Explain Leicester Mr Handcock or Resign

The job of a Government Minister is to explain government policy to the public in a way that can be easily understood. Things like the Lockdown that has cost many lives already.

All that is needed is a blackboard and a piece of chalk. If there is something more complicated, then have a scientist explain the statistics.

I am not going to get into the Leicester numbers because in the first place science does not support Lockdowns.


Next up, while increased testing might be a good idea, the numbers cannot be used to justify a Lockdown.


At some point, where there is evidence that a quarantine is needed, then a scientist, if it’s complicated, or Mr Hancock if it’s simple, can explain why. Right now I do not see it, and there’s this: 


What about the precautionary principle?
The precautionary principle is a seven yearold on hearing a bump in the night closing his eyes and counting to ten because there might be a boogieman under the bed. It is not real life. It is not how government should work. It is no way to run a country.

Mr Hancock was wrong once before.

Explain Leicester or Resign, Mr Hancock, RESIGN!

And take your Shipman Enabling Act with you.