OPERATION COVID-19: The ‘Second Wave’ is really a “Second International Crime Wave”

If you thought this second patently engineered wave was big, just take a look at the third wave planned for this October/November.  This is called predictive programming brought to US from the Tavistock Institute.

Really, why are so many spikes
conveniently showing up in key
swing states such as Florida and
Texas?  And, why is it that the
closer we get to Election Day,
the more those states are facing
renewed lockdowns that will
further crash their economies?! 

Does anyone see a pattern here?

State of the Nation

A careful review of the historical record that scientifically documents the evolution of viral pandemics of this nature indicates that they invariably go into a lull during the summer months.

Then why is the 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic so different?

Because it’s being deceitfully manufactured by Deep State
in close coordination with the mainstream media, U.S. healthcare system and globalist institutions like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—that’s why!

What the entire planetary civilization is now experiencing is the most complex and convoluted criminal conspiracy — OF ALL TIME — to deceive all of humanity.

The OPERATION COVID-19 perpetrators at the very top of the reptilian food chain control virtually every single national government, Fortune 1000 corporation, influential NGO and VIP whose platform is beyond a certain size and reach.

Basically, the vast majority of international institutions in existence today were initially set up to advance the New World Order globalist agenda.  Hence, they all march in lockstep with regard to the fascist execution of OPERATION COVID-19 as well as the communist implementation of COVID-1984.

But how do they really do it?  How have they gotten away with this transparent Plandemic IN BROAD DAYLIGHT?

Quite curiously, how have the perpetrators at the peak of the conspiracy compelled so many minions to participate in the Biggest and Deadliest Medical Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the Human Race?

There are several answers to this crucial question, but the most important one is: FEAR.

Every VIP co-conspirators at the highest echelons of this conspiracy has been coerced to collaborate via the Pedogate blackmail that the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell crime duo is now notorious for.  Of course, if it wasn’t EPSTEINgate get that corralled them then it was Pizzagate that got them or some other blackmail pedo-operation that hooked them in.

The second answer is MONEY and POWER … depending on which is more effective in controlling any particular American politician, corporate officer, U.S. Intel Community operative or agent of Deep State. By using the lure of money and power, specifically, the black op controllers accomplish two vital goals.

• First, the OPERATION COVID-19 co-conspirator is either financially invested in this global scam to such a degree that the monetary incentive is simply too great to leave (e.g. Dr. Antony Fauci).  In this manner, they are encouraged to conduct their significant part of the COVID-19 enterprise so that it’s both highly successful and remunerative to them and their collaborators.

• Secondly, the granted or promised position of power and influence is often too attractive to turn down despite of the required criminality and/or corruption required in the quid pro quo. In this fashion, the co-conspirator dares not risk being kicked off the NWO reservation and never working again; or not being a part of the top tier of the NWO cabal (e.g. Bill Gates).

For instance, every single CEO, COO and CFO throughout Corporate America is naturally susceptible to bribery via gold handcuffs and golden parachutes.  After all, most suits are only in the corporate sector to make money—LOTs of money, and fast.

The same corporate bigwigs are even more vulnerable to direct threats to their highly compensated and [PRESTIGIOUS] company positions should they fail to promote the NWO agenda however, whenever, wherever they are ordered to do so.  This is why it has been so easy to manipulate the Sultans of Silicon Valley to commit unending crime sprees against the American people as the Big Tech tyrants have wantonly violated the U.S. Constitution.[1]

In point of fact, a tyrannical technocracy had to first be firmly established before THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC could even have been commenced.  And so it was!

OPERATION COVID-19: The Tyrannical Technocracy Strikes Again


Today, the highest priority item on the NWO agenda where it concerns the THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC is to carry out a convincing defeat of Donald Trump on November 3, 2020.

The globalists don’t want to see Trump just beaten by Biden, they want him routed and trounced into eternal oblivion.

This is why there is so much staged drama around every aspect of the obviously fake ‘Second Wave’.  The more the perps can convince the American people that the economy was destroyed on Trump’s watch and due to his policies, the more they feel Biden is assured a victory (that is, of course, if Biden even lives until Election Day)

The Catastrophic Collapse of the American Economy Has Already Began

This very same strategy was utilized by Soros & Company during the months just prior to the election of Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama (George Soros was one of Obama’s biggest campaign donors).  How suspicious it was that the USA experienced one stock market crash after another starting September 15, 2008 and continuing until the very end of October just before the POTUS election.  The Financial Masters of the Universe even declared that the “Great Recession” officially began in order to ensure an Obama win over his Republican opponent—John McCain, a globalist stooge who knew he was set up to lose and went along with the scheme to elect the traitorous foreign agent Obama.

