A ‘one stop’ video for demolishing the fraud

Why are deaths down 6% in the USA this year to date?

One reason is that ‘medically caused’ is the leading cause of death in the USA, and less people are going to see doctors during lockdown.

Why is all discussion of 5G’s effects on health being censored, in relation to COVID?  Is this the hidden agenda – to increase the rate of death through 5G and blame it all on COVID.  5G suppresses bone marrow and white blood cell production.  It reduces oxygen uptake by the body.  5G lowers the immune system.

The BEST video I’ve found on the barrage of frauds being fed to the public about the current crisis.

EVERYTHING is covered here in clear, factual, unemotional language.

Must watching and must sharing.

What’s covered:

1. Is this really virus caused?
2. Is it a pandemic at all or are they simply changing “cause of death” records
3. The shady science that “established” CoVid
4. Fraudulent testing
5. Falsifying death certificates


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They block much of it as it is which is why it’s important to check the channel every day – and share.

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