Medical cartel knows that fear of fake illnesses makes big bucks.

Remember Ebola?

Another Tony Fauci Production.

As in today’s situation, media hysteria
set the stage.

The net result: A massive research
dollars gold rush for Fauci and Friends.


– Brasscheck TV

As an added bonus the “Ebola Crisis” was used as cover for Obama for sending thousands of US troops to West Africa on a “humanitarian and infrastructure building” mission.

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One Response to “Medical cartel knows that fear of fake illnesses makes big bucks.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    I’ll wager the mask promoting medical cartel ignore this profitable rather obvious cause of harm ….

    Prof Christopher Busby, Scientific Secretary of the ECNRR presents the new report at: REPORT NEW

    The rodent experiments show that a 1year exposureto 1.5W/kg with a 50% duty cycle causes a wide range of cancer and benign tumour development. This translates into 64.8kJ/Kg cumulative annual non-ionizing dose (Nrad)per day for 1 Year; an annual Dose of 23,650Nrad. The Committee employsthe approach of the early health physicists to objective tissue responses to internal ionizing radiation and proposes an annual limit of 1/500ththe annual dose that causes cancer in rodents(23,650Nrad)in the NIH study [1]. The proposedannual limit value of 1/500thof this isrounded up to50Nrads. For children6-12yand pregnant women the Committee proposes an annual limit of 1/10thof these adult limits giving 5Nradsannual limit and a daily limit of 0.015Nrad.Using a smartphone with a Specific Absorption Rate of 1w/kg (most have SAR greater than this up to the current limit of 1.6w/kg) will deliver a Dose ofup to 0.6Nrad in one 10-minute callif held closeto the head and if the device is employing full power.Survey data suggest that the average daily use of a smartphone is between 2.3 and 3.5 h. Such use would potentially deliver a dose of about 10Nrad.

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