Fake epidemic. Fake revolution. Real theft.

The Fake Revolution


by Miles Mathis

Things are getting so weird I thought I should pop on this page to talk you down from the tree again. I have told you most of these things before, but they need repeating.

To prep myself for this paper, I watched a number of recent Tucker Carlson episodes, so that we have both sides of the current manufactured uprising in our sights. We are seeing many politicians from both parties and all levels bowing before Black Lives Matter, as well as FBI agents and police. All this is very prominent in the news, and I don’t need to list examples. If you are awake you know of it, probably better than I do (I don’t even bother to watch it, because I know it is fake). On the other side we have a few people like Carlson, framing this as a Democrat v. Republican issue. Some of what he is telling you is true, but mainly he is playing the other side, making sure white people are properly astonished and threatened and diverted.

I will give you a few examples of how Carlson is spinning. As part of his job to frame this as Democrat v. Republican, or liberal v. conservative, see his segment on how Chris Cuomo got into Yale. It is clever in parts, and mostly true, except for one thing. He says that these rich kids of Democratic politicians are getting byes into Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Georgetown, which is true. But it is also true of Republican politicians. Remember George Bush, Jr.? He went to Yale, you know. Was he a liberal Democrat? Not last time I checked. Was he a top student? You have to be kidding me. Same for Trump, who got a bye into Wharton.** The truth is, it is the Republican party that was for decades the party of greatest privilege, and that hasn’t changed. What has changed is that the Democratic party is now just as privileged. They are both parties of privilege, wealth, and incredible lies. They sometimes tell the truth about one another, but they never tell the truth about themselves.

In the current blow-up, Carlson is against BLM, but that is not his main function. His main function is to be sure the race wars are properly salted in. This will cause you to go out and buy more guns,

enriching the usual billionaire suspects in both parties, who bought out all the gun companies after 911. It will cause you to fear your neighbors even more, giving you yet another reason to stay in the house and make no alliances. But mostly, it will keep your eyes off the real things going on just beyond your line of sight.

That’s right, I repeat again that all these riots are being manufactured by the CIA and other agents, as a huge diversion. Job one right now for the billionaires and trillionaires is keeping your attention away from the gargantuan theft from the treasury that took place this spring—a theft so large it makes the previous largest theft in 2007-8 look like a 7-11 burglary. The fake Covid scare was manufactured as the primary cover for that theft, since they wanted you so worried about the health of yourself and your children and old parents or grandparents you forgot to notice you had just been robbed blind again by the same people as before. But they soon discovered they had miscalculated. Many people saw through both scams, and the governors realized there was some danger of a real uprising against both the theft from the treasury and the Covid hoax. So they ordered a large percentage of their agents worldwide to drop the Covid hoax for a few weeks, and to switch to a massive fake uprising on race. They have long had these race wars waiting in the wings for just such a time. They knew that if things began to get testy for the bankers, they could always hide behind manufactured race wars. They have done it many times before. That’s one reason J. Edgar Hoover wanted to keep Africans here rather than sending them back to Africa in the 1920s and 30s. Yes, he wanted to use them as cheap labor, but he also wanted them here as a card he could always play, as now. The CIA learned from him and took over most of his tricks in the 1960s and 70s.

Therefore, anyone not pushing your attention back to the theft from the treasury right now is misdirecting you. Period. Anyone trying to scare you with some other storyline is diverting you. END OF STORY. Anyone pushing BLM or Covid or #Metoo or Qanon or pedophiles or 5G or aliens or anything else is either an agent or an idiot, and probably the former.

TAP – Not sure I agree about the dangers of 5G, and the very real pedophile networks that are operational at high level in the network of power.  Miles, are you an apologist?

So you should ask yourself if this whole BLM storyline makes any sense. Why would blacks choose this time of all times to riot in the streets? Were racial tensions especially high last year or in the early part of this year? No. They were remarkably low. Does a pandemic lockdown seem like a good time for the Black movement to come alive? No. Just the reverse. So the timing of this should look very suspicious to you. Just when the governors most needed a diversion, the Black movement was there to provide it. That’s very convenient, don’t you think?

