Where have all the weekly faked shootings gone during the corona hoax?

We see the same (old) project being run from Nova Scotia today, where the fake death toll from the latest mass murder is now 19. Here is a lead photo from that story:

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That is supposed to be Const. Heidi Stevenson, RCMP, supposedly murdered in the line of duty. But I encourage you to stare at it for a while. Can you believe how bad that fake is? That is computer generated from the ground up, and it is not even done well. It is amateurish in the extreme. That’s all you need to look at there. That is enough by itself to prove we are being conned by the same people again. Also note her name, Stevenson. We just found it above in the list with Lucy Clarke. Coincidence? There are no coincidences of that sort.

This fake shooting was done by a man, so they won’t have to try very hard to tie it to Men-are-Pigs. The shooter, Gabriel Wortman, was at first reported to be arrested, then reported to be dead. That makes no sense, of course. Par for the course. Stir your mind. He is reported to have been dressed as RCMP in an RCMP car, but was not a policeman. So where did he get the uniform and car? He just built it in his garage? A basic search on Gabriel Wortman finds someone of that name and age from Berkeley and Phoenix. His father Dennis worked at Colliers International, which is in. . . Canada. According to 411Canada, the only listing there is for G&R Wortman in Caledonia, NS. But that looks like a business, not a person. Otherwise a people search in Canada returns no one by the name of Gabriel Wortman. Canadafinder also returns nothing for that name in NS. If Gabriel Wortman is really a denture clinic owner in Dartmouth, NS, then why have the big computers never heard of him? A denture clinic should be listed in various online directories, which would include his name. If we search on that, we find a Yelp listing in the first spot at Duck, but clicking on it takes us to a 404 page. The second listing is at Yellowpages, but it tells us the denture clinic isn’t in Nova Scotia, but in Stephenville, Newfoundland. The next listing tells us Atlantic Dental Clinic is in nearby Halifax, NS. So someone on the ground there needs to tell me what is going on. Spooks: don’t bother writing me and telling me nothing is going on, since I won’t believe you. See the photo above.

The good news is that to me this means the coronahoax is slowly being phased out, to be replaced by the weekly faked shootings again. We haven’t seen any in a long time, which is strange in itself. I guess all the crazy mass murderers were being good citizens for a couple of months, staying home, social distancing, and stocking up on toilet paper. You would have thought the stress of corona would have made more piggy men go postal, but we saw the opposite phenomenon, with no one playing shoot ’em up for many weeks. Why? I’ll tell you why: all the agents were busy on their coronahoax assignments, and none were spared to manufacture these fake shootings.