Oregon’s COVID-19 data isn’t scary, so why the panic?

By J.B. Handley

Like many others, my home state of Oregon is either rolling back or suspending openings due to a surge in positive COVID-19 cases which is linked, directly, to giving more COVID-19 tests. In fact, Governor Kate Brown just extended her emergency order here by 60 more days, through September, and there’s recent talk we may not have in-person school in the Fall. What’s astonishing about all these decisions is that anyone could look at the actual data produced by the Oregon Health Authority and quickly realize that we are under no threat whatsoever from COVID-19, so please join me for that quick journey, I promise to keep this brief!

First, it’s important to recognize that EVERY virus behaves according to a principle known as Farr’s law that was discovered over 100 years ago. This explanation of Farr’s law from Oxford is incredibly easy to understand, and here’s my favorite quote:

“Once peak deaths have been reached we should be working on the assumption that the infection has already started falling in the same progressive steps. Using deaths as the proxy for falling infections facilitates the planning of the next steps for reopening those societies that are in lockdown.”

And, here’s the chart from Oxford showing how ALL viruses behave, since the beginning of time:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.05.13 AM.png

Did you read that part about “peak deaths”? When it comes to understanding the trajectory of a virus, that’s really all you need to know, and nationally we are WELL PAST peak deaths, look at CDC national data:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.00.57 AM.png

This concept of peak deaths is so important that Oxford quotes William Farr at the top of their article about him where he says: “The death rate is a fact; anything beyond this is an inference.” What’s his point? Deaths are the ONLY way to understand the path of a virus, and how close we are to snuffing it out. And, all over the world, it’s extremely clear that we are well-past peak deaths for COVID-19, no matter what you read in the press. I’ll just show you one more chart, and then move on to Oregon. Here’s New York’s deaths, over time. Notice a peak?

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.04.12 AM.png

Every weekday in Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority publishes numbers about COVID-19 in Oregon, and every day I am astonished by the disconnect between the headlines, the behavior of our Governor, and the actual data. Here’s the most recent update, published yesterday. What does it show? Well, here’s the first chart worth studying very closely. It shows emergency room visits by people with COVID-like symptoms in Oregon hospitals (not even necessarily confirmed!), and it shows we had a small peak in March, and that today the number is well under 1% of E.R. visits (it’s that tiny blue speck). Obviously, emergency room visits does not equal deaths, but we’re trying to identify a peak, and visits to the hospital is a reliable indicator, which means it’s very, very likely that COVID-19 in Oregon peaked in mid-march.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.14.27 AM.png

And, since hospitalizations can be a reliable indicator of the arc of a virus, check out this slide, showing hospitalizations over time in Oregon for COVID-19, which I got from the OHA here.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.19.11 AM.png

Notice anything? I’d make two points:

  1. Oregon’s hospitalization numbers for COVID-19 are remarkably TINY. We are averaging 7 people a day in a state of 4.4 million!!

  2. The peak obviously was back in mid-March, just like the previous slide.

So, why are people panicking? The only thing I can see in the OHA data that’s actually going UP is the number of daily TESTS ADMINISTERED, check this out:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.24.00 AM.png

Notice anything? In mid-March, when the virus clearly peaked in Oregon, we were testing roughly 1,200 people a day. Today? 4,800 a day, a 400% increase. What do you know—we have more positive cases! I just can’t make this point strongly enough: positive cases in isolation are MEANINGLESS to track COVID-19.

If you aren’t shocked enough yet at how LOW Oregon’s numbers really are, here’s another one for you, showing the percentage of COVID-like symptoms being exhibited by emergency room admits, please try to guess when we had our peak:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.40.54 AM.png

Portland’s largest single employer is Oregon Health Sciences University with over 17,000 employees. US News & World Report voted OHSU the best hospital in Oregon, they treated over 300,000 patients last year, and currently have 562 staffed hospital beds. OHSU also has taken the rare step of publicizing all of their COVID-19 data for anyone to see, which makes it easy to determine how many Oregonians are currently hospitalized at OHSU for COVID-19. And that number, as of tonight July 1, 2020 is…wait for it…THREE.


Are you seeing a pattern here? If not, I’ll spell it out for you:

  • Covid-19 peaked in Oregon in mid-march

  • Our numbers today are TINY

  • The only thing that has increased is the number of tests administered, which makes positive cases a meaningless metric

  • If you think the lockdown had anything to do with when the virus peaked, the data doesn’t support that idea. The data shows we peaked well before the lockdown would have had an impact, which is true for many places, because the virus has been present far longer than we knew. Just look at NY and Italy.

