Floyd fakery exposed hiding the real vaccine/5G agenda.


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Dear friend, yet another mind-blowing month. Now we are in a position where they need to lift the Corona-pressure from our shoulders to avoid a global revolution, so what can be used as a distraction while keeping to roll out the vaccine/5G-agenda? Riots and martial law is an old time favorite.

On May 25, Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, after a deli employee called 911, accusing him of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. Seventeen minutes after the first squad car arrived at the scene, Mr. Floyd was unconscious and pinned beneath three police officers, showing no signs of life.

When trying to find the victim, it turns out no such person exists

But it seems like the real truth behind this is completely different. Along with Cov19, the world is now being subjected to hoaxes on a scale never seen before. Let’s take a closer look.


Click here to see how the plundering started by a bizarre individual

An identical event happened in France (NATO) a few days later

How can they belong to the same unit, but have different badges?

The quote ‘I can’t breathe’ quickly turned into a media slogan

Another possible psy-op detail is the police officer’s name ‘Chauvin’, as in ‘chau·vin·is·tic, which according to the dictionary means: Feeling or displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism, or displaying excessive or prejudiced support for one’s own cause, group, or sex. That could fit it just nicely, especially since the officer’s own neighbors didn’t even know he was a cop.

No ambulance staff, instead a police with a bullet proof west

For unknown reasons the license plate says POLICE, no numbers

Is the name ‘George Floyd’ part of the psychological operation?

According to many, a black glove is part of masonic symbolism

A photo from the riots, with a black glove right in the middle

Just like in Charlottesville, a vehicle is said to have hit the crowd…

…on the exact same bridge that ‘collapsed’ back on August 1, 2007

And then we are asked to believe a CNN-reporter is arrested


If you are not yet aware of the importance of the shoe-symbol
& fear triggering mechanism, please click to watch my presentation

Many sources claim that the brutal protesters came by busses

Among the alleged protesters were men with hidden ear pieces

A man claimed he had been paid directly by Soros to organize riots

All of George’s upset ‘friends’ appeared in masks and hoodies

Madonna appears yet again, this time via her son’s dance tribute


Check out the garbage big, painted with 6 on three sides = 666

The masonic number game is so often there, hidden in plain sight

The brutal Rodney King-case which started the LA-riots. 3-3-1991


58 Swedish cities are now doing a Greta Climate Shoe (!) Strike

Lots of shoes representing the alleged Nova Scotia Shooting-victims

Shoes, shoes, shoes in a recent president Donald Trump attack

Climate hoax + The Plandemic + thousands of shoes – in Paris

Lots and lots and lots of abandoned shoes – in beautiful Croatia

And in Trafalgar Square, London. Possible psyop connection to JFK?

A Corona virus article by an Associate Press photographer

Oooops, did it get tooooo hot and sticky in the plastic bag?


Multiple countries donating millions of Euros to the Gates Foundation

Bill Gates has an incredibly suspect background in many areas

WHO creating mask-confusion + chemtrails added in the background


Please note that my intention is not to scare or spread fear, but instead to inform with the hope that my newsletters will help to give a clearer overview of what happened or is happening so that we can take our power back.

We all deserve so much better.
It’s time to stop the madness and
heal the world with love.


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Published June 1, 2020

Intelligence Operation trucking in actors.  By Miles W Mathis.

This is getting ridiculous. Apparently we are finally finished with the fake Corona scare, so here is the newest project being run by our favorite folks in Intelligence. Here we have the same story as the fake Eric Garner killing in New York a few years back; in fact, they even tell us as much over at Wikipedia. They both told the assailing police officers “I can’t breathe”. It’s even the same script. Well, let’s dig in and tear this apart, shall we? The story is that this black man was stopped and apprehended for supposedly trying to pass a fake $20 bill. Okay, at this point I must include a somewhat humorous little anecdote from my own experience. Just a few months ago I was in a gas station downtown in my city of Duluth, MN, and this guy in line ahead of me tries to pay the clerk with an apparent fake $100 bill. The kid behind the counter derisively says to this guy, “That’s not real. That’s probably the worst fake bill I’ve ever seen! Get out of here!” This vagrant somewhat feebly attempted to argue with the kid but then grabbed his counterfeit bill and left the store.

