Off grid living in the UK.

Sent in by Prometheus.

He was building a barn then changed this mind and made it into a house.

He captures rain water.  Has two baths, one indoor.  One outdoor.  Plenty of water for everything.

He filters his water using ceramic filters.

Solar panels.  A battery system.  A wood fired range which heats the water.

Well thought out, and it works.

He has a 1967 landrover which is tax free, and which should last forever.

He has a very old motorbike as a backup.

He can’t pedal a bike as he a damaged knee.  He would have an electric assisted bike if his knee was working.

He says heat costs him effort rather than money, getting wood from woodland.  He enjoys chopping wood, and gardening his plants.

You need to be there all the time.

A big propane bottle costing £70 lasts a year.  Mostly uses wood and solar electric.

Very well explained.

He doesn’t pay council tax.  He would pay it but prefers to take his own rubbish away.

He has no TV.  He watches stuff on his laptop.  He has broadband through an unlimited data on his phone – £17 a month currently as a special offer.

Solar panels are cheaper now so he can run his life off them.  He can get a line on his phone now and there’s a 4G signal not far away.

He pays no rent as he bought the land as wasteland, with a five year personal loan and put legal fees on credit cards.

It was horrible paying off the loan.  He lived off his garden and got through it.  He has no debt.

His work is freelance with some void months, but he can survive now without much money.

He started eating rabbits but went off it.  He keeps chickens (bantams) and they wander about the garden.  Occasional egg.  No effort.

Garden is supplementary.  Potatoes, kale and broccoli are year round.  He buys in food as well.  Olives.