What will the future look like if people don’t wake up? The rule of karma.

‘Every year worldwide 800,000 people commit suicide.  That figure has already gone up by 10 x in some countries since the Covid 19 lockdown.

Another 800,000 children go missing each year alone.  Most are sold into sex trafficking peodophile rings.
560 thousand die in an average season flu season.
6 million die every year from diarrhea.
9 million people die each year from starvation.
11 MILLION people die each year from poor diets high in sugar, processed meat & chemical laden junk food that contributed to heart disease, cancer & diabetes.
7 million people die each year from smoking tobacco.
There are more than 3 million alcohol related deaths.
3 million die each year from pharmaceutical drug overdoses, chemo therapy & hospital errors etc.
I’ve just mentioned a few here.
Where is all the mass news attention & outrage over all those deaths & atrocities?
Why is everyone only outraged & hysterical over the deaths & threat of covid 19?
Because the main stream media is repeatedly focusing on this, even though the figures, despite being falsified, are very minimal compared to death figures & threats to humanity from many other issues.
Not many people really care about human lives or any issue really, unless it’s repeatedly drilled into their heads by people with an agenda, the media decides what you see, what you should be outraged at and who you should blame.
The media are the puppet masters and we are the puppets they rule by fear.
Wake up.  We’re being played.’

Courtesy of

Lisa Kirkaldy
Ian R Crane’s addendum:
Many have been trying to raise awareness that ‘Those who (wrongly) believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of a Planetary fiefdom’ were blatantly telling us what they were planning … our collective lack of reaction is taken as aquiesance!
Unless WE (the collective WE) start voting with feet, wallet, refusal to wear BS masks, etc, the prognosis is not pretty.
The elderly, infirm and anyone who is unable and unwilling to contribute to the Socio-psycopathic Globalist agenda will be unceremoniously culled!
My time on this mortal coil may be limited but I will continue to do what I do to the best of my capability.
Individually, we are weak but collectively HUMANITY is more than capable of turning things around; which is why the corrupt Kapos working on behalf of the Cabal are doing everything they can to reduce real HUMAN contact and communication.
Future Generations will inherit lives of unimaginable hardship, whilst being bombarded with propaganda keeping them in a permanent state of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’!