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A pandemic that is making people more ill, simply does not take place

Has anyone been to the swimming pool or the beach in the last few days and seen the crowds in the water and sunbathing? Nobody wears a mask in the brimming pool and has been for weeks. Where are the infected of the maskless large-scale demo for “Black-Lifes-matter”, or those of the peaceful large-scale demo on August 1, 2020 in Berlin?

When was the garbage disposal stopped even though the people there would be exposed to the “virus clouds” from the garbage, from handkerchiefs and used masks?

And where are the Tönnies dead? Where are the heart attacks in Heinsberg? Where is the kidney and nerve damage in Ischgl, where 85 percent didn’t even notice that they had COVID-19.

A pandemic that will make people more ill this year is simply not happening.

Anyone who speaks of the prevention paradox is misusing the term or has no idea about infection epidemiology.


What is there are test orgies that create a dummy dynamic. Given the low prevalence (frequency) of SARS-CoV-2 infections, a positive test says nothing. The number of now “found cases” corresponds to the number of healthy people for whom false positive tests would be expected. The more it is tested, the more false “positive” healthy people are found. This has nothing to do with illness, only with the expensive testing that is abused to create fear.


The pandemic panic story of a deadly virus from Wuhan has long been overtaken by reality. The virus sequences found by the PCR test were distributed around the world long before Wuhan. Over 80 percent of the population has always been immuneagainst the corona viruses, which recur every year in different variations (https://www.mein Bezirk.at/niederoesterreich/c-lokales/deutsche-studie-findet-bei-81-prozent-immunitaet-gegen-sars-cov-2-durch- other-coronaviruses_a4172766). Mass vaccination against coronaviruses is therefore unnecessary. The newly tried technologies continue to pose major risks. The observation times are also far too short. Anyone who uses such a vaccine as a doctor in the face of this situation is acting irresponsibly. All of this has long been common scientific knowledge.


Furthermore, there is no indication in the reporting that those who died with a positive SARS-CoV-2 test in Germany were 82 years old on average. 85 percent of the deceased were 70 years or older. The age structure of the deceased is no different in Sweden than in Germany. The deceased tended to be even older there.


The catastrophic health conditions in the slums of the USA, Brazil, Peru or India are being used for scare tactics and political calculations. In northern Italy, Madrid and Belgium, too, we have long had enough first-hand information (https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzung8/). These show that it was not a new virus, but dealing with panic that led to critical supply disruptions, incorrect treatment and corresponding victims among the weakened or poorly cared for. Especially in confusing or corrupt health systems, unsuitable PCR tests are peddled and messed about. Profitable testing is being misused to destabilize, to drive people into the hands of the profiteers of fear and to sell them risky vaccinations.


Those who are behind the “ oil of the future ” (https://www.spektrum.de/news/wem-gehoeren-meine-gendaten/1459381), who are behind our genetic data, can benefit from this worldwide . Each throat swab harvests cells that can be genetically sequenced (https://www.illumina.com) and promise valuable information to private laboratories . Who will protect us from abuse? The federal government, which just before the crisis just joined the “One Million Genome Program” of business and the EU?

More and more citizens already know that. When do the media and politics take notice?

How can we hold those responsible and their media assistants accountable?

By Wolfgang Wodarg