Global Reset

However, if there’s one objective that reigns supreme above all others regarding the multiple OPERATION COVID-19 crime waves, it is this:

The Controlled Demolition of the
Global Economic & Financial System

The only feasible way that a now-necessary Global Reset can occur is by way of the Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS).  As of this very moment, the GE&FS is poised to fall into it’s own footprint starting with one or more of various trigger events such as a stock market crash, cratering of the U.S. dollar, real estate market collapse, bond market breakdown, Oil&Gas Industry bankruptcy and/or total loss of confidence of big institutional investors and HUGE hedge funds.

For quite some time now, the Financial Masters of the Universe have been acutely aware that there is mathematical certainty to a free-fall collapse of the GE&FS.  They have known that there is no stopping it this time and, therefore, they need a lot of cover.  Not only has OPERATION COVID-19 provided ample cover (and distraction) by design, it also offers numerous opportunities for the perps to begin their controlled demolition on the way to COVID-1984, which includes a cashless society, digital cryptocurrency and implantable microchipped credit cards.

COVID-1984: ‘A Global 9/11’ to Inaugurate a Global Security Superstate

There is also the remote possibility that Trump may be used to usher the United States of America through the biggest bankruptcy in world history.  If he appropriately acquiesces to that Central Banking Cartel plan, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that he will be inaugurated on January 20, 2020…even if the Democrats attempt to steal the election.

So, there are 2 different scenarios developing on parallel tracks here.

There is the globalist agenda that requires Trump to vacate the White House before Inauguration Day.  That one puts COVID-1984 on super-steroids with a closeted communist Democrat team (Biden and Harris) in the Oval Office.

Then there is an alternate plan that stipulates the management of the orderly bankruptcy of the US Corporation overseen by a newly elected President Trump.  In this case, Trump’s experience as a longtime businessman in some of the toughest markets on the planet — and with his own company bankruptcies under his belt — will come in quite handy for what inevitably lies ahead for the nation.

It’s critical for every Patriot to correctly understand at this defining moment of American history that, in either case, there is no preventing a Global Reset.  The GE&FS, sometimes known as the “Global Gambling Casino”, categorically cannot continue to do business as usual.  At the end of the day, mathematical certainty = mathematical certainty. Hence, he destiny of the once Almighty Dollar can no longer be thwarted, nor can the coming GE&FS collapse be averted.  But it can be mitigated with the right leaders at the helm.  Obviously, Trump would be far superior to any Democrat in the current firmament of American politicians.



This Alt Media platform has already proclaimed these self-evident facts about the 2020 pandemic.

• All the COVID-19 infection rates and number of cases by locale and nation are fabricated

• All mortality rates by city, state and nation are falsified, most COVID-19 classified deaths are other causes of death

• All coronavirus hospital admissions are either confusingly misrepresented, deliberately inflated or grossly exaggerated

• All COVID-19 statistics officially issued by virtually every government within the world community of nations are either highly inaccurate, purposefully distorted or patently false

• Geriatric genocide is the primary cause of death especially in the United States, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France and Germany

(Source: “All the official COVID-19 numbers are fake, totally made up!”)

Now take look a close at these COVID-19 stats — ” Confirmed Cases” — taken from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center as of July 16, 2020.

Here are some more shocking stats, including “Global Deaths” as of July 16, 2020, from the same official source.

How, pray tell, did the U.S. and Brazil implausibly exceed all other countries in COVID deaths so quickly?

KEY POINTS: Both President Trump and Brazilian President Bolsonaro are the two most outspoken and independent heads of state within the world community of nations (the UK’s conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also a marked man).  Clearly, all 3 of their countries have been severely punished for electing conservative leaders who will not be bullied by the globalists.  What we are all witnessing is the raw power and extraordinary control exerted by the Deep State of every government on Earth.  The NWO cabal’s message to every president or prime minister: “Leave the NWO reservation at the grave risk to your nation.”


