Deaths from Measles vs Deaths from the Measles Vaccine

The next time someone tries to PUSH or MANIPULATE you into vaccinating your kids for the measles (or anything else, for that matter), show them this video of Alvin H. Moss, M.D.’s legislative testimony before the West Virginia Senate Education Committee in March 2017..!!
Some people you share this with will “get it” and be thankful for the enlightenment you gave them! Others who surrendered their mental independence in favor of the FRAUD shamefully distributed by the profit-focused vaccine industry will not. That’s okay; you can only help the willing and the ready! At least you tried to prevent others from potentially suffering the horrible tragedy of vaccine injuries and DEATH for which, by the way, vaccine makers CANNOT be held liable per federal law!!
Please SHARE this post and feel free to tag folks who need to be AWAKENED to the truth on just how DANGEROUS vaccines really are. If you’re worried about getting some “heat” for it, please don’t be! Just think of the LIVES you’ll be protecting and saving. That’s more important!!
Thank you!! ❤
— Joseph “Holistic Joe” Delgado
(Essential Oil Advisor/Health Freedom Activist)
** SPECIAL THANKS to Michael Weise for letting me share the video.