Ok, at this time of night in my city, there are almost always two or three police cruisers parked in a lot kitty-corner from this particular gas station, conferring or whatever they do there. In this instance, no one called the cops, this guy just moseyed down the street and left with no incident. And this was a guy trying to pass a fake $100 bill, not a $20. I kind of have a hard time believing in a big city like Minneapolis, there would be such a huge deal made about someone trying to pass a fake $20 bill. The clerk says it’s fake, the guy leaves. But evidently, cops were called. The guy didn’t run or drive off. The cops knew where he was and came and took him. The cop knelt on the guy’s neck for 8 minutes, slowly killing him while he pleaded for his life. Three other cops just stood there and watched. I’m sorry but I find this very hard to believe. This event looks staged, and for a purpose.

The woman who took the video is named Darnella Frazier, but guess what? She is a ghost. Intelius has a listing for a Darnella Frazier from Minneapolis with absolutely no information. Instantcheckmate has a few Darnella Fraziers but none from Minnesota. There are two Darnella D. Fraziers, one 61 years old, the other 91, both from Winston-Salem, NC. Miles: And Chauvin didn’t see Frazier filming him commit murder? He’s looking right at her! He’s bad enough to murder a guy over $20, but too polite to seize a cellphone? The owner of the store, Cup Foods, where this occurred, was a guy named Samir Abumayyaleh. This guy is an apparent slum-lord that had owned many properties in the Twin Cities, under the business name Samir Properties. Apparently, this Samir Abumayyaleh is now dead and his three sons run the company. Maybe he “died” to avoid responsibility in this tragedy that happened at one of his properties. This, from 2016, is a story of a 7-year old boy who drowned in a dilapidated, sludge-filled outdoor swimming pool at one of this guy’s run-down properties. Two of his sons have court records according to mylife.com. A man from the Council of American-Islamic Relations named Jaylani Hussein, has recently spoken out in defense of these people in an article in Sahan Journal.

This publication is a nonproft digital newsroom dedicated to providing authentic news reporting for and about immigrants and refugees in Minnesota. We aim to chronicle the struggles, successes and transformations of Minnesota’s new Americans, whose stories are often overlooked by traditional news organizations. As Minnesota becomes more diverse, Sahan will bring the stories of these immigrant groups to the mainstream, with the skill and deftness that they deserve. I’m sure they will. They freely admit they are funded by the Knight Foundation, Racial Equity in Journalism Fund, the McKnight Foundation and the Facebook Journalism Project. Miles: Facebook means they are CIA funded. Hussein has worked for Noni Sue Patchett of Patchett Kaufman Entertainment, purveyors of such lovely and insightful pieces as In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco (see one of Miles’ guest writer’s exposé of that debacle), Forgotten Sins, a movie based on the book Remembering Satan, and a movie version of Dean Koontz’s Mr. Murder. The alleged victim, George Floyd, was born in Fayetteville, NC and raised in Houston, TX. He played basketball for South Florida Community College but did not finish high school. Say what? Yep, stirring your brain right off the bat. According to Intelius, he has never even lived in Minneapolis, where he was said to be living since 2014 and where the “murder” took place, only having been listed in Houston and Kingsville, TX. Huh, that’s where our buddies at King Ranch are from, not to mention Jim Morrison, Reality Winner and Naval Air Station Kingsville. The offending officer is named Derek Chauvin.

As you can see in the picture under title, he is portraying the murderous douchebag cop in this latest production from the Langley Theater Co., courtesy of our friends in the Minneapolis spook community. Minneapolis’ Jewish mayor Jacob Frey is all over the news playing this one up. Oddly enough, I was just noting his involvement in a similar manufacturing of racial tensions in my last paper on Ahmaud Arbery from just a few weeks ago. Also, as Miles has recently noted over at Cutting Through the Fog, he had just published two papers exposing John Calvin (of Calvinism) as a Crypto-Jewish actor running a project to tear down Christianity. John Calvin’s real name being Jehan Cauvin.

