5 August, 2020 by Aangirfan

Beirut – 2 explosion clouds.

“When there are 2 bomb attacks, just like there were on 9/11, you know the terrorist attack has Israel’s fingerprints all over it.”

“Iran has (also) been the target of several suspicious fires and explosions over the past month.”

State of the Nation

“The various photographs reveal a thermonuclear explosion that could only have been detonated via an expertly planned terrorist operation.

“While ammonium nitrate may have been the primary explosive, the signatures of the initial detonation and mushroom explosion reflect a clear-cut thermonuclear blast.

“Both the white dust cloud and fire red burst show below reveal that a complex weapon was utilized.

“The evolution of the explosion from beginning to end also demonstrates that this black operation was carried out by highly professional, military-trained bomb experts.”

State of the Nation
Lockerbie. “Mossad suggested to the CIA that they fly heroin out of Lebanon on PanAm flights.”

State of the Nation was sent an email, August 3 2020, by a Russian investigator and Israel research historian which stated the following:

“An Israeli citizen journalist recently explained that Israel is ready to start a war with
two countries (Lebanon and Iran). 

“The Israeli military is moving soldiers, tanks, etc. 

” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently charged with three crimes, and he can be jailed soon if found guilty. 

“He wants to start a new war, and instead of going to prison he has hopes of becoming an Israeli hero messiah who would exterminate Hezbollah and other ‘enemies’ of Israel.”

6 June 1982 – Israel undertook military action in Southern Lebanon16 September to 18 September 1982 – The Sabra and Shatila massacre occurred.18 April 1983 – The U.S. Embassy bombing in Beirut killed 63, of whom 17 were Americans.

Israel is suspected of being behind the explosion in Beirut on 4 August 2020.

The cause of the explosions was not immediately determined.[23]

State media initially reported the explosions took place at a fireworks warehouse, while others reported it was at an oil storage facility or a chemicals storage facility.[1][24][5]

There were warehouses in the port that stored explosives and chemicals including nitrates, common components of fertilizers and explosives.[25]

The Director General of Public Security stated the explosion was caused by ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated  and stored for years.[7][13]

A security source has stated that the explosion was caused during welding work on a hole in a warehouse.[15]

Anonymous –

  1. Good morning Aang. Another day another distraction. A sad day for Beirut. The port area having been destroyed.Undertones of Tianjin container port from a few years back. Tianjin was blamed on a TNT factory explosion or some other lame excuse. The heat signature from that explosion painted a very different picture, however.

    Leila Molana-Allen is the Beirut Correspondent for France 24. Leila (an eye witness) claims she saw and heard a fast jet approach the area, followed by a bright flash just before the explosion. I haven’t heard anybody else claim anything similar.

    Worth noting that amonium nitrate isn’t that volatile nor unstable. Initial reports (lies) have mentioned welders and/or fireworks as the cause, therefore they can both be summarily dismissed.

    I guess that leaves us all perplexed as to the cause [sarcasm]. Perhaps Tobias Ellwood or David Milliband could pour some light into the mix. Both were also interviewed and offered comments. I can’t think what a Lt Col of 77th Brigade or a member of the Trilateral Commission may have in common or what sentiments they could offer.

    Nevertheless it matters little during a self proclaimed global pandemic. Mr Milliband shared his concerns and offered his sincere condolences given the devastating reach of Covid19 ad its impact on Lebanon too.

    Evidently well briefed, he was also concerned that the ‘strike’ sorry (I mean accident) took out 90% of Lebanons grain facilities which were in the port area.

    Attacking the source of food of a nation or laying siege to a city whereby food is a legitimate aim and well used tactic of centuries old warfare. Not suspicious in the least.

    Evidently more information will out in the coming days.

    Peace to the humans.


Did Beruit just get nuked ?

Compare and contrast –

Original Colour Film of Baker Atom Bomb at Bikini Atoll 1946

The explosion from another angle… #Lebanon


For many months there have been large protests in Lebanon, significantly focusing on economic issues, including charges of corruption at the central bank

About two weeks ago during July, a Lebanese court ordered the seizure of assets of the governor of the central bank, Riad Salameh.

Now a major bomb explosion rocks Beirut

The globalist cartel does not like central banks being challenged … the explosion perhaps an instance of how central bankers retaliate?


Beruit Explosion ? First provide cover and deception lure in the onlookers and first responders then deploy the main event maximising casualties. Who gave the IRA the idea ?

PIRA were active for twenty-nine years and had a long time to get very good at killing people. Even if we only trace the development of skills and ties that could be exploited to target their enemies from the birth of PIRA in 1970 following state violence against protestors demanding civil rights (Moloney 2003), by 1979 the organization had ten years of active and successful practice (Sutton 1994).

That year, PIRA operatives detonated a concealed trailer full of milk churns that had been packed with 227 kg of ammonium nitrate explosives as a convoy of five British Army vehicles passed. Revealing a great deal of malevolent creativity, the trailer had been surrounded by petrol cans that further enhanced the explosion’s ferocity (Oppenheimer 2009, 113). This detonation blew up the second truck in the convoy, killing six soldiers of the Parachute Regiment that had been responsible for the Bloody Sunday massacre that killed thirteen innocent civil rights marchers seven years prior. Immediately, PIRA snipers fired on the rest of the convoy.

The surviving soldiers sought cover behind the gates of a nearby gatehouse. Anticipating this retreat ahead of time, PIRA had already placed an even larger 450-kg IED using a homemade mixture of ammonium nitrate, nitroglycerine, and coal. Upon additional rescue teams arriving to save the retreating survivors, PIRA operatives detonated the second bomb using a remote control trigger, killing a further twelve soldiers (Oppenheimer 2009, 113-14).