Public Displays Little Confidence in the Legitimacy of a COVID-19 Vaccine

Public Displays Little Confidence in the Legitimacy of a COVID-19 Vaccine

By TLB Contributing Partner: Christina England, BA, Hons

According to a recent survey carried out by The Associated Press – NORC Centres for Public Affairs Research, if a COVID-19 vaccine should become available in the near future, only 49% of the American public have stated that they would accept it.

Researchers behind the survey stated that, over half of the Americans who took part in the survey have stated that they are either going to refuse the vaccine altogether or that they remained unsure whether or not they would accept the vaccine.

Amazingly, these results were similar to those that were uncovered on surveys that were carried out on social media.

However, according to the experts, the general public’s hesitancy to accept the vaccine is not because people are opening their eyes to the truth about the possible dangers of the vaccination, but rather the amount of scaremongering that has been carried out by the ‘so-called’ anti-vax community.

In an article titled Anti-vaxxers, Kanye West denounce potential COVID-19 vaccine; here’s the science, reporters stated that:

In an interview with Forbes, West referred to getting vaccinated as “the mark of the beast” and hinted at a debunked conspiracy theory that a potential COVID-19 vaccine would be part of a larger effort to “put chips inside of us.”

The rapper’s comments come as recent polling suggests that only half of Americans say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine if it were developed.”

Of course, West’s comments may or may not be true; however, are his comments alone sufficient to deter the over 50% of the American public from accepting the vaccine, or could there be another reason why the American public are having doubts?

US Are Not Alone in Boycotting the Vaccine

In an article that was recently published in The Daily TelegraphThe Telegraph revealed that the US were not the only country to question the validity of the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine.

They stated that:

Up to half of the populations in countries including the United States, Germany and the Czech Republic say they may not get any new coronavirus vaccine that is developed.”

Their information is interesting because, if these statistics are correct, then you have to wonder why so many people appear reluctant to accept a vaccination for such a deadly virus.

One of the reasons that people may be questioning whether or not they should have the vaccine is the fact that this particular vaccine is being fast-tracked at an alarming rate.

In fact, according to research, after just a couple of weeks of the virus being announced, scientists had begun to test the first vaccine on humans, which many people believe is neither right nor ethical, especially as this vaccine was being offered to humans before any other appropriate testing had taken place.

However, we believe that this may not be the only reason why this particular vaccine is causing concern. The public may be concerned because scientists from around the world have received millions of pounds/dollars as an incentive to fast-track a vaccine for the virus as quickly as possible.

According to a UK government document, on 26th March, 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK would be contributing record funding in a bid to find a coronavirus vaccine as quickly as possible. The document stated that:

The race to find a vaccine for coronavirus will be boosted by £210 million of new UK aid funding, the Prime Minister announced today (26th March) following a virtual summit of G20 leaders.

To date, this is the largest single contribution by any country to the key international fund to find a coronavirus vaccine. It will ensure British scientists and researchers continue to lead the global fight against the virus.”

And, according to my research, Mr. Johnson is not alone.

According to a press release by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they too have confessed to investing millions of dollars towards the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. They stated that:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s commitment of $125 million today includes the following:

  • $50 million of previously announced funding to the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator, a collaborative effort initiated by the Gates Foundation, Wellcome and Mastercard to accelerate drug development;

  • $25 million from previously announced funding to support a coordinated effort to develop and deliver diagnostics; and

  • $50 million of new funding to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to support its future efforts to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to lower-income countries. This is in addition to the foundation’s core Gavi pledge for 2021-2025 that will be announced before or at the pledging conference on June 4, 2020.”

This is an extremely large financial outlay for a vaccine that around 50% of the population are going to refuse to be vaccinated with anyway.

Unless, of course, there are plans to mandate this vaccine worldwide.

Dr. Coleman Believes that There Have Always Been Plans to Mandate this Vaccine

In a video recently published by Dr. Vernon Coleman, he explains exactly how governments from around the world have been able to manipulate the majority of the public into believing some extremely elaborate lies in a matter of just a few months.

In fact, The Liberty Beacon believes that this video is probably one of the most frank and honest accounts of the coronavirus charade to date, and even better, it is both easy to watch and extremely humorous.

It is interesting to note that from the onset of the pandemic, Dr. Coleman has stated that he has always believed that the coronavirus has only ever been about mandating vaccination, and considering that he has been right on every other one of his predictions, The Liberty Beacon believes that he will also be correct about this prediction as well.

Just in case his video is once again removed by YouTube because it is too hot for the trolls to handle, Dr. Coleman has explained to interested parties the story of the COVID-19 saga in full on his website.

Why Do We Need a Vaccine?

However, do we actually need a vaccine for this virus, at all? It appears that due to large scale misinformation, people now believe that the only way that we can be saved from contracting this coronavirus is by receiving a vaccine.

This is simply untrue.

In reality, only a small percentage of the world’s population has become seriously ill from the coronavirus, and of those who have been unfortunate enough to contract the virus, the majority have recovered from the virus without any lasting effect.

We believe that the reason that so many people believe that a vaccine is only way to save the world from the pandemic is the widespread misinformation spread by the media.

For example, an article titled Why do we need a vaccine for COVID-19? stated that:

Widespread community immunity (often known as ‘herd immunity’) can be achieved either by many people becoming infected – which is extremely risky and costs thousands of lives – or through vaccination. It’s no surprise that many politicians and scientists see a COVID-19 vaccine as the only safe route back to normality.” 

Whilst this information is largely true, we believe that it is important to remember that there is also such a thing as a natural immunity against disease. Natural immunity is innate; in other words, we are born with it.

Every day, our bodies come into contact with infections and viruses, and the majority of the time, we are completely unaware. For example, just because a member of our family becomes ill with a chest infection or the flu, every single person within that same household will not necessarily and automatically become ill. This is because our own natural immune system will immediately kick into action and fight off the disease.

It is important to remember that whist it is believed that the coronavirus is an extremely nasty virus, many of us have already come into contact with the coronavirus and we have fought it off naturally, and this we have done without a vaccine.

What if Everything That We Are Being Told is Untrue?

Today, I listened to evidence given to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice by Dr. Robert O. Young. What he told the court we believe could, in theory, completely destroy everything we have ever learned about the coronavirus.

Dr. Young explained (and gave compelling evidence to support) the fact that there are no such things as viruses. He stated that:

Viruses have never been isolated.”

He believes that we all being chemically poisoned, not only by vaccination, but by everything we eat and everything we drink.

He explained that no vaccine has ever killed a virus because viruses do not exist. In an extremely compelling slide, he showed the court exactly what poisons and chemicals we are being told to vaccinate our children with in the first few years of life.

If this does not make people think twice about vaccination, then nothing will. If his evidence is true, then The Liberty Beacon believes that everyone who really cares about their children should stop vaccinating and do what this man is recommending.

We believe that his evidence alone proves categorically that there is no such thing as the coronavirus or any other virus.


About the Author: Christina England, BA Hons, Research Journalist and Author