crime accountable for what they have done.

I can imagine many a guilty party is wondering how he or she can escape the consequences of their actions.  Personally I don’t think they can but the sorry crew that masquerades as our government seem to be pinning their hopes on keeping the charade going come what may under the notion that if they just keep right on “acting as if” despite being caught out time and time again, people will eventually start to believe them.

Well, sadly for two-faced Boris and his crew in the UK for example, the opposite is happening. The longer this thing drags on, the more their lies – the false stats and disingenuous twists and turns – one the one hand and the destruction of lives and livelihoods on the other, become self evident.

What we need to press for now, with a unified voice that speaks with authority for tens of millions of citizens, is:

  • government to get honest and straight and stop the fakery and its attendant economic and social subversion RIGHT NOW.
  • a full-blown open and impartial investigation on behalf of the People into the whole affair so as to pin down exactly what lies were told or invented or disseminated by whom and pursuant to what agenda.
  • the investigation to uncover and make known exactly who advised the government and precisely what advice was given. This would also include what advice or input was ignored and why.
  • the investigation to discover and reveal what influences the individual members of the government were under (familial, fraternal, financial, blackmail, bribery, common vested interests etc etc) and from which persons or groups exactly.
  • the investigation to establish whether criminal charges need to be brought against any person for treason, sedition and so forth. If there are, the police and CPS to be notified and proceedings begun.

With, moreover, a cure for the virus known and with a vaccine for the virus now in existence thanks to Russian researchers, there is now even less need for the government to act as if we are under threat.

There is also clearly NO NEED for the Coronavirus Act. Its introduction was based on a fraud and false pretences. Thus, if not actually in on the deception, MPs were asleep at the wheel duped into voting for it.

Therefore it must now be rescinded IN FULL immediately so that all the human rights and liberties of the British people under our mores, customs and laws can be restored,

We the People should now watch the Parliament very closely in this regard and make a note of and then make broadly known the names of any and all MPs who argue or vote against repealing ALL of this disgraceful legislation. A manifest desire to keep this legislation in place will tell us all we need to know about the true intentions of the person maintaining such a position: we can clearly identify them as an enemy of democracy, of liberty and of the people.

We will no longer accept excuses for betrayal.

Our patience is at an end with the mind games, manipulations and mendacity of subversive elements who, no matter the cloak of respectability behind which they hide, work for the enfeeblement and suppression of our nation.