Are these coincidences? Miles: NO. According to Intelius, officer Chauvin has worked for Minneapolis, MN (no specific mention of the Police Dept.) and also as a real estate agent at Re/Max. According to the mainstream story, this officer has had many disciplinary issues in the past, which fits in with the narrative of the racist asshole white cop killing an innocent black man that we keep seeing over and over. But if we look into these supposed reports of misconduct of this officer, we find some funny-business afoot. Miles: Chauvin is a peerage name. They are French comptes (counts), also known as Leschevin de Precourt, related to the Barons de Ravinel. In the British peerage they are related to the Beauclerks, DeVeres, and Rathbones. This links us to the Lincoln assassination fake, where a Rathbone was in the box with Lincoln. But it gets better. The Chauvins are also Chauvin de Treuil, and one of them, Mary Germaine, married the grandson of James Mayer de Rothschild in 1938. Any questions? This also links us to the Rosenbergs and the Fould-Springers. Mary’s brother-in-law Elie de Rothschild married Liliane Fould-Springer in 1942. She was the daughter of the Baron Fould-Springer. These Barons were also top Jewish bankers, being the ones behind Credit Mobilier. They are related to the Furtados (think Nelly Furtado), the Heines, the Simonins, the Gunzburgs, the Pereires, the Halphens, the Duponts, and the Sternes. In the Springer line they come from the Austro-Hungarian industrial magnate Baron Gustav Springer. He was the yeast billionaire who founded Bio-Springer. Springer’s wife was a Konigswarter, a Wertheimer, a Hirsch, and an Oppenheimer.

The actress Helena Bonham-Carter’s grandmother is a Fould-Springer, which means she is also a cousin of the Rothschilds and Oppenheimers. We get a second hit on the name Springer below. The Springers married the Rothschilds a second time in 1911, when Valentine Rothschild married the Baron von Springer. They married royalty in 1934, when Dolores Springer married Peter Graf von Oberndorff, linking us to the Berkheims, Metternichs, Salms, Waldburgs, d’Estes, and Osterreichs—Holy Roman Emperors. Chauvin has been the subject of multiple internal complaints, according to a database compiled by Communities United Against Police Brutality. This organization was started in response to the shooting death of Charles “Abuka” Sanders in 2000. I don’t have time to fully unwind that one in this paper but I will note a few things. The CUAPB is tied to Black Lives Matter, and Mothers of the Movement, a group of spooks promoting as real the fake deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown. This organization has recently been awarded a $20,000 judgment against the city of Crystal (Minneapolis suburb) for “violating their right to free speech” during city council meetings. So we see another pilfering of the local coffers by the same suspects. This scenario has also been covered by Miles in his “Fake Police Brutality” paper.

I also just stumbled across this interesting blurb. Now they’re trying to sell us more insurance! The CUAPB in 2018 was trying to sell the public on purchasing insurance for all police officers to carry. They try to say that the officers would be buying the insurance, but then they admit all basic costs would be covered by the city, but any increases in premiums due to misconduct would be paid by the officer. Right. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the city coffers were drained of $6.6 million between 2012 and 2015, most likely from lawsuits filed in response to fake police shootings or other staged events, which have been all too common in Minneapolis in recent years (see Philando Castile and Justine Damond). Now the taxpayers can be on the hook to dish out even more money to insurance companies. Do these people ever quit? There are a few other instances of Chauvin and other cops shooting/murdering innocent/defenseless people. In this article from the New York Post some of these incidents are detailed. One occurred in North Minneapolis where a man was shot dead for pointing a shotgun at police, supposedly after attempting to stab his girlfriend. But even this looks suspect. The victim’s name was Wayne Reyes. At Intelius he is listed as having lived in, among other places, Aurora, CO, and Whitestone, NY.

A section of Queens, Whitestone has had enough crime to have its own section on its Wikipedia page. Could some of this crime be manufactured, with Reyes playing parts both here in Minnesota as well as in Queens? He is linked to someone named Donelle Reyes, who has worked for several health information management companies as well as another company called Avaya. Some very shady looking fnancial dealings have happened with this company. This officer has been involved in another instance in which shots were fired by police. A man named Leroy Martinez was supposedly shot by Officer Terry Nutter with Chauvin also present. A reported witness to this incident claims the guy dropped his gun and put up his hands before he was shot. That fits right in line with our narrative. This Martinez doesn’t exist according to Intelius, and at Instantcheckmate the only info given is the dreaded i. Why is there no info available on this guy? It doesn’t scan. And that name Nutter gave me pause. Where did I see that before? That’s right, the woman who found Jayme Closs in Gordon, WI, after her fake kidnapping was named Jeanne Nutter. Is there a connection? I couldn’t immediately get one from Intelius, and neither of them are listed on Geni or on Geneanet. So we are stuck there, but these people almost always have family connections to other events they are running, so it is not unlikely that there could be a connection. Miles: the Nutters were Jewish billionaires from Grenada who married the Campbells. Mungo Nutter Campbell was Dean of the Merchant House in Glasgow, making him Phoenician Navy.

