‘This is a very silly game we’re all playing.’

Last week a masked throng of shoppers crept in fear around a town not far from the English/Welsh border, on the English side – and I wandered amongst them unmasked, recording my experiences on here. Today I did the same thing just a few miles away this time on the Welsh side of the border. The first thing you notice is no masks. Wales has no requirement to wear any masks anywhere.
There was however one person who wanted to ostentatiously parade in masked condition.
An English shopper either did not know that in Wales there is no requirement for face masks, or he is so wedded to the concept that he takes his mask regardless of any so-called ‘rules’ everywhere he goes. He certainly was playing the Covidiot by loudly asking if he could wait outside the shop, while his order was assembled. Outside he took off his mask, putting it back on as he went back in to pick up his order, apparently unaware that no one else was masked throughout the town. I also noticed that as he waited his turn he had barred the door so one else could get in or out while he waited. And he did the same thing inside the shop standing in a bottleneck. He was just in front of me in the queue.
My wife went to another shop and was stopped at the door by the keeper, who said,’This is a very silly game we’re all playing, I’m afraid. We can only allow one person in the shop at a time.’ She waited and then went in, asking why there were no masks. She had one with her if necessary but no, a mask is not required in Wales, confirmed.
This was all very confusing as we were not that many minutes away from where masks are almost universally worn inside shops.
People were very quiet in Wales though, as they socially distanced and queued up. Now that is unusual!
Normally they never stop talking. That was sad to see.
As in England I made up for the cowed look of shoppers around me by speaking loudly as I placed orders and requested things in a jovial tone of voice.
As the shop-keeper said, this is indeed a very silly game we’re all playing.
The illness has long gone. The only thing now is tests that give false positives, and are maybe contaminated, probably the vaccine in disguise. As one commenter said, it’s the only disease in the world where you need a test to find out that you are ill.
It’s time the medical bandits packed up their games and left us all alone. Their tests and vaccines are all we need to fear. There really is no need to mask up or socially distance, except from the medical profession.
Not all doctors are to blame for their failure to stop the psychological operation being deployed against us.
Take those doctors who bravely fight back, as here.
We’ve been talking about this problem for
years: the savage censorship of medical
information by the Pharma-controlled
news media.
Now the whole world is paying the price.
The orchestrated attack on a safe, 65 year old
remedy that is available over the counter
in countries all over the world.
– Brasscheck TV