Why is the UKs Covid-19 CFR the highest in the world by wide margins?

I was churning some data on the UK Covid-19 when something seemed odd. The ratio between new cases and deaths seemed oddly stable. So, I dug some more ….

Soon I found something else that does not seem right about Covid-19 data ….
UK cases per day are down from circa 1500 per day to ~750 per day over the month of June. deaths are down from ~210 per day to ~105 per day.
So just over one death in seven cases, if lags are ignored. At the peak, it was ~5600 cases and ~900 deaths, giving a ratio of 8.
I had thought that once all the mayhem over Care Homes and Nursing Homes was over, the UK numbers would improve, but that does not appear to be happening.

So, maybe have a look at the USA, and see if that tells a tale?
In the USA, daily new cases took off at the beginning of June, from ~20,000 to ~40,000 per day over this month.
And deaths? they fell from ~700 to ~500 per day. Their ratio went from one in 30 to one in 80.
We know most of the increase in cases are in the 20-30 years old bracket, so there’s some explanation for that. The USA Ratio back in April when New York was in the headlines for mismanagement of Care Homes, and within Hospitals, was one in 15.

Where else to look? France?
French new cases peaked in early April around 4000 per day, and deaths at around 1000, so more fatalities and a ratio of 4.
The French epidemic was pretty much over at the start of June. That’s now averaging 550 new cases and 22 new deaths. A ratio of 25.
The Lockdown is all but over in France.

All very odd. You would think if the UK was breaking records the BBC would be all over this.

Maybe there was something on the internet, for example here: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality

And there’s a graph:

Somehow nobody noticed this? Nobody thought to ask why? Where are the Answers?


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  1. Tapestry says:

    If you refer to the work of Dr Judy Makowits, she points out that SARS COVID 2 only affects people who’ve had the flu shot. It triggers the gamma retro viruses which cause a blood clotting disorder called COVID-19. In the UK due to the NHS we have the highest uptake of the flu shot (jab) in the world. We therefore have higher incidence of COVID-19. Also the NHS failed to administer the only thing that cures COVID-19 – an anti-coagulant. Private hospitals with rich patients in New York had zero deaths from COVID-19 from old patients as they gave them an anti-coagulant. Many would have had the flu shot no doubt.

    • richarda says:

      Thanks. It’s clear there is a link between the prevalence of influenza vaccinations and Covid-19 deaths, but whether and to what extent unvaccinated persons (all types) suffer from Covid-19 is not well defined. We ought to know, but then they would have to fess up about the flu shots.
      That still leaves my original query as to why the CFR has not fallen in the UK, when that has happened as expected in the USA and in France.
      I do not expect an answer from government, but there ought to be one.

  2. Belyi says:

    Well I don’t know about France, because when I went across the border for the first time since March to my favourite health food shop I found the staff all wearing muzzles although one told me he had practically had a panic attack at the cash desk and wore his below the nose. There were customers pointing out to him that it wasn’t on properly!

    In their little restaurant where I’m well known they require a muzzle just to walk the few feet from the entrance to the table. As I was first in they let me off. I’ll take a scarf next time.

    When I came back a couple of Swiss customs officers got on the bus to check our papers at the border and neither of them wore muzzles – a cheering sight.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    There are a few points to make here richarda

    First, the UK covid stats are of those that died WITH covid not necessarily OF covid. A massive difference. The ONS state this explicitly in all their data. Second, 80% of those deaths have a comorbidity which means that they were already dying of something else! These 2 factors alone indicate a massive inflation of the true deaths OF covid. But we’ve no way of knowing just by how much. But the fact that ALL excess deaths occurred during lockdown is a big clue I think

    Finally the number of “cases” is a BS number. The test is notoriously unreliable with a high chance of false positive. So, the more tests that you do the more “cases” that you get.

