Fake riots. Fake epidemics. World government project is failing.

I was on youtube looking for kitten videos, when I got diverted into watching the Seattle riots. They don’t want you having kittens, or even watching kitten videos. No, they prefer you remain in a permanent state of shock, so you have to be actively diverted constantly. You may find it strange I fell for it, but I didn’t fall for it. I had this paper brewing in the back of my head, and needed the proper push. I went in knowing what I was looking for.

And that was? The pepper spraying by police on protestors or rioters. I wanted to take a closer look at it. And guess what. I was right.

Right about what? Well, I recently bought some pepper spray, to keep the annoying local agents at bay. I am tired of having fake conversations with them. But I wanted to test the stuff, to see how far it squirted, how wide the spread was, etc. I knew to have the wind at my back, so I just squirted a single short burst. Didn’t want to waste it. OH MY GOD! Do you have any idea how powerful that stuff is? There was no blowback that I could see, but my eyes and nose told me otherwise. I had to immediately go inside and wash my face and put drops in my eyes. And my little pepper spray canister is about three inches tall. Tiny.

The pepper spray canisters the cops use are huge, like 16 ounces, with big funnels. So one spray with that should create havoc within a ten-foot radius. Even the cops with face shields would be getting blowback. Anyone hit with it would be screaming bloody murder, even if they had their eyes closed and were holding their breath. That hardly helps, because it gets up your nose and in your eyes anyway. Everyone would be blind. You cannot remain still after you have been hit. You run immediately for water.

But amazingly, that isn’t what we see in the films, either the new ones or the old ones. The pic under title is from the famous UC Davis incident of about a decade ago, when the unarmed peaceful student protestors were hosed by the cop. You can watch the video, which is up on youtube of course. Not one of the protestors screams or gets up, which means that wasn’t pepper spray. It was some kind of look- alike. To manufacture some response, they hired a lot of kids in the audience to scream and chant “shame on you”, but we already know the whole thing was fake. The usual theater.*

Same thing with the current protests and riots. Lots of pepper spray allegedly being fired off, but no one is reacting in the right way. They just slough it off like it is orange icing. I encourage you to watch the films with that in mind. That by itself is enough to prove the riots are staged. So when they report that 59 cops have been injured, they are just lying. No one is getting injured in these riots except a few stuntmen or women that overdo it.

Also note that Seattle is the epicenter of these fake riots. Have you asked yourself why? Couldn’t have anything to do with Bill Gates, right, who lives nearby?

In Chicago, we are already seeing why the protests are being staged. Trump just sent in the National Guard there, and people of both colors are happy about it. They are ecstatic that “order is being restored”. So my prediction is already coming true. They aren’t going to defund the police. Just the opposite. They are going to use these manufactured riots to continue to overfund the police and overarm them, buying them even more assault vehicles and assault rifles and body armor, and backing them up with the military whenever possible.

And that is in addition to the original reason the riots were staged. That was to provide backup cover for the trillions being stolen from the worldwide treasuries. The Coronahoax was intended to provide full cover for that, but it wasn’t really working. Some people were still seeing through it, so plan B was whistled in. Race riots and other political riots would destabilize the country even further, and dominate the headlines so that no reports of the Federal Reserve could get through.

But don’t fall for it. Both Corona and the riots are fake. Ignore them and keep your eyes on what is really happening. What is really happening is that the governors are self-destructing before your eyes. This is what that looks like. This isn’t the collapse of the economy or of national governments. This is the collapse of the control grid. It is utterly unwinding and the Phoenician navy doesn’t know what to do. No one believes their lies anymore. They keep turning up the volume, but that just makes the lies more obvious. How far can they expand this movie before we are all extras? Who will they be fooling at that point?

*And why was the UC Davis incident faked? Well, remember that it had to do with Occupy Wall Street. So we may assume that group was controlled opposition, and this event was staged to give them street cred. It made you think they were real, when they were just another CIA front, misdirecting everyone’s gaze once again. Remember, OWS was started by Kalle Lasn of Adbusters, who is supposed to be against marketing experts controlling society—except that Lasn worked for years as a marketing expert. Lasn has admitted his stance comes from the Situationists—a very bad sign and a huge red flag. They were tied to both Marxism and avant garde art, which means they were just another Intelligence front. The top names of the Situationists are also red flags: Bernstein, Rumney (think Romney), Nash, Radcliffe. OWS petered out pretty fast, and that was no


accident. It was purposely composed of obnoxious young punks with zero charisma, who had no appeal for mainstream America. They were hired to blackwash the left, sort of like the Chicago Eight did back in the late 1960s. Abbie Hoffman of the Eight was the usual Jewish agent, but he was hired specifically for his obnoxious face and voice. You hated him immediately, and that was the whole point. You were supposed to hate him. Same thing with the leaders of OWS. They wanted you taking the government’s side, as now. They wanted you to think of any protestor as a “dirty hippie”. The project hasn’t changed in decades, because middle America always falls for it.

The UC Davis incident had another goal, of course: make you think that if you protested peacefully or resisted passively, you might be pepper sprayed anyway by insane cops. That is why they spun that part of the story out a bit further, to salt that fear in for you. We are told the cop who sprayed the kids was actually awarded workers compensation by a judge for suffering he experienced during the incident. He was awarded more money than the kids.

And when did the UC Davis incident occur? November 18, 2011. 11/18/11. Aces and eights, Chai. Eleven students were sprayed. The cops arrived at 0pm. The Atlantic published the very next day a piece entitled “Why I feel bad for the pepper-straying policeman Lt. John Pike”. Ask yourself how that is possible. How does a magazine writer churn out an article, submit it, and get it accepted and edited overnight? Even newspapers don’t work that fast, except for huge emergency stories. This indicates prior knowledge and a project. Also remember the name of the police officer who sprayed the kids at UC Davis: John Pike. He is a retired Marine. Figures. That name is an inside joke for so many reasons. Not only does that point back to top Freemason Albert Pike, it also points to John Pike, founder and director of GlobalSecurity, sold to us as a private think tank, but actually another CIA front. It is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, and Pike previously ran Intelligence projects for the Federation of American Scientists. That came out of the Manhattan Project, remember.

And guess what I found on a search for “John Pike Marine Corp”? A Marine Corp Intelligence document from 2010 “prepared by John Pike”. It is an overview of MCDPs (Marine Corp Doctrine Publications), including publications on Reconnaissance and Counter-Intelligence. This indicates John Pike was with Marine Corp Intelligence, and was probably planted in this event by them.


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