Postcard From Derry

A reader in Northern Ireland has been in touch with some cheery news: the people of Northern Ireland haven’t succumbed to Coronaphobia. Face masks still aren’t mandatory over there. And you don’t even need a passport, just some ID.

The atmosphere in Derry is very close to normal now. People are chatting and friendly, and even though cafes, etc. have fewer seats, the ones that are open are quite busy.

Last week there was a brief flurry of mask wearing, but it seems to have died down. About a third of people wear them in Marks and Spencer Food (that middle class virtue signalling is everywhere!) and a much lower percentage elsewhere. Staff in (NI) aren’t wearing masks, but south of the Border (e.g. in a really good cafe called Tank and Skinny’s), they do have to. The South seems to be going backwards very badly, having initially been getting better.

Talking to people here, there is a great deal of scepticism about the disease and the response. I get the impression from Lockdown Sceptics and my friends in England that the atmosphere is a lot more Stasi-like over there, so we are all very glad to be here!

There are a few other local peculiarities which help.

The history of the Troubles mean that the police are very wary of giving any excuse for a riot, so they were pretty light touch even during the worst of the lockdown. The Troubles also mean people are much less trusting of the media and the Government anyway, especially on the Nationalist side of the fence.

There is also a sense in Ireland, North and South, that people are entitled to their view (apart from that obnoxious and tiny minority which has caused most of the trouble over the years), which doesn’t come over in the media at all, and does make daily life a lot less Orwellian than, say, undergraduate studies at Oxford…

On the downside, the public sector is basically completely inert here just like everywhere else.

As well as that, the economic impact of the lockdown is increasingly visible. It is clear many of the shops, cafes and restaurants won’t be re-opening, possibly ever, and from my own perspective trying to get a new tax consultancy business off the ground, not being able to meet people face to face has not been good news.

It’s hardly the biggest problem caused by the lockdown, but I suspect in aggregate it will hit new businesses disproportionately and so hamper the recovery. Certainly, from my own experience things were going very well up to lockdown, and then went into the deep freeze and have been slow to come back out again. Many people thought in June we would be back to normal by September, but we all now think it’s going to be the New Year before the nonsense stops.

Anyway, overall things are about as good as they can be here, and if people wanted to visit somewhere in the UK with nice scenery, nice people and the same very little to do as everywhere else, they could do a lot worse!

By 30 July 2020


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  1. Aldous says:

    “…but we all now think it’s going to be the New Year before the nonsense stops.”

    Hi Weaver/Toby.
    No it won’t stop by the New Year. In fact the New Year (and this coming Christmas of course) will probably be when things get even worse than they already are.
    I wonder if they have something extra special in mind for Northern Ireland and Eire? No borders remember for the NWO inbred misfits who are co-ordinating all of this.

    Remember The Great War to end all wars?
    Remember World War 2 supposedly being over by Christmas 1939, which went on for a further five and a half years?

    I’m afraid we’re in for the long haul with this, and Northern Ireland should brace itself for a fabricated COVID-19 ‘spike’ to cause absolute despair and mayhem, a lot like what is happening now in Spain, where it is seemingly going from bad to worse.

    Hope for the best but prepare for the worst? Regards. AH

    • Tapestry says:

      Spain is being punished for not bothering much with all the crap. Our friends went there from France by car two weeks ago and enjoyed a holiday saying there was nothing going on which wan’t normal. Only in the British media is there a catastrophe in Spain. And all based on tests that don’t work.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Tap.
        That’s not exactly what I’m hearing from friends in southern Spain where the ‘rules’ were enforced with an iron fist that even General Franco would have baulked at.
        It was far from normal with few foreigners about, even after the lockdown was recently eased.
        Is Spain (and the relatively few tourists who took the risk of travelling there, not knowing if they might get stranded) being punished for daring to try to get back to some semblance of normality?
        Whose next I wonder?

      • Aldous says:

        I can also say with absolute certainty (after first double-checking earlier with friends in Spain) that when all this started back in March, you couldn’t even venture out of the house without wearing a mask and then only by 50 metres!
        It was a complete and absolute lockdown in every sense.

        There were cops (Guardia Civil/National Police/Local Police) on roundabouts stopping virtually everyone and handing out fines and/or turning them around for not making the shortest journey possible..

        Only one person (the driver) was allowed in the car and if they were not a key worker and just going to the supermarket, their address was checked and they were redirected to the nearest supermarket to their address on their ID or driving licence or hotel/place they were staying if a visitor.

        I’m really glad your friends enjoyed their trip and missed all of this crap but that has surely got to be the rare exception in these Orwellian times.

  2. Aldous says:

    No one should be in any doubt that the long since planned World War 3 is under starter’s orders if not already underway.
    I strongly suspect that this is why the airline, travel and hospitality industries are being targeted and hit so hard.
    Do they want clear skies for combat aircraft and missiles?
    Do they want people/families rooted in their home countries and not stranded in foreign countries causing untold misery and problems as World War 3 gets underway?
    There certainly won’t be any civilian planes flying or passenger ships sailing.

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