Who Is Pulling the Strings?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Japan didn’t have proper lockdowns because the Government there was hoping that they could still go ahead with the 2020 Olympics. I gather there was also a problem with the constitution which doesn’t really give the Government in Japan the authority to shut down the country.

They didn’t do much in the way of testing. They focussed on quarantining the people who appeared to have the coronavirus. That’s the usual textbook way of dealing with an infection. You keep the patients with the infection isolated. You don’t isolate all the healthy people.

Since the Japanese didn’t quite follow other countries, you might expect that the death total from Covid-19 in Japan would be terrifyingly high.

It wasn’t.

The Japanese death total from Covid-19 to date is 977.

Less than a thousand.

And to save you looking it up the population of Japan is 126 million – just about twice the population of the UK.

The UK death total is now alleged to be 44,000 – and though we all know what we think of the way the numbers have been added up in the UK there is no doubt that the care home deaths alone will far, far exceed the total in Japan.

What more proof does anyone need that the lockdown and all the other legal paraphernalia was unnecessary, brutal and politically motivated rather being scientifically or medically based?

The statistics show that the death rate is falling everywhere. And since most of the deaths occurred in care homes where the people who died were already suffering from numerous serious disorders it doesn’t seem likely that Covid-19 is going to make much of a return. Around the world the vast majority of the deaths occurred among already sick over 80-year-olds. And many of the over 80-year-olds with many diseases are now dead so they can’t die again.

If the coronavirus does return, if there is a truly deadly second wave, then I won’t believe it isn’t planned. Indeed, if there is a second wave I will have great difficulty in believing it’s the same infection.

Meanwhile, our world gets crazier by the day.

If this were merely a pandemic of a flu-like illness we could all be getting back to normal. We could be wondering what idiots mismanaged things so badly. We would demand that there should be a proper enquiry – and we might expect that a number of people were charged with fraud. If someone steals your money by pretending that something is what it is not then that’s fraud. You might think that there are a number of people who deserve to be questioned and doing some explaining. Why, for example, were the predictions of one mathematical modeller with such a terrible track record given so much importance? And what was the role of the 77th brigade of the British army during all this?

If we ever manage to get back to democracy those are questions which will need answering.

But it’s not going to be that easy, is it?

Because this isn’t about a simple virus infection; there is much more going on.

Governments will now do more testing so that they can find more hotspots so that they can close down areas or towns. And smart phones will be used to track and trace people just as though we were all living in a 21st century version of Nazi Germany.

And, incidentally, here is a good reason to use cash.

If you buy something with a credit card just five minutes after another customer and the other customer turns out to have been in contact with someone else exhibiting symptoms of the new political flu then you will be a target of the contact tracers. And, since you used a credit card, you will be easy to trace.

The demand that we wear masks is growing rapidly. In parts of America you can’t go into a food store if you aren’t wearing a mask. In Texas, the governor has issued a state-wide executive order requiring most individuals to wear a face mask both indoors and outdoors. Wearing masks in Scotland is going to be compulsory from 10th July so presumably something is going to happen at midnight on 9th July that will make the coronavirus change its habits. The wearing of masks will be mandatory except for a few exceptions and for children under five years of age.

And yet, as I showed in my analysis of the research evidence, we know that wearing masks reduces blood oxygen and can cause all sorts of health problems.

Figures published by the United States Center for Disease Control show that as the number of deaths from pneumonia, influenza or Covid-19 went up, so the total number of deaths went down. The total number of deaths actually went down. The only explanation I can think of is that many of the people who were put down as having died of Covid-19 or the flu would, in other years, have been put down as dying of their heart disease, lung problems, cancer or whatever.

Moreover, although we obviously won’t be able to compare the figures until the end of the year the statistics appear to be showing that the total number of people dying in 2020 is not going to be very different from the total number dying in 2019. Actually, I am being generous and bending over backwards to be fair to those claiming that we are living through a crisis.

Look at these figures.

In week 10 of the year the number of deaths in 2019 was 58,490 but in 2020 the death total in the same week was 54,157. In week 15 in the US the total number of deaths in 2019 were 55,477 whereas in 2020 the total number of deaths was 47,574.

I took those weeks at random but the pattern is clear – fewer people have died in America in 2020 than died in the same period in America in 2019.

And this in the middle of a pandemic which has closed down hospitals and the economy.

