First wave. Second wave. Or no wave at all?

The first wave of COVID in the UK was made real to some extent by the deliberate spreading of the virus amongst people in old peoples’ homes, where flu jabs are given intensively, and the doctored Coronavirus which triggered the COVID contained in the flu jab was introduced by moving all hospital Coronavirus cases in there.  That coupled with the use of ventilators, enforced isolation and the failure to treat the condition with an anti-coagulant and medicines which doctors were finding were working to save patients, made the outbreak as bad as the government possibly could.

Otherwise there would have been no outbreak at all.

The Coronavirus has moved on now and there are no cases to talk of.  A total dud if the truth be told when compared to the promise of 60 million deaths as hoped for by Bill Gates.

All the much talked of testing equipment which was only ordered by the NHS in March is arriving and is now in place.   Had it been available in March it would have been used to lift the panic to even greater levels.  The tests have been described by many analysts as ineffective and giving a high percentage of false positives.  The tests are now being used to falsely identify cases which don’t exist and groups are being targeted like gypsy communities, or privately owned businesses on the edge of towns.  These are then being locked down or closed down.

The five positive tests in East Lancashire have been used as the reason to lock down 4 million people during the Moslem festival which happens at this time of year.  A few false test results – five?.  A fake news release.  And wham!

Higher up the food chain, opposition is being silenced by fair means and foul.  Politicians and their families who do not cooperate now know they are under threat.  No details at this stage.  Other than look around for any possible suicides which were not expected.  Boris Johnson’s tardiness in introducing a lockdown put him at risk but he survived his publicly given flu jab and Coronavirus infection (he was tested three weeks after his flu jab) – with St Thomas doctors having a good idea how to stop the blood-clotting disease – but it was a near run thing.

The African President who ridiculed the tests saying a pawpaw and a goat were tested positive, is no longer with us, dying at a very young age of a heart attack.

President Duterte in the Philippines has declared that the coming vaccine will first be given to the poor, and not to the elites.  This suggests that the elites have realised they don’t want the vaccine for their own families.  In his rhetoric he doesn’t take the outbreak seriously but unusually he puts up no fight against the world government on this occasion, knowing his own survival could not be guaranteed did he really show fight against the COVID psyop.

He joked as follows – ‘Is the the first wave, the second wave or no wave at all?’  But then rolled over and did what he was asked to do like all political leaders around the world.  They don’t want a visit from the jackals.

In the Philippines there have been very few deaths  where people have to pay for the flu jab and are mostly too poor to be given it.  Yet the people have been seriously locked down since February with appalling consequences.  The relief monies handed down have been stolen by the higher ups and kept for their own families.  Only when the vaccine has been distributed will the population be allowed to emerge and the economy be reopened.  Millions are hungry.  The tests keep showing there is an outbreak but there are still very few or no COVID deaths.  Filipino doctors are not as willing to kill their patients as in some Western countries where medical staff are salaried, as after all, the patients have to pay them.  Most Filipino doctors are simply too scared by the media coverage which they all seem to believe, and they are staying at home.

The level of threat is very high there in peoples’ minds despite the President’s jokes.  Fear is such a powerful weapon.  Once your enemy has made you afraid he wins.  That’s why military training is all about maintaining morale.

Civilian populations are trained the opposite way by the media to believe the terror, and react to it as required by their governments.  People in the UK are half awake now that a scam is being played, but, on balance, still prefer to conform, just in case.  That tendency makes them extremely vulnerable to further operations by the world medical cartel, in cahoots with the bankers, media, military and the police.  Cuddly Boris survived, and is now playing the role his masters require of him, even if the role is being performed in a most unconvincing way.  If people stop complying and conforming, the system will find itself less able to deploy these evil weapons against us.

Beware of the 30 million flu jabs being rushed out.  And the 60 million COVID tests.  The vaccine and/or the virus could be inside the nasal swab test.  Either one is not desirable if you wish to live a normal life.  The vaccines publicised by Zed Phoenix is a depopulation device.  No one in the government dares to step out of line as they know the consequences if they do.

We are on our own.

Many are awakening.  Join them