Serbia rebels against new lockdown. Government backs down. UK Column.

Travel becomes a nightmare as countries adopt different responses to COVID.  Insurance refuses to cover COVID.  No one knows whether to travel or not.  Psychological operation to stop people leaving their own regions, and governments enjoying tight control over people.  COVID bringing in authoritarian government.  Medical martial law.  Automated medical mass surveillance coming as in China.  Mixed messages.  Total confusion.

COVID cops in high viz jackets.

Government says one thing and does another.

Electric fence in Cornwall bar keeping people back from the bar.  People being treated like cattle.

Government paying people £10 to eat.  Pubs must register.  Advert girl for this has ring in her nose – like cattle again.

$863 billion in one month US government deficit for June.  More than the whole of 2018.

Ian R Crane raises £31k for his charity treatment and charity.

Councils prepare massive cut in jobs, as commercial investments go wrong.

Turkey report.  Islamification of the country proceeds, and secular Ataturk time is passing.  Population moving to cities making Islam a majority force there.

Ireland – people demonstrate against government child sex promotion.  The government defends the pro-child sex moves by saying opposition to it is homophobic and from NAZI far right fascism.  Left is so extreme it sees all opposition to its social programming views as Nazi.   Event ignored by Irish mainstream media.