What the mainstream media don’t tell you about vaccines

In July 2016, the official journal of the American academy of paediatrics concluded that the administration of IIV3 influenza vaccine on the same dayas either PCV or a DTaP-containing vaccine triggered a greater risk of Febrile Seizures

Looked at individually, vaccine ingredients look harmless – but when injected in multiple combinations, they trigger seizures leading to brain damage, acute non-stop pain, autism and death…

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In Britain, special leaflets written to convince a child that it is ok to have SWABS supplied by the government inserted into the child’s throat have been posted through millions of letterboxes along with a letter from an organisation called IPSOS MORI…



Every child assigned a number. Just like NAZI Germany. Every person forced BY LAW to wear a mask – with a $5000 dollar fine in Germany if you do not wear a mask…

The NAZI era also compelled millions of people to wear masks.

78 years ago, it was invisible gas which was the reason men, women, children and even babies had to wear masks…

78 years later – TODAY – Nazism is back.

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