The Forces of Evil are Gathering

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

We older folk talk a good deal about the past, partly because there is a lot of it, and it’s something we know more about, partly because it is sometimes easier to make more thoughtful comments about the past than about the present and partly because the future is now much of a foreign, unexplored land than it used to be.

The big advantage of knowing the past is that it gives us a sense of perspective and a better chance to understand where we are going.

So I want to explain how we arrived at the position where we are today – with the whole world seemingly frozen in fear of a virus which has been proven to be no more of a killer than a pretty standard annual flu bug.

In case any of you are still in any doubt about that let me just remind you of some simple facts. You can check out all these facts quite easily by going to official websites such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States and the World Health Organisation.

First, it is not unusual for the flu to kill well over 600,000 people in a single flu season. Just check out the current death total for the coronavirus, remembering that governments are now admitting that their death totals have been wildly exaggerated. In the UK, for example, patients who tested positive for the coronavirus and then died were put down as having died of the virus – even if they were run over by a bus or battered over the head by a mad axman. Once you’d had the disease you could not officially recover from it. This was clearly nonsense. But it was why the total number of deaths built up.

Second, governments everywhere have been talking of the R number. This denotes the number of people who are infected by someone with the virus. But the R number isn’t of any great significance. If most people who catch the virus have no or few symptoms and then get better, the disease isn’t much of a threat. What really matters is the D number (you won’t see that quoted anywhere I’m afraid – it is my own small invention). The D number is the number of people who die of the disease. And it has always been clear that Covid-19 is no more of a killer than the flu. The death rates are much the same and in both cases the people who are most likely to die are the ones who are already seriously ill with something else. It was always a nonsense to lock up the elderly. It was those individuals with pre-existing medical conditions who needed protecting – and this is just as true of the flu as of the coronavirus.

Third, the number of people who have so far caught the coronavirus worldwide is around 10 million. But the number who catch the flu in a pretty standard year can easily hit 1 billion. Even Neil Ferguson, the mathematical modeller who started the chaos, would have to admit that 1 billion is a bigger number than 10 million. So the flu affects more people than the coronavirus. The only reason that the number of deaths with Covid-19 seems to be getting close to the total number of flu deaths in a single season is that the number of Covid-19 deaths has been massively exaggerated. Let me remind you that in the UK it has been officially recognised that the official number of Covid-19 deaths has been massively over-stated because of the policy of counting anyone who ever had the infection as eventually dying of it – whatever they died of. And many people who had flu symptoms were counted as Covid-19 deaths. It is also important to remember that total deaths for many countries are just about what they would be in any other year – in some areas fewer people have died this year than died last year for example.

So, what is this all about?

Why have nations around the world deliberately over-stated the threat of a bug which is, it is perfectly clear, no more of a danger than the flu. Why were millions put under house arrest and hospital departments closed? Why have economies everywhere been destroyed?

Well, I don’t think it was some sort of global hysteria. I don’t think governments everywhere suddenly went pottier than they usually area. And I don’t think lots of people made the same mistake in many different countries.

I’m afraid it was, and is, part of a plan.

Malevolent individuals have for centuries dreamt of controlling the world. But their plans have always failed – usually because one mad individual doesn’t usually live long enough to see their plans through to fruition.

That isn’t to say that there have not been some successes. Mao Tse Tung, Stalin and Hitler all wanted to break down traditional connections so that they could rebuild society and create global citizens. But only China’s plan proved really effective – and it was localised to China.

This time, as they say, it is different. This time the takeover of the world involves a good many people and although they have many different aims they have all taken full advantage of this pre-planned pandemic to further their own ambitions. I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory and if any of you aren’t already aware of what is happening then I can only ask you to be patient and to trust me. Unless I am writing fiction I don’t make stuff up – though there are inevitably all sorts of lies around on the internet these days. I’ve dealt with some of the most egregious on my website.

It is difficult to see precisely where everything started but things speeded up when the United Nations got involved and I think the first signs of what is happening now may have appeared in 1976 when the UN decided that at some point all private property should be controlled by the United Nations itself.

In the decade or so that followed specific changes were made to education. Instead of teaching children the old-fashioned way and to think for themselves, education was redirected and the purpose became to train young people so that they would be useful to society, and to teach them that individualism, and the family, were less important than collectivism.

Anyone who has seen how the teaching syllabus has changed will understand how effective this has been. Children aren’t taught real history any more – they are taught a version of history which supports the idea of global living. Nationalism and patriotism have become dirty words, and children have been taught to feel guilty for the alleged sins of their ancestors. Colonialism and empire are linked to slavery. For decades now we have been moving slowly towards the idea of social credit for human value. I’ll discuss this in a future video but this concept is already alive and thriving in China where individuals get points if they are good citizens and have points deducted if they misbehave. Your rights are then adjusted according to the status of your social credit.

One big move appears to have taken place at a United Nations conference held in Brazil in 1992. The conference seems to have been pretty much under the influence of a variety of powerful groups – the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Jesuits and so on. This wasn’t a one man plan. For example, it is important to remember that Bill Gates – the number one villain to many was still flogging software in the 1990s. The changes that are now taking place so rapidly were begun when Bill Gates was still running Microsoft – and doing so fairly ruthlessly. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation did not exist. At least not publicly.

The ultimate aim was to end national sovereignty, to break down existing, traditional borders and to then restrict movement, to create human settlement zones, to further dumb down education and to set in place actions which would lead to mass global depopulation.

It was, of course, all about power, control and money.

The people who wanted to change the world realised, of course, that they needed something to drive their plan forwards. They needed to start a major panic that they could gradually build up into a fear which would provide an excuse for the changes they wanted to make.

And they decided that they would build their new world order upon climate change – they deliberately created the myth of man-made global warming, carbon taxes and so on. They used the idea of protecting the environment to bring in central global control of all land, private property, energy supplies, production and distribution of food and the control of people.

As I have explained in a previous video, climate change was nothing new even back in the 1990s. The theory had been around since the 19th century and it was always considered pretty potty and nonsensical.

But things really got started in 1991 when the Club of Rome published a book entitled The First Global Revolution in which it was boasted that climate change had been invented as a common enemy of mankind in order to unite the world – and thereby bring about the changes required for a world government and a world church.

Everything that has happened in the last thirty years has been a result of that. And now you understand why so many large corporations and government leaders have, contrary to what you might expect, suddenly become wildly enthusiastic about climate change, global warming, global cooling and whatever else seems fashionable.

People who had never previously shown any interest in environmentalism have suddenly started giving huge amounts of money to green groups and to climate change organisations.

Huge banks and investment groups and hedge funds fell over themselves to line up behind a little Swedish girl who played truant and became a figure head for the new global state – though I’m not sure that’s what she thought.

The children who had been indoctrinated into believing that the end of the world was just around the corner doubtless believed what they had been told.

In fact, of course, the end of the world as we know it was just around the corner but it wasn’t anything to do with climate change. The climate change nonsense was pseudo scientific gobbledegook that didn’t really stand up to examination. People like Prince Charles were brought on board to give the whole thing an air of respectability. The real power brokers did their best to stay in the background.

The fact is that climate change was merely the trigger that would prepare us for the huge changes that the power and money hungry wanted to make.

And they have managed the climate change scare skilfully and with great success.

But climate change wasn’t moving things fast enough.

The United Nations, and those who control it, have a plan called Agenda 21 and they have a number of subsidiary plans – such as Agenda 2030 – which need things to move faster. Agenda 21 is a conspiracy for world domination. It is nothing less than a coup.

Many of those who are overseeing the crisis which has been deliberately managed are old. It is fair to assume that they want to speed things up so that they can see some results in their lifetime.

And so we now have a plandemic: the coronavirus hoax; the scare story; the biggest crime in human history. And the associated manipulations.

Fear has been created globally. Governments everywhere are using psychological warfare tricks to control their populations – if you haven’t seen it take a look at my video on brainwashing. The nonsenses about social distancing and masks are deliberately confusing. We are living in a world where our own governments are using psy ops techniques against us. We are being taught and encouraged to distrust our neighbours. We have been deliberately separated from our friends and our families in order to break our spirit and make us accept whatever they force upon us next.

Naturally, as I said back in February and again in my YouTube first video `The Coronavirus Hoax’, one of the main aims is to trick us into accepting a mandatory vaccination. As yet I have no certain idea why. But I have some theories. And none of them is very nice.

So, that’s the basic story; that’s a précis of what has happened and why.

There is, of course, a good deal more. Keep watching the YouTube videos and I’ll explain more about what is happening. Or, if you prefer, just read the scripts on this website

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

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