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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Ehud Barak, the BBC, and the birth of a pre-packaged lie

    As the largest broadcaster in the world with over 20,000 employees, the Zionist-controlled BBC was the chosen outlet for the birth of the myth that is the ‘War on Terror’. As the attacks were unfolding, the BBC already had its pre-prepared propaganda agenda in hand. Later in the day the BBC would unwittingly expose this fact most obviously when they reported, ticker and all, the fall of WTC-7 over 20 minutes before it even happened. Former Prime Minister of Israel and former commander of the elite IDF intelligence unit ‘Sayeret Matkal’, Ehud Barak, would narrate the macabre theatre.


  2. sovereigntea says:

    7/7: the terror drill, the military explosives, and the Israeli connection

    Usual Suspects – Mossad enters the frame

    There exists no CCTV footage of any of the alleged bombers boarding their respective Tube trains. For one of the most CCTV-rich areas of the planet with over 6,000 CCTV cameras covering the Tube network in 2005, this again seems highly unlikely. We are told by the company that provides the CCTV camera system, Verint Systems, that the cameras ‘weren’t working’.

    Verint Systems is an Israeli company with over 2,500 employees. Metronet Rail selected Verint in September 2004.

    In yet another astonishing coincidence, the camera on the number 30 Stagecoach bus that exploded in Tavistock Square ‘wasn’t working’ either. The security system for London’s buses was provided by another Israeli company: ICTS International. To make matters even more suspicious, a week after the event a Stagecoach employee claimed that the bus had been ‘inspected’ for 20 hours over the previous weekend. Was this bus being rigged with military grade explosives and its CCTV sabotaged?

    Right-wing Israeli newspaper Ynet later reported that Mossad’s office in London received advance warning of the attacks. Were they the ones who warned Benjamin Netanyahu not to leave his London hotel that morning?

    Hill theorises that the ‘bombers’ received their final instructions at an ICTS office next to Luton rail station, before boarding the train to London.

    ICTS international is an Israeli transport security company that, in addition to London’s bus system, also runs security for:

    Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (remember Richard Reid the Shoe Bomber?)
    Boston Logan Airport (one of the 9/11 airports, and also the airport that Richard Reid’s plane was diverted to after his failed attempt at lighting the bomb)
    Amsterdam Schipol (remember Umar ‘Fizzlepants’ Farouk Abdulmutallab?)

    Indeed, ICTS does have an office in Luton, make of that what you will.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Epstein Victim Maria Farmer Speaks With Whitney Webb, Full Phone Call – Part 1


  4. sovereigntea says:

    Dershowitz is well-placed to know the extraordinary terms of Epstein’s original plea deal, due to the pivotal part he played in securing it – and in a perversely ironic twist, by acknowledging Maxwell was “expressly included” as receiving immunity therein, the attorney inadvertently confirms she was one of the known co-conspirators in Epstein’s international sexual trafficking and abuse intrigue, which has never hitherto been disclosed.

    Alan Dershowitz is a man who destroyed his own life *first and finally* with his own asinine unwillingness to keep his professional and personal lives separate, a *cardinal sin* for a criminal defense attorney Dershowitz should have recognized many years ago is *wholly his fault* https://t.co/4d7KklWIHJ
    — Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson) July 3, 2020

    ​Under the terms of the deal, Epstein was granted immunity from all federal criminal charges, as were four named co-conspirators – of which Dershowitz has now blunderingly revealed Maxwell to be one – and any unnamed “potential co-conspirators”. The affording of such sweeping, blanket insulation from justice to anyone, let alone an infinite number of people, is entirely unprecedented in the annals of American jurisprudence – just as shockingly though, in return for this unparalleled leniency, Epstein agreed to plead guilty in Florida state court to two felony prostitution charges, register as a sex offender, pay restitution to three dozen victims identified by the FBI, and serve just 13 months in a ‘luxury’ Palm Beach jail, with practically daily work release.

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