He and his family were heavily involved in the slave trade, which is why we see them still linked to black families now in these hoaxes. They are using their cousins for these plays, you see. In this article by the Insider we learn from a former member of the local Minneapolis Police Conduct Review Board, that there are corrupt and criminally negligent and violent cops out there just killing innocent people, with absolutely no repercussions. Good way to scare the shit out of, not to mention greatly anger, your average citizen. This is obviously no accident. Now look, in no way am I trying to say that there are not bad cops out there. Some people in positions of authority get on power trips. It happens all the time. But what I am saying is that this crisis is being manufactured to manipulate people. For instance, let’s take a look at this guy quoted in this Insider piece. His name is Kenneth Rance. He is supposed to be a local from North Minneapolis (that’s the rough part of town) who was on the Police Review Board for four years.

But, a couple of quick web searches reveal something a little different. At Intelius we find this guy attended Howard University. This institution appears to be the main spook feeder college for black folks. Notable alumni include Toni Morrison, Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Jackson Young, Jr. (Ambassador to the UN and close confidant of Martin Luther King, Jr.), Rep. Elijah Cummings and spook actor Chadwick Boseman. Mr. Rance has lived in Charlotte, NC, and also worked at TIAA-CREF, which is insurance again. Big surprise, right? And lastly, he at one point owned or worked at a company called Rance Entertainment, Inc. Ha, what do you know? More actors. Are you surprised? After all we’ve seen, this should be expected. And lo and behold, he even has an IMDb page! According to his listing at MyLife.com, he has two different aliases, court, arrest or crimi- nal records, and lawsuits, liens or bankruptcies. His personal details are listed as Democrat, Caucasian (he’s a black guy, his picture is even on this page!), he is single and has a reported annual income of over $90,000 and a net worth valued between $250,000- $499,000. This is who is selling the evil cops angle up in Minneapolis. Are there bad cops out there? Absolutely. But as we can clearly see, this is something different altogether.

By the way, Insider, formerly Business Insider, is owned by a company called Axel Springer SE. Founded by owner Axel Springer, they run the publications Bild, Die Welt, and Fakt, among many others. The organization has been publicly criticized for “perceived support for Israel”, “accusations of censorship” and “accusations of editorial interference in Poland”. Two of their buildings have been bombed by the Red Army Faction. We know that communism is a Crypto-Jewish construct, so we can clearly see this is another case of Jewish people trying to fake attacks against themselves (see Miles’ papers on Hitler, Ezra Pound, David Irving, Eustace Mullins, etc.). And if we look up Springer himself, we find his father also was a publisher, so this was the family business. They make sure to tell us right away at Wikipedia that Axel Springer bears no relation to 19th century publisher Julius Springer, but I think I can take that to mean he was related to him. We can get no confirmation of that since he is totally scrubbed at Geni, and over at Geneanet his line ends with his father. Oddly enough, there we find that Axel’s father, Oliver Dale Springer, was born and died both in Milam county Texas, which brings us once again back to King Ranch (and the German-Jewish settlements in Texas) for the second time in this paper. Miles: I hope you caught the Springers again. Now you know why they support Israel, and why they are involved in this fake in Minnesota. The Springers are Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, and Osterreichs.

The name Axel is also common in these families, see Tobias Axel Munthe, whose mother is Nelly de Rothschild. Chauvin and Floyd both worked as security guards at the same restaurant/ nightclub, El Nuevo Rodeo, owned by a woman named Maya Santamaria. She had sold the place within the last two months. Hmm. In an article posted by Fox News, from the Associated Press, She says Chauvin got along well with the club’s Latino regulars, but his tactics toward unruly customers on what she referred to as “African American” nights led her to speak to him about it. “I told him I thought this is unnecessary to be pepper-sprayed. The knee-jerk reaction of being afraid, it seemed overkill,” Santamaria said. “It was a concern and I did voice my opinion, but police offcers have a way of justifying what they do.” Right. Also very convenient for our narrative. Miles: pause on that last yellow statement. It is a game ender. Chauvin and Floyd not only knew eachother but worked together at the same job.

It looks to me like they are cousins, and their work history has mainly been faked. They are actors.