Given the degree of willful deception that has occurred from day one of this unparalleled pandemic, there can be only one overriding conclusion regarding this worldwide ruse.  Especially in light of the immense amount of prevarication and never-ending falsehoods that have been deliberately disseminated by officialdom and corporate media is this entire Gladio black operation a reflection of sheer desperation and mass insanity.  Some informed analysts and commentators believe it to be a form of End-time madness as the globalists watch all their plans crash and burn in a New York minute.

KEY POINTSOperation Gladio is the terrorist arm of NATO (also known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).   Of course, bioterrorism, especially a global bioterrorist operation, falls squarely within the remit of Gladio.  See: GLADIO BIOTERROR: ‘Biological Attack’ Against China Planned by NATO Decades Ago — UK Military Officer & Whistleblower

Nothing works so well when trying to stampede societies into the pen of NWO compliance like terrorism, particularly bioterrorism.  What other way could citizenries everywhere be immediately forced into lockdown or business closures or social distancing or mask wearing?

Remember, all previous quarantines were implemented during past epidemics and pandemics so that only the infected and/or sick were sequestered, isolated or forced to shelter in place.

Really, how do these depravedly reckless and brash globalists intend to keep the whole of humankind locked down into perpetuity?!

That’s right!  They can’t!

Because eventually people everywhere will wake up to little facts like this”

Ever wonder why half the “covid cases” in the entire world are in the area between Philly and New York?

Ever wonder why there are only 8 “covid deaths” in Hong Kong (which is about 600 miles from Wuhan) but “100,000 covid deaths” in America?

I’ll answer for you: its because Hong Kong didn’t participate in this HOAX whereas states like New York and New Jersey went all in with the lies and hysteria.[2]

The preceding comment quote ought to throw even more light on the fact that the USA has supposedly suffered far more COVID-19 infections and deaths than any other country in the world.  How did the U.S. register considerably more COVID casualties than China, India, Russia and all of Africa?

Really, how did that happen except by highly purposeful design?

How did the world’s premier healthcare system, with so much advanced medical technology, pervasive knowhow and professional experience with epidemics, succumb to such a pandemic … … … unless it was meticulously planned that way?!  Which is why #Plandemic is one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter these days.  Or, at least it is, until Jack Dorsey decides to censor it into the Twitter circular cyber-file.


This ‘Second Wave’ really is a “Second International Crime Wave”.

That the perpetrators have been able to conduct this worldwide criminal conspiracy with relative ease is as inconceivable as it is outrageous.  Not only does this ever-worsening coronavirus predicament reflect the ironclad control exerted by globalists strategically positioned in every government and corporation, it demonstrates how utterly shameless and without conscience they truly are.

Today, entire nations, states, provinces, counties and cities have seen mandates to wear a dangerous mask during the hot summer months.  This outright assault on personal sovereignty and exceedingly dangerous practice must be halted post-haste; otherwise, many more folks will needlessly die from heat stroke or heat exhaustion, which will then be blamed on COVID-19.

CAVEAT: This was their scheme all along: attribute any and all deaths that occur on the novel coronavirus.  Suicides by poisoning, fatal car accidents and deadly gunshot wounds are all classified as COVID-19 whenever they can get away with it.  Likewise, anaphylactic shock, COPD flare-ups, asthma attacks and allergy episodes are all coronavirus-caused when they lead to death.  Of course, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Emphysema, Bronchitis, Lung Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Pleurisy and other fatal respiratory diseases are also blamed on COVID-19 when hospitals are unscrupulously reimbursed like this:

“The Medicare reimbursement is $13,000 for Covid-19 admissions to the Hospital; and if those Covid-19 patients receive ventilator treatment, the reimbursement is $39,000.”
(Source: Here’s why COVID-19 deaths are being grossly inflated across America!)

Surely, everyone by now sees how THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC is being coordinated, orchestrated and choreographed by some “Wizard of Oz” behind the curtain.  However, that does not mean there is not a very real COVID-19 bioweapon that was intentionally bioengineered and stealthily disseminated to produce a global pandemic of Coronavirus Syndrome. See: CORONAVIRUS SYNDROME: A Special Report on the COVID-19 Bioweapon

PLANDEMIC: The Permanent Pandemic & 2020 POTUS Election