Also convenient are the BLM leaders’ top talking points. Why would the Black movement lead with defunding police departments? Does that make any sense? No, none of this makes any sense, either from the position of blacks or whites. Why would they lead with tearing down statues? Statues!? Do you really think statues would be a top priority for blacks? If I were black and was pushing for change, about the last thing I would be worried about is statues.

If you can’t figure it out, I will tell you. This is all a script written by superwealthy whites, and it is written to push certain buttons in the white majority. It is all about creating fear and division, and they know what scares you and maddens you. They need easy visuals, and a Columbus statue with red paint thrown on it is perfect for that. George Washington and Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt taking a big tumble into a vat of acid is perfect for that.

Same goes for defunding the police. No real blacks want that, since they rely on police protection as much as you do, or more. But they need people to be afraid we are devolving into chaos, since nothing gets the blood pumping more than that. Nothing will get your mind off the trillions they just stole from

the treasury and the shredding of the Constitution during the lockdown like the fear of race wars with no police.

But I assure you none of that is going to happen. It is all a bluff. The chance of police being defunded is. . . absolute zero. If anything, they will use this to increase funding of police and military. You will be so scared by this near miss you will demand more police and more military. Just watch and see.

Nor will they outlaw guns of any kind. They always say they will, but they never do. Why? Because this isn’t about taking your guns. It is about selling you more.

I repeat, it is all fiction. You are watching a scripted and heavily funded movie. They have hired literally tens of thousands of paid actors to fill the streets, and that includes all these BLM people, the Antifa people, the fake cops in fake uniforms, and the thousands of CIA and FBI agents, many of them in disguise. It includes the politicians and media people, who are just actors themselves, including governors, mayors, congresspeople, and the talking heads on the news. It includes both Chris Cuomo and Tucker Carlson. It includes Jacob Frey reading from scripts on the street in Minneapolis, Nancy Pelosi kneeling in Washington, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emoting on youtube or facebook, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser renaming streets there, and Stacy Abrams* creating division in Atlanta. It even includes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Trump, who are also actors. They weren’t elected, they were installed by the CIA, to fill their roles. You have nothing to fear, because none of it is real.

You will say, what do you mean it isn’t real? I have seen it with my own eyes! These people are doing things! What isn’t real about it?

Well, you also saw Star Wars with your own eyes. And yes, real things were happening. Real actors were on real sets running around and doing a lot of things. They said real words and were paid real money (mostly). Things exploded and burned. There were crashes and loud noises. So the current events are real in that sense. They aren’t CGI (for the most part) and they aren’t in front of green screens (for the most part). They are burning down a few buildings and toppling a few statues.

But as an artist, I have news for you: a lot of those statues they are destroying aren’t real. In some cases they have brought in duplicates or fakes. It is easy to make a duplicate: you just make a mold and then paint it to look like bronze. They do it for movies all the time. And besides, you can’t harm bronze with a little red paint or by kicking it. The paint washes right off, and this is metal: you would have to melt it down. That isn’t being done. So they can easily reinstall the statues later. They may be using these fake events to steal the statues, but they certainly aren’t destroying them. You can be sure the bankers won’t allow anything of real value to be destroyed.

So, ironically, what you most have to fear is not black people stealing your Downton Abbey collection or your golf clubs. It is not dying of some new plague invented by Bill Gates. It is not that the police will no longer be there to tell you bicycles don’t belong on the street or to try to steal your car for unpaid parking tickets. What you have most to fear is that you can no longer tell reality from fiction, or a lie from the truth. And that you therefore no longer have any basis for saying no.

*Don’t you find it curious this black lady’s name is Abrams? That is a top Jewish name, you know. Tucker Carlson even gives you the hint in his segment on her, joking that she will start “the world’s 4th great Abrahamic

**Wikipedia now admits it was erroneously reported in the New York Times that Trump graduated first in class from Wharton, when in fact he didn’t even make the honor roll. In 2015, Trump’s attorneys threatened legal action if either Fordham University or the New York Military Academy released his transcripts. Do you think they would have done that if the transcripts were glowing?

July 5th 2020