Let’s look and see what we can find on Ms. Santamaria. At Intelius we find two listings for a Maya Lopez Santamaria. One is 49 years old and the other is 59. Both have worked at Santamaria Broadcasting, Inc. and the younger at Hispanic Television Broadcasting Network and Midwest Latino Entertainment and Talent. So is it a requirement to be interviewed by the press regarding this case that you own your own Broadcasting/Entertainment company? She is quoted as saying “I thought he would have more of a conscience,” she said. “Even if he is a bit of a racist, he’s a human being. … At what point does your humanity overpower your racial bias?” He obviously doesn’t have any humanity. He’s a racist pig. He’s now out of state in his other home in Florida. Also convenient. “I don’t mind peaceful protests at all,” said Oscar Reyes who lives across the street in the quiet neighborhood near Orlando. “I hope everything stays safe.” Huh. Another Reyes here. More coincidences? Who can say? Another article from NPR admits Ms. Santamaria owns a radio station, saying the building that houses both it and the nightclub just got torched and looted in the rioting in Minneapolis. So it appears this woman may be in on the project, and can get insurance compensation for her losses. I would assume the same would hold with the Target store down the street from there that was burned and looted as well. Perhaps that store was getting old and they wanted a new one. They could get one for free if it got burned and looted in a riot. Everyone I have talked to that lives in the Twin Cities has said they don’t know anyone who has been involved in these riots.

But that’s the way of these things, isn’t it? Intelligence can just truck in as many actors as they need to pull this off. Another restaurant/ nightclub Floyd is said to have worked at is called the Conga Latin Bistro. According to this article from USA Today, he worked at the place for several years. This article reads like more bad fiction, quoting a good friend of Floyd’s named Wallace White, 56, remembering what a great guy he was. Problem? He doesn’t exist. The only Wallace White from Minneapolis is 60 years old per an Intelius search. That’s one more down, but hold on to your hat; we’re going to finish with a bang. According to the article, the owners of the place are Jovanni and Ruth Thunstrom. Problem? There are none connected to that restaurant. We have to go to Instantcheckmate to find that it is Arsenio J. Thunstrom. Ok that checks out at Intelius as well, having an Arsenio Jovannis Thunstrom working at Conga Latin Bistro. However, there is no Ruth listed as a relative. And here’s where it gets interesting. The first listed relative is a Maria Teresa Thunstrom, worked at US Dept. of State and lived in Washington, DC, as well as Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church, VA, which is to say Langley. But wait… there’s more! Another relative listed is Clifford L. Thunstrom, worked for Credit Justice Services, LLC and lived in San Diego, CA, Alexandria, VA, and Chevy Chase, MD. Next we have Edward T. Thunstrom, lived in Manassas, Woodbridge, Arlington, and Alexandria, VA, and worked at Smartronix and Ares Corporation. Ares is the lead program integration contractor for the International Space Station. Jackpot. Now according to this article from CBS Local, he not only worked for this Thunstrom, but was his best friend. Come on! Here we also meet Courteney Ross, Floyd’s “other half”. “

He stood up for people, he was there for people when they were down, he loved people that were thrown away,” Ross said. “We prayed over every meal, we prayed if we were having a hard time, we prayed if we were having a good time.” Ross says Floyd was the most spiritual man she has ever met. She said he moved to Minnesota from Houston, Texas. “He came to Minnesota to get a fresh start, and Minneapolis to him we like this place where people were just kind and open to him,” Ross said. Ross knows the community is hurting like she is, and hopes they respond in a way that honors Floyd. “You can’t fght fre with fre. Everything just burns, and I’ve seen it all day — people hate, they’re hating, they’re hating, they’re mad. And he would not want that. He wouldn’t, he wouldn’t, he wouldn’t. He would give grace — I stand on that today — he would still give grace to those people,” Ross said. Ross says Floyd’s mother passed away about a year ago. The video of him calling for her hits home; she believes his mother’s spirit was there with him, when he took his last breath. What another tragic story! I’m not sure how many more of these I can take. And who is this Courteney Ross? You may already have guessed. She has worked for Lincoln National Corporation (another giant Insurance company), FUSE Mentoring Program and Minneapolis Public Schools. Looks like she is in the recruiting business. Lastly, she has worked at the Georgia Council for International Visitors.

