Little steps out of lockdown.

The lockdown in the Philippines has been atrocious with many people going crazy from lack of food and social interaction.  That said two million babies were conceived during the period of the lockdown.  As a depopulation exercise it has been entirely counterproductive.

The government has passed an anti-terror law permitting 14 day detention without any need for evidence to be presented or charges brought.  This could soon be used to stymie political opposition, and enable Central government to bully and control the regions.

Some of the most beautiful and unspoiled places for travel are starting to reopen, but they will need internal flights to restart if it’s going to make any difference.

In any case ‘The Great Reset’ is planned for 2021 according to Prince ‘Sustainable’ Charles at Davos this year.  This will jack up carbon taxes to the point that people fear to take the car out or fly anywhere.  The world economy will be heavily hit – as the ‘sustainable’ brigade intend.  The fake COVID lockdown is just a warm up for the real event coming next year.

Home grown food, and off-grid living will look very attractive.  And nice places with lots of fish and fruit.   The problem will be how to get there.  Still worth a try though!