It’s Going to Get Worse

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Everywhere I look I see the mainstream media warning us that a second wave is coming.

They have, I think, realised that the coronavirus hoax is running thin. Too many people realise that it is a con.

And there are too many problems.

In America some doctors are using budesonide steroid spray to treat coronavirus patients. Indeed steroids and simple hayfever remedies are being used everywhere. And more and more doctors say there is no need for a vaccine.

The plan is in trouble.

So the enemy needs a replacement; a stand in; an understudy.

And so they’re threatening us with a new disease. They need something new and even nastier than the coronavirus. There is serious talk of the bubonic plague coming back, though to be honest it never went away. And the BBC website, where they specialise in scare stories and coronavirus nonsense, ran a headline the other day which read, or rather shouted, `Flu virus with pandemic potential found in China’. The story went on to warn that researchers were concerned that it could mutate and trigger a global outbreak.

And maybe it will be that one. Or something else.

The only certainty is that the publicity will tell us it will be nasty and worse than the coronavirus. Covid-19 was just a prelude. The practice infection to build up our fear and turn us into terrified slaves to the state.

They aren’t finished with us yet. Not by a long chalk. In fact they’re having fun with us and just getting started. Since February, they have been testing us and training us for their new world order, the green revolution, the global reset. They want to see how far we will go, what we will put up with, how much they can humiliate us. They want to break our spirit and turn us all into zombies. And so the zombies are everywhere. They’re the ones who wear those deadly masks and scowl at those not wearing them. They’re the idiots who insist on social distancing.

It has for more than a month been obvious that they will need a second wave, of course. The fear levels are drifting down a little and more and more people now realise that the whole coronavirus scam is part of a plot to take over the world and control us with digital surveillance, CCTVs, the internet of things, track and trace systems, driverless cars, crypto-currencies, education via the internet and a health care system which keeps patients well away from doctors.

I feel crazy saying all this. But it’s palpably true. I did a video a month ago warning that the second wave was coming.

And it is all happening above government levels, of course.

No government in the world would happily exchange its own currency for a share in a global cryptocurrency. The politicians don’t know what is going on. This is happening way above the heads of Johnson, Trump, Macron or Merkel. In the UK, I suspect that Cummings probably knows what is going on. But in the UK I doubt if Hancock or anyone in the cabinet knows any more than you or me. Probably less.

You can tell who isn’t part of the plan by checking to see what they think will happen next. The Bank of England seems to think that the UK economy will recover quickly. So they are out of the loop. So are most financial commentators.

The global warming nonsense is all part of it, of course. There’s no science behind it but they picked three spokespersons who seemed beyond criticism. A little Swedish girl, a slightly potty Prince and an old TV presenter. And then they got school children everywhere believing that the world would end before Christmas if we didn’t all stop using oil and gas.

And the Black Lives Matter protests are part of the plan. In the UK every bit of our history is being demonised. Americans are told that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were bad, bad people. The police, presumably acting under orders, arrest people having picnics but allow masses of demonstrators to break the lockdown laws and to destroy statues and public property with impunity. We are being told we must forget our history completely. Forget the old world. Forget our pride. Why? They need us to forget about nationality so that we accept the idea of becoming global citizens. The celebrities who promote all this hysteria have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

They want to keep track of us and so before we go into a pub or a restaurant we have to give all our personal details. This is happening globally. What a coincidence. Privacy is a thing of the past.

And now, belatedly they are doing tests. They are using antibody tests which are so useless that they ping positive if you have had the common cold in the last ten years. And every time someone has a positive result they lock them in. And lock in all their friends. And lock down the factory where they work – especially if it’s a place where food is prepared. In March, when I suggested that more testing would be a good idea, I innocently assumed that they would devise a reliable test.

And so what is the overall plan?

Well the final plan is to reduce the size of the global population, to take away all our freedoms and rights and turn us into slaves of a new, all powerful world government run by a bunch of psychopathic billionaires without souls. We will all be in the clutches of The Myra Hindley and Ian Brady Foundation.

Globalists and multinational companies want to control everything. They want a global recession and massive unemployment so that they can `reset’ the economy. They want robots and a global digital currency. And they want us all vaccinated and implanted and tattooed.

I promise you I feel mad saying all this. I don’t believe I am saying it. But I do believe what I’m saying. And, as Sherlock Holmes said: once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

It’s all based on big lies. But as Hitler said, if you tell a big enough lie then you’ll get away with it because people won’t possibly believe that you’d lie that much.

The plan is to eliminate all small businesses because they are messy and a nuisance and difficult to control and they allow people to be independent of the state.

They’re getting rid of religion. That’s just old fashioned and a nuisance. And they need to deprive us of spiritual comfort. So church services are banned and no one can sing hymns anymore. And religious leaders around the world bow to all the nonsense either because they are brain dead or because they have been bought. You can demonstrate against statues but you can’t sing a hymn.

And, of course, to do with away traditional medicine as we know it.

So, for example, the Royal College of General Practitioners said the other day that the pandemic had resulted in positive changes to general practice. What they mean is that fewer patients are being seen in the surgery. `New research is needed,’ they said, `to determine if the new system (whereby GPs treat most patients online or by telephone) diminished or increased the burden on GPs’.

That was it.

Whether the new way of working is better or worse for doctors. Not patients.

I’ve got a slogan which I will offer free to the medical establishment and which fits nicely in with the current fashion for brainwashing everyone:

Bugger the patients. Stuff good care. Think of yourself.

GPs are excited about the plan to vaccinate everyone. You know why? Because GPs earn tens of thousands of pounds a year for giving vaccinations. Actually, they don’t even have to give the jabs themselves. A nurse or health care assistant or possibly a cleaner passing by does the actual injecting.

And the doctors and politicians who do recognise that the whole coronavirus thing is a hoax are so embarrassed and ashamed that they’re frightened to admit the truth. They’re frightened of being sued for all the mistakes they’ve made. So they keep quiet. It’s the same as it has always been with vaccines. Anyone with two neurones to rub together knows that vaccines are neither safe nor effective. But they maintain the myth, and demonise people like me, because it would cost trillions in damages to tell the truth.

The healthcare scandals are horrendous. We know someone who has breast cancer and who has been waiting over five months for radiotherapy. That’s not incompetence – it’s criminal.

A friend was recently refused antibiotics because he is over 65. That was the only reason. His age. It’s outrageous, medically indefensible ageism. But it’s the new way. Doctors don’t seem to see anything wrong with it. Dr Mengele would feel comfortable working in health care these days.

And they haven’t finished with us, yet.

They’ve hardly started.

Now they know that most people are stupid and so the globalists are getting confident. They’ve got us cornered.

And so the second wave is coming. It’ll be here by the autumn unless we convince enough zombies to recognise the truth.

Meanwhile, just in case, we all need a survival plan. We have to become survivalists.

I’m working on a plan.

And in a future video I’ll tell you what we’re planning to do.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020