According to Wikipedia The Georgia Council for International Visitors (GCIV) is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is part of the Global Ties U.S. national network. The mission of GCIV is to build relationships between the people of Georgia and leaders around the world. The vision is that every citizen of the State of Georgia has the opportunity to be more globally engaged.[1] GCIV is a nonproft organization founded in 1962, coinciding with Atlanta leaders working to establish Atlanta as the growing southern city not impacted by racial discord. Atlanta was promoted as the “city too busy to hate” in the formative years of GCIV.[2] GCIV played an early role in positioning Atlanta as an international city.[3] GCIV now works with the United States Department of State in developing professional and cultural exchange programs for emerging global lead- ers. The non-partisan citizen diplomacy programs developed by GCIV give Georgians unique opportunities to share best practices and insights, plus form friendships with distinguished visitors, many of whom are seeing the United States for the frst time. GCIV administers the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in Georgia. Launched in 1940, the IVLP seeks to build mutual understanding between the United States and other nations through carefully designed professional visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders. U.S. ambassadors consistently rank the IVLP as most effective in a long list of public diplomacy tools at their disposal. Well whaddya know? Another agent from the Dept. of State. Perhaps this is what she is recruiting for… I have a second reader working on this story as well. We will see what he pulls up. I know Russell didn’t hit everything, since I fed this reader some info not included here.

Below you will find the comments of a third reader, Patrick, who also wrote the paper on Breonna that I published about a week ago. Maybe they will keep you entertained until reader #2 delivers: Watching the sanctification of George Floyd has led me to observe a few things, one being that the oily sanctimoniousness of Al Sharpton remains timelessly disgusting. Sharpton made his career climbing up the backs of aggrieved blacks for as long as I’ve been alive, and his seemingly eternal presence on TV and in the newspapers has been guaranteed by those who would shape our perception of reality through media. Why make Sharpton the star of the latest racial injustice show? Because most whites will find him intolerably offensive, diminishing the possibility of increased understanding and empathy between whites and blacks. One of the goals of the George Floyd psyop is racial division leading to manufactured riots leading to increased gun sales, resulting in more and more of the same old, forever and amen. But wait! you say, isn’t Sharpton a minister? Yeah, sure, I guess, if you count being “licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister” at “age 9 or 10” as having any sort of validity. His age at the time of being deemed worthy of the responsibility of the shepherding of souls seems to be in doubt, and age 10 seems pretty young for such an important task, but you make the call. Seems it would have been safer to call him a doctor and turn him loose in a hospital with a bag of knives, telling him to have at it, but that’s just me. In 1994, the story goes, Sharpton was re-baptized “and became a Baptist minister.”

The articles Wikipedia cites as sources for this “becoming” offer no explanation as to the exact mechanics of this elevation – they just bang on about the re-baptism – but never mind; he’s a minister because we say he is. Did those who would shape our perceptions also shape the tool that is Al Sharpton (pun fun!), or did he just appear before them, fully formed and ready to use? Maybe some of both, but sorting all that out is beyond my ability. Another observation is this: many people think they know how long Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck, but they are wrong if they think it was 8 minutes and 46 seconds. How can that possibly be? You ask. How could hundreds and hundreds of die-ins, marches, moments of silence, vigils, prayers, and taking a knee – all using 8′46″ – be wrong? Get this: “In St. Petersburg, Florida, city officials announced that from June 2 to June 9, citizens should, ‘join together in a silent and peaceful protest by standing outside on their front porch or yard for 8 minutes and 46 seconds’ each night at 8:00 P.M.” A large city gets it wrong? Indeed, at 8 o’clock for 8 nights. Show-offs. I learn the 8′46″ comes from the criminal complaint charging the cop Derek Chauvin in Floyd’s murder, even though timestamps in the same document clearly add up to a total of 7 minutes and 46 seconds of knee on neck time. It appears the case’s prosecutors have been alerted to this discrepancy but have not responded to inquiries, and I can’t see that it matters. 8′46″ is the deal, history, the way it was in our ‘facts are fluid and don’t have to be accurate’ world. So, why 8′46″ when it was 7′46″? I was thinking it’s because 8′46″ adds up to 18, which it obviously does, but it’s a redundant 18 that refers to another criminal action that shaped the way we see the world, some of us for better, some for worse. Each psyop has the potential to either awaken people, or drive them more deeply asleep, and you can be sure those running the show believe it all works in their favor. Miles: I think they chose eight and 46 because they like both numbers on their own.

