COVID 19 Temperature Check Vs. Gateway to Higher Spiritual Realms

By Mary Tanasy
At a shopping mall people were lining up to get their temperature taken by an employee who obviously was not a medic and not properly educated on how to correctly perform this procedure.

Many were shocked when I took the gun directed at my forehead and re-directed it to my wrist. I spoke softly but firmly and told the employee that an infrared thermometer must never be pointed at someone’s forehead, especially babies and young children.

As a medical professional, I refuse to directly target the pineal gland located directly in the center of the forehead with an infrared ray. Our pineal gland must be protected as it is crucial for our health now and in the future.

Lasers produce an intense beam of light, which can cause laser radiation in the form of thermal tissue damage. The dangers increase the closer you are to the laser, and the more serious the injury potential. More at

It’s all about CONsent

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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino