Suburban communities under attack

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Wanted to send our newest article your way today!  This is an interesting topic because it is one of Biden’s economic talking points and a policy he wants to continue.

American suburban life, which has fallen out favor with the Washington elite, is exploding once again as people want to escape the densely packed urban zones which are routinely found to be COVID hotspots.

While many people are familiar with HUD (Housing and Urban Development), few people are aware just how ambitious and dangerous this program has become.  Under the Obama Administration, they made it their mission to radically change the makeup of American by attacking the suburbs.
They did this through a program called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, which effectively requires any city or town receiving federal housing funds to keep track of statistics regarding race, familiar status and economic status.  Any discrepancy between the communities records and the targets from the federal government can be considered evidence of discrimination and funds can be withheld.

I’m writing this email not only because I believe this type of governmental power is fundamentally wrong, but also because this is a great time to look at the benefits of living more than one wall away from your neighbor! (COVID?!)

This dives deeply into the aforementioned topics.  The article is titled War on the Suburbs: How HUD’s Housing Policies Became a Weapon for Social Change and you can read it right here:

You’re welcome to share it on the site and I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

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