In the UK, the rules are impossible to understand. Well, I can’t understand them anyway. Hairdressers and pubs can open but some hospital departments are still shut. Indeed, some hospitals are still shut – despite what the official spokespersons might be saying. You can go into an amusement arcade where people are usually all crowded together but you can’t go into a bowling alley where people are usually well separated from other players.

I can no longer remember whether or when social distancing must be measured at six feet six inches and when it can be three feet three inches. Not content with wasting most of our money, the Government is now introducing endless new rules, regulations and guidance to tell us how we are to use that tiny portion of freedom which we are allowed to keep. Although, as I have said before, a rule, a regulation or a piece of guidance which is enforced by the police and which can result in my being fined or imprisoned is a law.

The zombies are still desperate to obey the rules. They are like enabling victims, conscientiously doing as they are told and shouting abuse or threats at those who have woken up and can see the truth. They are not very bright but they are slavishly obedient. They telephone the police if they see someone they think might be breaking the regulations. They would have made good concentration camp guards. And, talking of concentration camp guards, in big shops the members of staff who are designated to ensure that customers follow the rules have that vacant look, that air of superiority, that comes so naturally to those enjoying power they have borrowed and which they can enjoy without having to temper it with any sense of personal responsibility.

I am consumed by questions. How many people know what is going on? How many people are in on the secrets that will define our future? Why do the authorities feel the need to suppress anything and everything which might produce a smile or two? Going to the beaches or a pub becomes a sort of state crime – threatening the lives of us all. If I hear again about `civic duty’ I think I shall scream.

Who persuaded the unions into deciding that we couldn’t or shouldn’t open schools? Why is it that 31% of private schools are delivering four or more hours a day of live online lessons whereas among state schools the figure is just 6%?

What is Boris Johnson’s advisor, Dominic Cummings planning to do when he leaves government at the end of 2020? Does he have plans? Is he going to have a wonderful job with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Or where else?

Why did Britain import $10 billion worth of human and animal blood? Why so much and what for? Just two years ago the Government said that the UK was self-sufficient in blood. Where is the blood all coming from? And where is it going? And why?

How many of the services which were temporarily suspended or reduced will return to normal when all this is over?

No, sorry, that’s a silly question. I already know the answer to that.

Why is the Government in the UK apparently determined and desperate to destroy small investors and pensioners who don’t have a civil service pension? Without dividends being paid, pension funds are going to have to pay pensioners out of capital. And we all know what that means in the long run.

When was all this planned? The coronavirus bill which was passed back in March was over 350 pages long. They didn’t write that in twenty minutes. We never saw what was coming but it has clearly been coming for years. All this planning took a long time. Who planned it? And why?

We are told that there will soon be a vaccine. The usual 15 year time period to prepare a new vaccine will be cut to months, presumably by cutting out some of the testing. The vaccine will then be made available for everyone on the planet.

How mandatory is this vaccine going to be? Will those who have the vaccine proudly wear a tattoo? Will those who refuse the vaccine have to wear a badge marking them as unclean? A yellow star sewed onto their clothing, perhaps?

Why is the coronavirus not transmitted among those who attend Black Lives Matter demonstrations but dangerous among people having a day on the beach or in a pub? Why is it legal to attend a mass demonstration for Black Lives Matter but illegal to watch a football match or a cricket match? Are we supposed to believe that the virus doesn’t work at demonstrations but does at sports grounds? What lunacy is this? Why is it illegal for a man to open his shop but perfectly legal for demonstrations to trash it and loot it?

The world seems to have turned upside down. And the police have exchanged their slogan `protect and serve’ for a new one `punish and enslave’.

Why are thousands of privileged, self-righteous, elitists and Philistines demanding that we trash our history when they should really be worried about the future we don’t have.

Who is pulling the strings to make us dance like puppets to whatever tune they play?

And where is all this going to end?

Just a couple of days ago, in America, in Los Angeles, the city of angels, a court removed a child when a parent tested positive for Covid-19.

The parent had made alternative arrangements for the child to be cared for by someone else but the court simply took the child away from the parents.

How long before other parents avoid having the test done in order to protect their children? How many people will just flee into the wilderness and live off grid?

This insane, obscene madness has gone far enough.

No, actually, it’s gone too far.

It is no longer a case of the maddest lunatics having taken over the asylum.

We now have a situation where the most dangerous prisoners have taken over the prison.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

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