I’ve been investigating so-called epidemics for 30 years.

Deaths labeled “COVID” have nothing to do with the purported virus.

The purported virus has never been discovered.  A claim of discovery was made, but proper scientific procedures were never carried out.

Which leaves the question: why are all these people dying?

Are the deaths all stemming from the same cause?  No.  They aren’t.

Overview: A huge percentage of people dying have traditional diseases: flu-like illness, pneumonia, other lung infections.  Many of these deaths have been re-labeled as COVID deaths.

For example, about 300,000 people a year in China die from pneumonia.  It’s quite easy to call some of these deaths “COVID.”

A large number of people in Italy die every year from flu-like illness.  The same re-labeling occurs there.

In Chinese cities, in the north of Italy, in Spain, there is very heavy air pollution.  This pollution causes severe lung conditions and exacerbates already-existing lung problems.  Some of the consequent deaths are called “COVID.”

As I’ve stated in previous articles, COVID is old people.  In New York, for example, those 65 and older account for 73.6 percent of all so-called COVID deaths in the city.  These people are actually dying, prematurely, of previous serious health conditions, plus long-term treatment with toxic drugs, plus the terror of a COVID diagnosis, plus isolation from family and friends.  Many of these people are dying in nursing homes.  No new virus required.

Take that picture and it will generally describe what is happening all over the world.  COVID is old people.  In Canada, for example, 81 percent of all so-called COVID deaths occur in nursing homes.

One other factor in New York.  The current hospital treatment—breathing ventilators and sedation—kills 97.2 percent of those patients over the age of 66 who are subjected to it.

What about this re-labeling I mentioned?  How is it done?  Several ways.  In hospitals, doctors simply write “COVID-19” on patient files.  After patients die, their charts can be tagged “COVID.”

In general, there are three types of diagnosis.  No test at all—just the observation of general flu-like symptoms.  Or a PCR test, or an antibody test.  Both tests spit out “COVID” results in a significant percentage of cases.  The result has nothing to do with the detection of a unique “COVID virus.”  The result is a function of the tests.

What about new conditions?  Are any people dying as a result of non-traditional factors?  In any so-called pandemic, this is possible.  In the north of Italy, there were several vaccination campaigns, just prior to the announcement of “COVID.”  In New York, as I pointed out, the ventilator treatment is killing patients.  Then there is the whole issue of 5G technology rollouts.  To delve into that subject, I suggest exploring the work of Arthur Firstenberg, author of The Invisible Rainbow.

Do not assume that ONE CAUSE is the explanation for all so-called COVID deaths.  This is a common deep error.  “Well, if it isn’t the virus, then what is it?”  There is no “it.”  There is only a psychological disposition to search for an “it.”  Look for MULTIPLE CAUSES.

There are always outlier cases.  Unexplained deaths.  Some people are quick to jump on these cases and claim they prove the virus is real and is a killer on the loose.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Young and healthy, suddenly dropped dead.  See, it must be the virus.”

No, it doesn’t have to be the virus.  Unexplained cases—especially when a viral cause is arbitrarily brought on board—need to be examined very closely.  They rarely are.

When I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., in 1988, I looked into a very early set of AIDS cases in Los Angeles.  They were all described as young, “previously healthy,” and then “suddenly struck down by a new virus.”

The CDC published parts of their medical records.  From the records, it was clear “previously healthy” was a gross lie.  These young men had prior medical conditions, for which they were undoubtedly treated with toxic medicines.  There was an indication of toxic street drug use.  After an hour of reading their partial records, the diagnosis of “suddenly struck down by a new virus” was quickly dissolving.

I’ve been investigating so-called epidemics for 30 years.  I’ve developed the strategy of looking for multiple causes of death that have nothing to do with the announced virus of the moment.  I’ve always found those causes.

“The virus” is one of the greatest frauds in modern history.

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Jon Rappoport

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    The one lesson we have learned from the corona hoax is that virtually everything BIG is in bed with the forces of global tyranny. I’m talking about big business, big media, big medicine, big pharma, big entertainment, big industry, big technology, big politics, big government and big religion. It’s all controlled by the forces of global tyranny. ~ Pastor Chuck Baldwin

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    5G is an integral part of the planned genocide.


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    Censored Medical Doctor Publishes Results: 100% SARS-CoV-2 Cure Rate with No Drugs or VaccinesFor many years, Health Impact News often featured the blog posts of Michigan physician Dr. David Brownstein. When the COVID crisis broke out earlier this year, Dr. Browstein continued blogging about the natural methods he was using to treat patients who had been tested for SARS-CoV-2 or who exhibited the symptoms, and his success rate was 100%. But in May, the FTC forced Dr. Brownstein to stop blogging about his treatments as they were not approved by the FDA. This month (July 2020) Dr. Brownstein, along with several other doctors, published his results in an independent, open source journal, Science, Public Health Policy and the Law. The title of the study is A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies. Conclusion: “At present, there is no published cure, treatment, or preventive for COVID-19 except for a recent report on dexamethasone for seriously ill patients. A novel treatment program combining nutritional and oxidative therapies was shown to successfully treat the signs and symptoms of 100% of 107 patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Each patient was treated with an individualized plan consisting of a combination of oral, IV, IM, and nebulized nutritional and oxidative therapies which resulted in zero deaths and recovery from COVID-19.” It is fairly obvious to anyone not swallowing the propaganda being spun by the corporate media that the entire COVID Plandemic is not to stop the spread of a new disease and find a cure, but to enslave the masses with their toxic products while shutting down the World’s economy and completing the largest transfer of wealth in modern history to the pharmaceutical industry and Bill Gates’ empire. Get ready for the onslaught of COVID vaccines for a virus which so far has no reliable test to identify, and the symptoms of which are totally treatable via natural methods.


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