Coronaviruses are not the problem – stay calm!

The RKI shows: More tests = more false results, but no infections.

And still the leading media and politics pretend that an infection is the same as a positive test! All measures are justified with incorrect test results. Don’t put up with this scam! View the slides of the evaluation by Werner Bergholz here . (8/18/2020)


Do you believe the data from the Robert Koch Institute  ?


If so, then you can rest assured. If there were more severe respiratory diseases (SARI), the RKI would show them here (see graphic). So far it has been consistently fewer than in previous years. These are the official dates.


By the way: in Germany we have 30,324 intensive care beds . 228 of these are occupied with COVID-19 patients. That is less than 0.8%. Whether other diseases also play an important role remains hidden.
Coronaviruses have always been around 5-15% . They just were never shown. Only this year does the RKI consider them to be newsworthy for understandable reasons. Covid-19 cases were of course also given special attention in hospital patients from March 2020. At the beginning of this attention hype, the proportion of SARI cases rose briefly to around 28% and is now estimated at less than 5%. Accordingly, fewer other pathogens were found. (You only find what you are looking for.)
As a reminder: most respiratory viruses mutate quickly, adapt well and are therefore “new” every year.


Approx. 80% of the population apparently have long-term, broad cellular cross-immunity (T lymphocytes) against many of them. The annual contacts with new variants refresh this broad immunity. But if the flu catches you anyway – whether it’s influenza, corona or other, your immune system is trained and receives an update.
During the acute symptomatic phase, you should take it easy on your body to avoid organ damage. Organ damage, which we are now hearing about with Covid-19, is possible with many viruses . It is less the viruses than the disturbed immune reactions that cause the damage.
The time with symptoms of illness is also the time when you can infect others. EVERYONE should have a solidary understanding that one does not go to work or class with a runny nose, sore throat or other typical cold symptoms, but cures oneself at home – also so as not to infect others. There could be some who are weakened and who cannot (no longer) expect this effort. (Graphic RKI)

August 17, 2020