Explain Leicester Mr Handcock or Resign

The job of a Government Minister is to explain government policy to the public in a way that can be easily understood. Things like the Lockdown that has cost many lives already.

All that is needed is a blackboard and a piece of chalk. If there is something more complicated, then have a scientist explain the statistics.

I am not going to get into the Leicester numbers because in the first place science does not support Lockdowns.


Next up, while increased testing might be a good idea, the numbers cannot be used to justify a Lockdown.


At some point, where there is evidence that a quarantine is needed, then a scientist, if it’s complicated, or Mr Hancock if it’s simple, can explain why. Right now I do not see it, and there’s this: 

Leicester Lockdown Mystery

What about the precautionary principle?
The precautionary principle is a seven yearold on hearing a bump in the night closing his eyes and counting to ten because there might be a boogieman under the bed. It is not real life. It is not how government should work. It is no way to run a country.

Mr Hancock was wrong once before.

Explain Leicester or Resign, Mr Hancock, RESIGN!

And take your Shipman Enabling Act with you.


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  1. jkick says:

    This article linked below may help explain why Leicester has been hit when it is also known Hancock has links with vaccine manufacturers on the other hand it may all be coincidence.

    LEICESTER AND THE ANTI-VACCINATION MOVEMENT 1853-1889 by DALE -L. ROSS During the nineteenth century and especially after an Act of 18 53 made it compulsory for all infants over four months old in England and Wales to be vaccinated, opposition to the practice of vaccination increased steadily. A further tightening up of compulsory measures was made after the smallpox epidemic of 1871, as a result of which a Select Committee was appointed by the government. The report of this committee confirmed the principle of compulsion amongst other recommendations, and these were embodied in new legislation by an Act of 1871, which made the law so stringent that, between 1871-76, only four of the local Boards of Guardians proved obdurate. Leicester is taken in this article as an example of a town where the opposition to vaccination was particularly marked and where, due to the agitation caused, the various anti-vaccination forces had their greatest success in bringing about a change in the 1871 Act.


  2. sovereigntea says:

    ORGANISED INSANITY – people were forced into a – totally orchestrated – and – totally unnecessary lockdown and after suffering months of isolation we are then released into a Socially-Engineered Human-Zoo where we are still controlled and boxed into social-distancing cages. People are being subjected to a mass behavioral control experiment, this ‘new normal’ is NOT NORMAL, but the bad news folks is that it’s NEVER going away…they’re going to have this alleged doomsday-bug hanging over us, until Bill Gates project ID2020 is implemented and we’re forced into accepting immunity-passports and mandatory vaccinations and live in a digital track and traced prison-society based on the China-model. Our lives are going to be made so miserable and intolerable that we’ll be queuing-up to get the vaccinations and immunity-passports…because that’s the PLAN. Look up the ‘GreatReset’ and ID2020 both Agendas busily working in tandem to reshape our Society into the ‘new normal’


  3. richarda says:

    A link to a related news story:

    “These boffins got worried when they expected testing over a 10-day period in Leicester to reveal 582 infections, but – shock horror! – 711 were recorded. Hardly a spike. Is it even a blip? Clearly these crack minds have never seen Forrest Gump, who taught us the eternal lesson: “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

    Apparently, for the Rapid Investigation Team, not guessing the exact piddling number of cases was unacceptable, and the citizens of Leicester had to pay.”

    I’m not going to give any ratonale or try to make sense of what has happened. That is something the goverment has thus far failed to do.

  4. richarda says:

    The UK on 20200701 reduced the number of cases from 313483 to 283757 on 20200702 some 30555 cases fewer. There may be some merit in arguing for a false positive ratio of ten percent, hence in 200,000 tests, the numbers would be 20,000 and 2,000. Which would be even more problematic for the UK’s Government.

    It’s a question the BBC may have put to Mr Hancock in a recent interview, I missed the first few minutes though, and he may have given a decent reply. He certainly didn’t look like he was about to resign and handled himself very well. Basically made the BBC look like a toothless guard dog trying to give him a nasty suck.

    The BBC did ask about the high rate of deaths in Care Homes and why patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 were sent there from hospitals. Mr Hancock replied that patients were sent home and to Care Homes, because hindsight, or asymptomatic. And anyway only 30 percent of Covid-19 deaths out of the UK’s disastrous rate of fatalities and the world’s highest rate of Case Fatality Ratio (CFR), a figure (13%) that stubbornly refuses to fall, so that’s a pretty good outcome. The BBC seemed to think that was good enough. Well, they would, wouldn’t they.


    There might be a reason that the BBC weren’t dug out of Mr Hancock, and it may be this:


    If the BBC did ask why the UK’s death rate was and is fourth in the world it would be difficult to avoid discussing influenza vaccinations and an apparent link to Covid-19. Or the Hydroxychloroqine scandals. Or a UK version of the Mikovits Manifesto. Or the need for a Full Public Enquiry. Hmmmm

    The BBC then went on to ask why Manchester and other cities were complaining that they were not given access to recent data and findings. Fixed, said Mr Hancock. They now had the data they had been asking for. That sounded like Mr Hancock had been economical with the truth sometime in the recent past.

    Thre was no mention or discussion of the ramping up of testing in Leicester:

    If I was considering going for a Covid-19 test, and having seen Leicester, I’d be thinking “Well, F this for a game of soldiers”. So, It’s no surprise that the number of tests taken yesterday was down around 30 percent from the prior days figures. Not a vote of confidence in the government or Mr Hancock.

    Resign, Mr Hancock, RESIGN!

    By the way, Mr Hancock, is that a love bite on your neck, or did the BBC give you a nasty suck …..

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