Eight is a favorite, and so is 46, since it is year one of the CIA. Miles has shown us on many occasions that Intel loves to have an element of one con refer back to, and re-enforce, a previous con. I think 7′46″ became 8′46″ because 8:46 was the jump-off time for the events of 911. Search 8′46″ and, before it even gets started with George Floyd, the Wikipedia page helpfully directs you to the film 8:46. IMDb describes it as “a moving and heartfelt drama following an ensemble of characters into the moment the world changed forever” despite rating it a dismal 5.8, meaning it’s unwatchable unless you’re completely insane; if you’re already drooling on yourself from the Thorazine, it’ll do fine. 8:46 has 8 user reviews, unsurprisingly. Now George Floyd escorts you to 9-11 and 9-11 takes you to George – neat. Floyd’s GoFundMe has reportedly received contributions from 125 countries, not 124 or 126 because of the way addition works, I guess, leading me to the inner certainty that Intel buggers those figures the way they bugger everything else on the planet. $13 million has been collected so far, goes the story, to “cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counseling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings, and to assist the family.” That’s a whole lot of burying, counseling, lodging, traveling and assisting – more figure buggery, has to be. At some point potential donors would look into the situation, see perhaps $4 million sitting there already, and think, “Well, good, that’s enough to tide them over,” and go looking for another way to get rid of all the extra money with which almost everyone is so abundantly blessed in this time of no work and bankruptcy. GoFundMe has three seated Floyds holding a picture of George, who has big lips, and behind them on the wall is a big painting of big lips, which seems weird to me but I’m certainly no arbiter of taste – just observing here. Perhaps they’re Rolling Stones fans. The George Floyd Show has completely taken over MSM in a way that tells you, if nothing else does, that it’s a project, made up, manufactured, hooey. If someone has something to say, it better be relatable somehow to Floyd and black lives mattering and racial injustice and so on, or it will not be heard. The network news anchors go on about what it might take to “heal the nation” while just about every story presented is designed to divide. How about defunding police departments? Sure, we’ll just “reimagine” public safety and everything will be fine, are you for it or against it? Fox News displayed a graphic that shows markets rising after black men, including George Floyd, were killed – there’s some healing stuff for you.

Trump, on TV, says he hopes George Floyd “is looking down” and celebrating a better than expected jobs report and opines that it’s a “great day” for Floyd. Poor old dead Floyd, just having a great day. Ya’ll healed yet? I could go on, but there’s no need. As they say in prison, you know what time it is. The two weeks between Floyd’s alleged death and burial is right at the maximum you can expect for a corpse to hold up. The weight of the coffin may well come from bricks left over from the manufactured rioting, which would be a fine inside joke. Meanwhile, people like the odious Sharpton are trying to grind away at our brains and shape our perceptions by reading their masters’ scripts. This doesn’t harm you or me, knowing what we know, but it does its job on others who don’t recognize the degraded nature that’s required for entry into media, and don’t see that media is selling them a game they don’t have to play. Meghan McCain’s most notable achievement has been managing to be born as the daughter of John McCain, who failed in his bid to gain the Presidency of the US – he seemed eager to claim more direct responsibility for the misery our foreign policies inflict on the rest of the world than the watered down partial assists credited to a senator. Meghan is a Media Gal who needs to have something to say, anything, because she can’t see herself unless media is playing her words back to her, giving her an external shape to distract from the emptiness of her interior. That’s my best guess, anyway – a final observation from my Yogi Berra inspired watching of The Floyd Show. Meghan, during some rioting, took to Twitter and wrote that her “neighborhood in Manhattan is eviscerated and looks like a war zone” and so on. A snitchy bitchy neighbor burns her, writing, “Meghan, we live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It’s fine.” This, as they say, goes viral. McCain’s nearly 750,000 followers and millions more will soon know she was lying, that she was holed up safe, somewhere else. For one minute shy of 29 hours, Meghan McCain is silent – an eternity for a Media Gal. Is her soul so crushed by her behavior that she will never be seen or heard from in public again? Is she taking the time to formulate a heartfelt apology and a promise to be a better person in the future? Nah, none of all that. She leads with “I am six months pregnant,” which I read as “the fetus made me do it”. A novel defense, worthy of a psychopath, proving she belongs in media with Sharpton and the rest of the criminals coming out of your screens to sell you their latest con.