Sainsburys will not challenge people about wearing masks.

77th Brigade out in force and anger on Twitter attacking the lack of support from supermarkets for mask wearing.

I will not be wearing a mask anywhere and I’m ready to fend off abuse.

If necessary I will wear an anti-emf hood which protects from mobile phones pulsed microwaves and wifi, as I am electro hyper sensitive, as well as being a hypopnea sufferer.  No one’s heard of hypopnea so it will be fun being challenged by people who know little about the dangers of restricting air flow.  As for emfs, they will have even less idea.  This promises to be a real pantomime!!!  We haven’t had as much fun since we launched UKIP in the Constituency twenty years ago.  Stupid governments make great targets.  COVID is a crime.   The flu jab when followed by a lab created SARS- COVID-2 (coronavirus) infection triggers the retro viruses in the flu jab to cause COVID-19 (See Dr Mercola or Dr Judy Makovits findable by search on tap News).  The final body blow is the failure by hospitals to treat COVID-19 as a blood clotting disease with anti-coagulants and instead to treat it as a respiratory condition, ensuring the maximum number die from the COVID weapon.

The swab tests are the vaccine delivered up your nose.

Swabs are also contaminated with the virus.

This bypasses the need for the Coronavirus to be caught by victims and gives people COVID-19 directly once they’ve been flu jabbed.

The government is rushing out 30 million flu jabs asap.

They are rushing out tests.

The NHS are not treating COVID 19 with anti-coagulants.

It will be mass murder if any number of people die as a result.

Wearing a mask will make no difference.  Avoiding the flu jab will.  And not being tested with a nose COVID swab test will also.

The vaccine will sterilise both males and females according to research by Zed Phoenix whose work is findable by search on this blog.

The test is the vaccine cleverly disguised to get round the tendency of people to reject hypodermic vaccination.

This is a massive anti-population exercise.

Be prepared to fight back and to inform your friends and loved ones.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Social isolation, psychological torture death and submission are the motives of the usurping Bolshevik tormentors. These are liable for these deliberate crimes causing injury, harm and loss. The enemy within. A cultural revolution is their goal.
    ……. Does this sound familiar ?

    Mao ordered the party and the army not to suppress the movement.

    Mao also put together a coalition of associates to help him carry out the Cultural Revolution. His wife, Jiang Qing, brought in a group of radical intellectuals to rule the cultural realm. Defense Minister Lin Biao made certain that the military remained Maoist. Mao’s longtime assistant, Chen Boda, worked with security men Kang Sheng and Wang Dongxing to carry out Mao’s directives concerning ideology and security. Premier Zhou Enlai played an essential role in keeping the country running, even during periods of extraordinary chaos. Yet there were conflicts among these associates, and the history of the Cultural Revolution reflects these conflicts almost as much as it reflects Mao’s own initiatives.

    The widespread phenomenon of mass killings in the Cultural Revolution consisted of five types: 1) mass terror or mass dictatorship encouraged by the government – victims were humiliated and then killed by mobs or forced to commit suicide on streets or other public places; 2) direct killing of unarmed civilians by armed forces; 3) pogroms against traditional “class enemies” by government-led perpetrators such as local security officers, militias and mass; 4) killings as part of political witch-hunts (a huge number of suspects of alleged conspiratorial groups were tortured to death during investigations); and 5) summary execution of captives, that is, disarmed prisoners from factional armed conflicts. The most frequent forms of massacres were the first four types, which were all state-sponsored killings. The degree of brutality in the mass killings of the Cultural Revolution was very high. Usually, the victims perished only after first being humiliated, struggled and then imprisoned for a long period of time.

    The entire turbulent decade during which the waves of mass killings occurredis divided into four time periods:

    I. “The Red Terror” (August — December 1966)

    II. “All-round Civil War” in China (January – December 1967)

    III. Killing for and by the New Organs of Power (1968-1971)

    IV. Endless Killing (1972-1977)

    • Tapestry says:

      The idea is not just to kill but to make the souls unable to move peacefully to the next world. The Satanists fear content human beings as we carry our souls into the next world, where evil cannot do anything to stop the strength of those who die in happiness and contentment. They have to do all they can to destroy our spirit while we are still on earth. That’s why their methods are so weighted on the psychological and are designed to cause maximum distress. Killing people could otherwise be a very quick and painless exercise. It is truly a Satanic agenda.

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