    All in all there is not much point in comparing the BS data. We know that this so called “pandemic” is not different to a normal severe flu season, the death rate is no worse than that.
    See here for sensible stats. Point 1. confirms what I say:

    It’s all just coronabaloney. It has been a psyop with several other purposes. The health of the UK public is clearly secondary

    • richarda says:

      Thanks, particularly for the link to the sensible stats. I do take your point that the published data on Covid-19 is suspect.
      I’d suppose that the point I am making is that the UK has handled Covid-19 rather badly without apology or explanation. And again, the UK data has some strange features, as I pointed out.
      I’d dispute that SARS-Cov-2 is no different to the seasonal flu, for at least a couple of reasons. One of these is the link to influenza vaccinations. That may also have some relevance to a couple of WHO papers in 1974.
      As for the “psyop” I have some thoughts. If those comes to anything, I’ll write something up.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks richarda

        The Swiss link makes the point that the overall mortality is no different to a bad seasonal flu. But this does not mean that there are not other factors that are abnormal, like the vaccines. It is admitted that vaccines are dangerous, by the pharma manufactures. Their small print warnings tell you exactly that! So they already know that they cause deaths…..

        Electromagnetic radiation could also be an important factor. 5G, and all those new damn satellites that are associated with it, are brand new systems. All were just being switched on in all the global covid hotspots when covid suddenly popped up, just like that. Another coincidence?

        I think that this scamdemic has been run above the level of national governments tbh. The global medical cartel has the backing of the oligarchs doesn’t it. And it has fairly obviously dictated to the oligarchs lackey politicians, in most countries anyhow. Even the so called “right wing” leaders like Boris and Donny Fart have been dictated to. [Tap thinks that Boris was targeted to get his “mind right”, I recall] Boris instincts were to react as normal and let it rip amongst the young healthy but he was over ruled by a higher power after some “encouragement” it seems. Or maybe he just changed his mind? Donny has done exactly the same. He’s now backing the ludicrous masks I read just today

        The mask BS is a big tell in fact. It is scientifically proven that not only do masks not make the slightest difference to covid transmission, or protection, but they actually harm the wearer who is breathing in excess carbon dioxide.

        Yet all theses lackey politicians change their mind and implement mask policies. Presumably after the bosses give them a nudge. The masks are clearly about control.

        Hide yourself! Shut the eff up! Be afraid! Tell the world that you are afraid!

        I shout out “Covidiot!”, to no one in particular when I see a mask wearer, fortunately they are few and far between round here. Not to their face, that would be rude

    • pete fairhurst says:

      As I said then, Covid tests guarantee a high rate of false positives. See this from Kevin Boyle

      Official best estimate:
      “So, if you take the test and are identified as COVID positive there is, USING THEIR OWN BEST ESTIMATE, only a one-in-five chance that you are really ‘infected’ (AS YOU WILL HAVE JUST BEEN INFORMED).”

      Official worst estimate:
      “Therefore, if “accuracy” is the minimum quoted, for a person who is told they have tested positive for COVID there is less than one chance in twenty that you are infected with the virus you have JUST BEEN INFORMED is in your body.”

      Detail here:

      • richarda says:

        Mr Boyle makes quite a good case for being skeptical of data provided by the government, especially non-transparent data.
        And Leicester has already protested about not being given access to data.
        From what I have read a second test should be run on those who test positive. At a 5% false positive rate per 100,000 persons, that still leaves 250 false positives, or about the same number of infected persons.
        The trouble is, if they have all been mixed in together, have the 4750 who were rejected in the second test now got coronavirus?
        Truly, the more tests that are done, the more cases that will be found. Unfortunately, unless great care is taken, the process may infect more people than it detects.

    • richarda says:

      I am having thoughts that i live in some bizzare virtual reality. It’s good to find I’m not alone.
      “‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’ Ashish Jha, the K. T. Li Professor of Global Health at Harvard and the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told us when we described what the CDC was doing. ‘How could the CDC make that mistake? This is a mess’.”

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