There is no COVID19.

There is NO COVID19. As NO SPECIFIC TEST exists to detect it, it has NOT been proven to exist, let alone the claim that it has killed anyone. The PCR test used to allegedly detect Covid19 can only detect viruses in the body. It cannot tell what they specifically are, or what level of virus infection you may or may not have. The inventor of the PCR test has stated this publicly and warned that the PCR test can NOT detect a specific virus. Also, a CORONAVIRUS is a COMMON COLD. Thats why the survival rate is 98.9%. Countries all over the world are being shut down and businesses and jobs destroyed for the sake of the common cold. ~ Scarlet Glen

TAP.  Dr Judy Makowits stated that COVID19 is a blood clotting condition triggered by SARS-CoVID-2 (This is a coronavirus with some lab work done on it to ‘enhance’ its effects) in people who have had the flu shot.  The flu shot contains gamma retro viruses which create the condition when so triggered.  As the condition cannot be detected by a viral test, the only evidence for its existence is from actual cases.  There are none now.  All the cases mentioned in the media from around the world are from tests which don’t work and are known not to work.