But wait, you say, didn’t you open this post saying deaths was the only meaningful metric to track the path of a virus according to Farr’s law? I did, yes. Hospitalizations are also very helpful, since they are typically the step taken before someone dies (although most hospitalized with COVID do NOT die.) Oddly, the Oregon Health Authority makes it nearly impossible to find a true “deaths over time” graph from any of the material they provide, this was the closest I could find, a nearly useless interactive chart, that 207 is how many deaths Oregon has had from COVID all-time, meaning 207/4,400,000 have died of COVID, for a percentage of 0.0047% of Oregon’s population:

From OHA, totally useless

From OHA, totally useless

I want you to think about that for a moment. Because of Farr’s law, we have known for over 100 years that the best way to track the arc of a virus is by looking at DEATHS. We know that once deaths peak, the virus is on its way out, and typically very quickly. It always works, and yet OHA doesn’t even make this information easily available, they are so busy counting new positive tests. It’s crazy. Luckily, I did find a site that crunches and graphs Oregon’s numbers, and now I understand why the OHA isn’t highlighting this data. Our death counts are so TINY, they almost defy analysis, here it is:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.54.46 AM.png

And, I need to make a point about this graph. It’s imperfect, it shows an AVERAGE of deaths per day. The truth is, we have had many days with ZERO deaths. Said differently, COVID-19 is a non-event here in Oregon, the peak was back in mid-March, and the recent panic is incomprehensible and maddening.

Author’s note: I tried to be brief here. If you’d like more lengthy analysis, check out my Lockdown Lunacy and Lockdown Lunacy 2.0 analysis. And, if you have a better chart of deaths in Oregon, send it to me!

William Farr

William Farr

About the author: J.B. Handley is the best-selling author of How to End the Autism Epidemic. He graduated with honors from Stanford University, and currently serves as a Managing member of Bochi Investments, a private investment firm. He can be reached at jbhandleyblog@gmail.com


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  1. haraldhadrada1 says:

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    -Once enough people in a country/region are infected, enact forced quarantines/isolation for that area and expand the lockdown regions slowly over time
    -Over-hype the mortality rate by tying the research strain to deaths that have little to nothing to do with the actual virus to keep the fear and compliance at a maximum (if anyone dies for ANY reason and is found they have COVID consider it a COVID death & if anyone is thought
    to of MAYBE had symptoms of COVID to assume they have COVID and consider it a COVID death)
    -Keep the public quarantined for as long as possible to destroy the regions economy, create civil unrest, breakdown the supply chain, and cause the start of mass food shortages, as well as

    cause peoples immune system to weaken due to lack of interaction with other people/bacteria (the outside world… aka the things that keeps our immune system alert and active)
    -Downplay and attack any potential “treatments” and continue to echo that only a “cure” is viable to fight this virus (aka a vaccine)
    -Continue to drag out the quarantine over and over and over again (in 2 week intervals) causing more and more people to eventually stand up and protest/defy them
    -Eventually end the phase 1 quarantine once they get enough public push-back (~June 2020), and publicly state that they still think it’s “too early” to end the isolation but are going to do it anyways
    -Once the public go “back to normal” wait a few weeks and then continue to over-hype the research strain mortality rate (~Aug-Sept 2020), and combine it with the increase in deaths due to people dying from standard illnesses at a higher rate then normal due to having highly weak
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    -Enforce the phase 2 quarantines at a much more extreme level, increasing the penalty for defiance (replace fines with jail time), deem ALL travel as non-essential, increase checkpoints (including military assistance), increase tra
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    weakened immune systems from months of being in isolation, to help further “pad” the mortality rate and hype the upcoming phase 2 lockdown
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    deniability and to help cement the wanted BACKUP public script as something to fall back on IF needed (primary script being its natural, backup script being that China created it and released it by accident)
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    -After a rather long phase 2 lockdown (6+ months), roll-out the vaccination program + vaccine certification and make it mandatory for everyone (giving priority access to those that submitted from the start), and have those that are for it attack those that are against it saying
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    …Welcome to the New World Order

  2. richarda says:

    An additional couple of data points. At the beginning of July, the UK reduced the number of Covid-19 cases by around ten percent.
    Data on false positives is sketchy. The industry suggest a figure in the range 1~5 percent but that likely refers to professional staff in a hospital or similar setting. Add in double counting and other errors that come with scaling up a project, and it’s arguable that ten percent should be a workable figure when testing a broad asymptomatic population.
    That is going to cause many problems if it turns out to be accurate, not least of which is the destruction of the credibility of track and trace.
    Next up is the tactic of testing every patient that enters hospital. If one in ten shows positive for the virus, (being pessimistic) what then?
    Do you corral the together? And spread the virus? and remember the staff treating them are now at risk? or do you isolate them until more tests identify the real Covid-19 sick?
    Meanwhile, how do you account for these new hospitalisations? Are they cancer sufferers or Covid-19 patients? How does that show up in the records?

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