Mask Nazis – Day One. Victory from the get go.

I popped into the butchers totally unmasked, as it were, and walked up behind a Mask Nazi having a go at the shop staff for not enforcing the mask order on a customer who had just been in the shop.  The man behind the counter was giving a Sterling performance saying the Police won’t enforce mask wearing so he couldn’t get involved.

This was a God-given moment for me to arrive, also unmasked, and as the Nazi turned round he glared at me (I imagine he was glaring but he was masked so I am not sure), totally speechless that yet another unmasked customer had dared to walk into a shop and buy stuff.

I promptly and loudly ordered a pig’s head so that not only the Nazi but all the shop’s customers could hear (Pig’s heads are something Filipinos like to buy for their parties), and so I was doubly shocking to the sheeple standing around in that I was clearly a devourer of pig’s heads as well as being totally unbothered by the farce of mask wearing which they were all pathetically giving in to.

Had anyone dared to challenge me, I was more than ready with multiple defences, but being the kind of customer that consumes the heads of swine, they all thought better of it and kept their eyes averted.

The Nazi fell silent.  Total victory.  I walked in triumph.